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HERTFORD, NC (AP) — Hertford’s town manager says the police chief has been fired because he linked a news report about a town’s council candidate’s arrest to the police department’s Facebook page.

The Daily Advance of Elizabeth City reported that town manager Brandon Shoaf said the link was posted Nov. 8, election day. The link took readers to a Virginia television station’s story about Quentin Jackson, the council candidate who was jailed the weekend before the election on a contempt of court charge.

Shoaf says former police Chief Joe Amos didn’t post any comments with the link. He says he thinks Amos made a bad judgment call in posting the story.

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  • Leland

    This guy gets fired for this yet Chief Jayne has kept his job. Messed up world!

    Does anyone know anymore about the SBI Investigation into Leland? Haven’t heard anything in awhile.

  • John Henry

    He was fired for a link about a crime from a publicly published news story to the police department’s Facebook page? … Bad judgment call. Watch out kids, you could be next.


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