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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — One day after a Wilmington convenience store clerk shot a would-be robber, we’re getting a look at the shooting and hearing more from the store owner.

The Wrightsville Country Store has seen its fair share of robberies recently, but Thursday, clerk Mark Headstrong had seen enough.

In video from the store’s surveillance cameras you can see the robber, who police say is Joseph Ryan Anderson, 20, point a gun at Headstrong. The clerk then pulls a gun of his own and shoots the crook twice then holds him until police arrive.

“I’m sorry. Please. You shot me, man,” Anderson says after he’s shot. “Please. I’m not gonna go no where. Just call the police. Please let me go.”

If store owner Musa Agil had his way, Anderson would not have had the chance to ask for mercy.

“He should have killed him, and this guy was soft on him,” Agil said. “He was trying to give him a second chance. Thugs like those should not ever be given a chance, because if that man shot mark, he’s not going to look at him and give him a chance. That’s why mark made a terrible mistake by letting him go.”

In an article in friday’s StarNews a Wilmington Police spokeswoman suggested clerks should just give up money and not risk the violence.

Agil strongly disagrees.

“If the spokesperson of the police department thinks, or is sure that if we cooperate and hand him the money they will leave us alone, then of course, yeah, I agree with that. But there is no guarantee that we give them the money and they leave us alone,” Agil said. “That’s why she should say, ‘Drop them dead if you can, because it may be your last chance to do so.'”

Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous seemed to understand why Headstrong decided to shoot the suspect.

“It’s unfortunate any time anyone gets shot, but people have to do what people have to do to protect themselves,” Evangelous said.

Agil says he hopes this serves as a warning for anyone who thinks about robbing one of his stores in the future. He also has advice for other convenience store workers.

“Ask your corporation, if you work for corporate, to arm you, because you do not want to be easy prey,” Agil said.

Police say Anderson will be charged with armed robbery and possession of a firearm from a felon when he gets out of the hospital.

Headstrong said Anderson’s girlfriend came to the store in tears today and asked if Headstrong planned to press charges. He said he does not and is concerned about how Anderson is doing.

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  • Brian

    I’m assuming that you’ve named the store clerk, but it’s not clear. Why haven’t you named the robber or posted his mug shot? Being ‘the only news outlet’ to have the video doesn’t do squat for you if Cliff can’t take the time to read over his story and make sure that it is clear, and includes all the information that we need so that we can understand and follow it. Not capitalizing a proper name is also confusing. Kudos for including the store owner’s statements about the clerk making a mistake by not killing him.

  • Kevin Wuzzardo


    Thanks for your message. When the story was posted, it said that police had not yet released the name of the suspect. In just the last couple of minutes they have. The story has been updated to reflect that.

    Also, the second paragraph clearly says the clerk is Mark Headstrong.

    News Content Manager
    WWAY NewsChannel 3

  • Guest357sig

    Larceny, CC Fraud, felony B&E, Host of others.

    And one escape.

  • guesty

    WWAY has him listed as 20 but he is 30. He has been charged in the past with B&E, Armed robbery, motor vehicle theft, escape, assault and on. Good shooting Headstrong but next time, either center mass or a head shot will do the general public a favor.


  • ldjones930

    Only the WPD, along with the DA’s office, and either a Dist. Court Judge or a Grand Jury decides on prosecuting felony charges.

    It’s a kind gesture of forgiveness by Headstrong, but in NC it’s not his decision to make.

  • Guest20

    I’m proud of Headstrong defending himself and taking the action needed to protect himself, but why is he not pressing charges?

    The robber needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Most of the problem these days is the law doesn’t deal with these people harsh enough, so they go out and do it again. The robber could have killed Headstrong, so why give him a break? He used a gun while committing a robbery. Throw the book at him!

  • Brian

    Thanks. After I posted my comment, I saw an earlier story that cleared up some of the questions. It seems that you assumed everyone had read the earlier story, so you left things out of the update.

  • Brian

    Wow, what a record.

    Here’s the problem: He was sentenced to many more years than he actually served in prison. Why? Because the sentences were all CONCURRENT. I say it’s time to eliminate concurrent sentencing and make it mandatory to make all sentences CONSECUTIVE. If that had been the case, this crime would not have been committed. The police can only do so much – it’s the court system that needs to man up and fix the crime problem.

  • Guest111

    You can bet next week’s paycheck he won’t be gone for long. They say overcrowding is why they aren’t kept behind bars. I say build a log hut, surround it with barbed wire and turn them loose in there. I have no intention of ever listening to or giving these thugs their comfort, tv, AC or exercise yard. Make them pay till it hurts. Maybe then they will think twice before doing it again, but I doubt it.

  • anne

    An open letter to the thugs and wannabes of Wilmington: you have been warned! We are tired of you trying to take what is ours. Get a job or get out of town! When you walk into our businesses or homes, you will not know if we are packing a weapon and you may think you are going to come in and walk back out, but just to warn you, you may come in on your own accord, but you may be leaving in the back of an ambulance, or even worse, a hearse.

    No man up, woman up, grow up while you can! Your future is in our hands. There is a way for you to go on with a fruitful life and His name is Jesus. Only He can change you and your heart.

  • dave

    Owning a business my self, I am armed and I encourage my employees to be armed as well. If someone attempts to rob me with a weapon, they will be met with the same sort of lethal threat they bestow upon me. Its a right we have been given in our country’s laws but above all its a human right to protect ourselves.

    The store owner is absolutely correct, this low life would not have given him a second chance. Hopefully the next idiot who drives by and thinks he is gonna rob that man’s store understands that what ever he wants behind that counter probably is not worth his life.

    As for WPD and the chief, I am not fan of WPD period, they are a horribly run operation with many faults and this is not the outlet for them, but thank god he understands the right to defend ones self.

    Hopefully this clerk will do the community a favor and press the charges to the fullest extent of the law.

    If the local authorities and the DA do not go for the felonies then shame on them, its there job and we elect and entrust them to do there jobs.

    Mark, you deserve an award, but next time, aim center mass.


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