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HOLDEN BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The 2012 Presidential election is now less than one year away, and conservatives and liberals are doing everything they can to swing voters in their direction.

Tea Party supporters rallied at the Beach Mart in Holden Beach Saturday. The conservative local business provided the perfect backdrop for tea partiers. Guest speakers spoke passionately about bringing the country back to its constitutional roots.

Some suggest the Occupy movement is the liberal equivalent to the Tea Party, but many tea partiers we spoke with disagree.

“They don’t really know what they stand for,” conservative Russ Colby said. “They are pretty much, as far as I can tell, hooligans and working outside the law. Tea Party people are respectful of the law. We do not trash anything. We respect other people’s property. We are just interested in keeping our freedoms.”

Colby believes the main goal of the Tea Party is to get President Obama out of office and replace him with a conservative.

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  • Shaun O’Rourke

    Tea Party protesters have been known to sling assault rifles over their shoulders, even though their cause is about “No Taxation with out Representation”, and not the 2nd Amendment. Funny thing is if you ask most Tea Party supporters what their current tax rate it you usually get a deer caught in headlights look. Can you image what would happen if a peaceful occupy wall street protester came to a rally with an unloaded rifle slung over his or her shoulder? Police would be gunning down them in the street at the rate they are beating down and pepper spraying. The reason most right wingers don’t understand what they are protesting is because they truly don’t want to know or care to listen. That my friends is the truth.

  • Guest445

    It’s really unfortunate you missed the forum at UNCW. Some conversation paralleled the two groups in their common goals and gripes. In order to make a claim of a movement not knowing what they want, you must get educated on the movement first. Education is key!

  • GuestyQuesty

    “Education is key” ????

    Seriously? You betcha – education is key.

    Educate yourself on the FACTS that I presented above. The Occupiers are violent & anarchist – they profess to hate Wall Street, yet refuse to criticize Obama, who is backed by Wall Street & is complicity in Wall Street corruption. And “green” company corruption. Billions & billions – of OUR money – going to his corporate bankers & campaign donors – thanks to Obama.

    BTW, where are all the brown & black faces at Occupy protests? The vast majority are white. Looks like those Occupiers are mighty raaaaccciiisssttt.

  • Brian Cox
  • Guest99x

    The favorite conservative du jour is Naughty Newt Gingrich…. Can’t you folks do better than this?

  • Adam

    Russ Colby should read up on the Occupy Movement. They have clear goals, like limiting Corporate Person-hood, over turning Citizen United and enforcing anti-Trust laws. Russ’s total lack of understanding of any political ideology outside the Tea Party is one of the problems facing America. One of the freedoms he might want to protect is the first amendment, which is being trampled on by our Government through the occupy movement.

  • RSimmons

    I don’t much care for protesting or political groups in general.

    But the way I see it is we have on one hand the Tea Party who likes to wave yellow flags and talk about change while flashing their sidearms at rally’s funded by billionaires. Then they go home to hot meals and warm beds

    The OWS is a rag tag bunch of foolish kids and fed up older working people willing to sleep in filthy parks be maced and dragged off to jail multiple times for what they believe is right

    At least the Occupy bunch show some guts and fights for what they believe in.

    Too bad both groups are fighting a battle they lost before it ever began.

  • JeffRonc

    You must have been asleep during the 2010 midterms if you actally believe that.

  • GuestyQuesty

    Well, duh.

    Over 1,500 arrests nationwide, numerous rapes & assaults, heroin overdoses, heroin & other drug-dealing & possession, child endangerment, filth – absolute filth – everywhere (including defecating on a police car, AND in the middle of a NYC street), 200 lbs of excrement removed from the Occupy Santa Cruz (Calif) site – yes, you read that right; unrepentant domestic terrorist bomb-maker & Obama pal Bill Ayers instructing Occupy Chicago thugs; SEIU & ACORN – both Obama-linked – funding the protesters & even paying people to protest – on & on & on & on. Any comparison to the Tea Party is laughable at best.

    Not to mention the tens of millions spent on police, HazMat crews (yes, literally), janitors, etc etc etc – paid for by TAXPAYERS.

    Let’s not forget the sheer hypocrisy of the Occupiers – because who was & is closely linked to fatcat Wall Street exec’s? Obama – it wasn’t John McCain. Obama’s CoS Bill Daley got a $15 MILLION payout by JPMorgan before going to the White House. GoldmanSachs (employees) gave about $900K to Obama’s ’08 campaign. In fact Obama’s campaign got 3x as much $$$ from Wall Street firms than did McCain’s – look it up at opensecrets.org.

    The DEMOCRAT party is the party of Wall Street, NOT the GOP.


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