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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The final countdown is underway for “One Tree Hill,” and fans are not happy to see the show go.

The drama attracts fans from all over the globe. Girls and guys from France and Canada traveled to the Port City just to get a glimpse of their favorite characters as shooting wraps this week on the show’s ninth and final season.

Stephanie Slevar and her sister drove 15 hours from Niagra Falls, Canada. She said she’s been a fan from the beginning because the characters are just so relatable.

“It’s just about teenagers going through life and then growing up and people staying friends, making families, making enemies,” Slevar said. “It’s just an all around good story. You just fall in love with them since the beginning. Each character grows, and you grow with them, have the same story line. It just kind of goes along with your life.”

Slevar said she loves the show so much, she feels like Wilmington is her second home.

“One tree hill” is scheduled to wrap shooting later this week.

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  • Wade griffis

    I am an old guy and have never seen one epesode of One Tree Hill. I am not so old that I do not recognize the tremendous value that this production has brought to Wilmington.

    I have coffee at Java Dog every morning and I have seen these young girls, who have traveled from all over the world come and wait to see their favorite star. They buy coffee. They spend money for hotel rooms and food, etc.

    Maybe, I will look at it when it gets on Hulu.


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