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Robbery suspect shot by clerk makes court appearance, has lengthy record


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The robbery suspect shot by a store clerk last week made his first court appearance this afternoon. Joseph Ryan Anderson was in a wheelchair and could not put his left hand on the Bible during his video appearance from jail because of his injuries.

Wilmington Police arrested Anderson yesterday after he got out of the hospital. He is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon after police say he tried to rob the Wrightsville Country Store Thursday.

Surveillance video from the store shows Anderson pulling a gun on Mark Headstrong Thursday morning. Headstrong pulled a gun of his own and shot Anderson twice. Wilmington Police said they would wait to charge Anderson until he got out of the hospital. He was booked in to the New Hanover County Jail yesterday.

According to court and Department of Corrections records, Anderson has a lengthy criminal record. His convictions include breaking and entering, larceny, robbery with a dangerous weapon, receiving a stolen vehicle, assault on a public official and escape from a state prison. In all the records show he has spent nearly 13 years in prison.

Anderson is in jail under $100,000 bond. He is due back in court December 8.

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The man posed a threat, the clerk did what he had to do

It's just unfortunate that the clerk did not have the training and skill to place a double-tap to the orbital sockets and remove this piece of garbage forever.

Sooner or later this guy is going to kill someone because the state refuses to deal with these people on a once-and-for-all basis.

you're being extremely free

you're being extremely free with that word dude... "people"...



What Did You Say?

"By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community." - Oscar Wilde


Are you employed?


Yes he is employed as a dumba**!!!!!

I don't understand you!!!!!

Your comment, though you obviously HAD a point to make, did not succeed. I have no idea what you just wrote. If you want to make a difference and make your opinion count, try spelling correctly while using proper punctuation and grammar.

This guy has been a thug for most of his life. He willingly walked into a store and pulled a gun on the clerk. Wasn't he suprised when the tables were turned? On the video, I saw him begging for the clerk to let him go. Bravo to the clerk for defending himself and rendering this criminal helpless. He definately got a taste of his own medicine.

Try again

I copied his post into Google translate to convert from hoodrat to English. This is what it came back with: "I wish I was smart enough to communicate in English. Since I dropped out of school and I'm basically a welfare sponge all I can do is post on the Internet with my government paid for cell phone."

Reggie, wait until you sober up before trying to post on the Internet.

too bad there werent a

too bad there werent a couple more bullets with his name on it... the police didnt protect... the courts didnt protect... guess we have to protect ourselves

Send him to a Marine boot

Send him to a Marine boot camp...and then to Iraq. That'll make him think about what he has done over and over. Send the prayerful judge(s) along with him while you are at it!

Won't Take Him

The military has gotten much stricter with their requirements and won't take this guy because of his record. In the old days, you could send a troublemaker to the Marines and they would make a man of him. These days, they say no thanks.

Score to high...

Also, he would probably score to high on the ASVAB to join the Marines. Be all you can be!!


Wish the clerk would have aimed at his head!!Sick of these worthless meat sacks roaming our streets.


meat sacks...that's pretty funny!

You are really a sick person

You are really a sick person to say that someone should have aimed the gun at his head and shot him ! I know this guy personally, and he wouldn't ever have tried to shoot the clerk. He was wrong, yes. But he doesn't desereve to die. He made a bad decision.... it's not justice by taking his life.

Shoot em between the eyes!

Next time (and there WILL be a next time), AIM RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES! Then we can all rest easier.

I know this guy personally.

I know this guy personally. He is a good guy, just made a bad decision ! No one deserves to die. No matter what they have done ! God is forgiving, why can't we be ????

a good guy

Right. He might be a really nice guy to his grandmother or whomever but by any objective opinion he is definately NOT a good guy. When you aim a gun at someone it should be inferred that you intend to kill them, so if the clerk had killed him he would have done so rightfully. Does he deserve the execution now? No. But had he died that day he would have deserved it.

And he didn't just make A bad decision. He's just made his most recent one. Hopefully the judge will see fit to keep him away for very long time. The public doesn't deserve to have to worry about this guy walking the streets no matter what YOUR or God's opinion of him is.

You're right. The public

You're right. The public doesn't deserve to have to worry about this guy or any other guy making the same decisions, walking around our streets. He will pull time in prison, especially given his past record. Also, I'd have to agree with you on part of the last statement you made. "MY" opinion doesn't mean anything. However, GOD's does ! You might need to be careful in what you say about the Great Almighty who controls your next heartbeat !


Did "HE" sell you the computer your on now? We forgave him 18 times!, Was that not enough? He's a felon. Now you say it. fff ell un, Put it together now.....come come you can do it! FELON. Yup that spells good guy in my book! Although I'm not a teacher I want to correct a mistake you made in your post. (Decision) Should be (Decisions')Its okay though I forgive you. Say's who? Say's Kblue!

@kblue2221984: At first I

@kblue2221984: At first I thought maybe you had a stuttering problem when you were "trying" to be cute when typing "fff ell un." But, now I realize, it's just your ignorance showing. Well, maybe not ignorance, stupidity is probably the better term. Also, just because Joey received stolen goods when he was 16 years old, doesn't mean that "I" have or ever would. The computer I am using is in fact, mine. In which I purchased from Best Buy. Would you like to see a credit card statement ? Since you want to be such a smart ass, why don't I ?? Two can play this game. I am very thankful that you are NOT a teacher. Especially an English teacher ! No telling how stupid our schools would be if you were. Before you try to point out what YOU think is a mistake, you may need to read over what YOU write. I guess you failed to learn that there is a difference in "your" and "you're" (you're: meaning YOU ARE... the correct form you should have used) Also, I am guessing you were too busy criticizing and judging your peers in school instead of learning that you do not capitalized a word in the middle of a sentence unless it's a name. You seemed to have gotten carried away with capitalizing words after a comma. Say’s who ? Say’s A1 !
But back to the argument at hand. I never said what he done was right. He was 100 % WRONG. And yes, he should pull time in prison. He will. Plenty of it. My thoughts were not either expressed clearly enough for you and everyone else to understand, or either your reading comprehension is about as great as Joey’s common sense. I had stated that I didn’t agree with those of you who were saying he should have been killed. He messed up, yet again. But unless he was actually trying to take the life of the clerk, he wouldn’t have needed to be killed. If you would review the video again, you will see that there really wasn’t even a struggle. He approached the clerk and the clerk shot him. No reason for Joey to be put to death. He wasn’t trying to harm the clerk. Just scare him maybe. Now that I have broken it down for you a little more, you can understand it a little more clearly.

Waste Of Time

You're wasting your breath on Kblue. He hasn't got both oars in the water, and your responding to his post only makes him lightheaded and giddy. He loves, loves, loves the attention and will do anything to get it. Best thing you can do is ignore him. He hates that worse than anything. But I do understand him. I have a way with dumb animals.


Don't hate me cause you aint me!!!Say's who? Say's Kblue!

Teacher's remarks...

1)But, now I realize,<-----(No comma needed) it's just your ignorance showing.
2)The computer I am using is in fact,<-----(Another poorly place comma.) mine
3)Would you like to see a<-----("the") credit card statement<->? No space needed......
12)I never said what he done was right. LMBO!!!!! This one took the cake stupid person!! Hold up I NEED AIR!!!!!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh A dumb dumb correcting my mistakes???! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I NEED AIR!!!!! "what he done"!!!! K lets start over sweetness.....
B)He wasn’t trying to harm the clerk. Just scare him maybe.<------ WOW you are truly ----->ignoranter<------- than I am! I would even sayy you are ignorantest!!! The man walked in a store to scare the man behind the counter? I CAN SEE HOW HE"S YOUR BUDDY! Stupid people come in 3's.
Correct this one moron Your Stupid, You're really Really StUpId!!!! Say's who? Say's the A1 CRUSHING Kblue!

But he is a good guy and

But he is a good guy and only made a mistake.

Sorry, you are wrong

A criminal act isn't a mistake, it is a choice.

"I never said what he done was right."

"He messed up, yet again. But unless he was actually trying to take the life of the clerk, he wouldn’t have needed to be killed. If you would review the video again, you will see that there really wasn’t even a struggle. He approached the clerk and the clerk shot him. No reason for Joey to be put to death. He wasn’t trying to harm the clerk. Just scare him maybe."

Incredible, man points deadly weapon at clerk to "just scare him".

If someone points a gun at anyone, that person has the right to defend themselves, unless your a convicted FELON IN POSSESSION OF A FIREARM.

The harder you try to defend this waste of human flesh, it just points out prison doesn't rehab anyone.

Lock em up, forget about it.

Hey A1, I watched the video

Hey A1, I watched the video MANY times to make sense of this.... your buddy-boy Anderson WAS menacing with that handgun no matter what you say or how you try to sugar-coat his actions.

A FELON with a handgun menacing a shopkeeper and you defend the FELON claiming he only wanted to scare the shopkeeper...

You seemingly are in some form of altered state... I would be interested in trying some of what you are using. Is it solid, liquid or smoke???

Where do you get that I was

Where do you get that I was "sugar coating" his actions ??? Never have I once agreed with what he done. Nor have I tried to take up for his wrong doing. All I have done was defend my opinion when I say he or anyone else does not deserve to be killed. I'm thinking you lack the ability to comprehend what you read. Are you that simple minded or should "I" be asking "you" what form of drug you are on. The next time you view the video, make sure you are sober. It is very clear in the video that he surrendered before he was shot. Also, never once in his priors had he ever been convicted of hurting anyone. You guys act like you are so concerned for the communtiy, but where was your concern when they sent a 16 year old kid to the DOC to grow up. When you watch the video, you are seeing the result of child rearing by the DOC.

Better friends

You need a better class of friends then.