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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Let the games begin. The holiday shopping season kicks off in just a couple of days.

This weekend there’s a push for shoppers to buy local. Can you get a good deal at a small business, or are big box stores the way to go?

Silver and gold. Diamonds that dazzle. Jewelry seems to be a big seller during the holidays, and there are plenty of stores to chose from.

Allen Perry of Perry’s Emporium says buying from a store like his means giving back to the community.

“We’re always giving donation of jewelry or cash back to different organizations, charities, 501(c)s, high school football programs, booster programs,” Perry said. “You send some of that money to Walmart or Zales or some national chain store, it doesn’t stay in the community. It goes straight to the home office.”

Judging by the number of jewelry-filled cases in Perry’s store, you won’t get short-changed either when it comes to a selection. But what about prices?

“We go out and shop our competition, so we know where our prices are,” Perry said. “We want to be sure we’ve got the best price for the quality. You can find cheaper prices, but sometimes the quality of the diamond is not there.

When it comes to finding that perfect gift for your loved one during the holidays, one thing seems to always ring true: shoppers like hunting for a bargain. And that’s what Target managers say you will find there.

“For us, our guests shop here obviously because of our prices, but then at Target, we don’t compromise on our quality either,” Target Store Team Leader Matt Merritt. “Our guests tell us they’re pleased not only with our prices but the quality of product that they’re purchasing.”

For national chains buying in bulk usually means cheaper prices, and at Target, everything from wool coats to electronics are found under one roof. Come Black Friday, the store will be crowded with shoppers looking for big savings on things like TVs, DVD players, portable DVDs , iPads and iTouches, Merritt said.

So ’tis the season to spend. Where you do it is up to you.

If you like buying at the big chain stores, you probably already know that Black Friday sales are starting Thursday at some retailers.

If small businesses are your preference, many shops have special deals on what’s called Small Business Saturday.

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  • Disappointed

    Sometimes I feel very disappointed in people. There was a young woman on the news last night who when referring to stores being open on Thanksgiving said “It was probably in their job description so…” Years ago I worked for a small company chain owned by a southern family. They were always closed on Sundays and major holidays. One fall we were told out of the blue we would be open on Thanksgiving and it was mandatory for all to work. It was not in our job description and it was the first year many of us were away from our families. I wish everyone would remember the real meanings of holidays. Not to mention the fact that so many people right now are working retail because of the slow economy. Yes, some people don’t mind working on holidays, but others are working these jobs because they desperately need money. They can’t quit or decide not to take a job in retail just because they don’t want to work holidays. I am just asking that people remember what the holidays are all about. If we all did that, Christmas wouldn’t be so commercialized and stores wouldn’t be open on Thanksgiving in the first place.

  • Guest12

    Well said…..


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