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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Occupy Wilmington has gone from street protests to camping for their cause, but the group now says it has hit a speedbump. The protestors have been asked to leave their position near City Hall, and for the most part they have done so.

A few days ago members of Occupy Wilmington received a handwritten note from the wilmington police. The note told the group they can no longer have tents or sleep outside City Hall unless they are sitting upright.

“What it was is the police wanted to scare us a little bit and get the protestors shaky about the protest,” said Occupy Wilmington member Jerome Whitley.

Occupy Wilmington members say sleeping there without a tent is a safety hazard, so they will no longer stay there.

“To me that’s a bit of a safety concern,” Occupy Wilmington member Mary-Kate Crum said. “I don’t want to be just sleeping on the streets without a tent. I also don’t want any kids sleeping out there without a tent so that’s kind of why we had cleared out.”

Although they are still allowed to stand and protest near City Hall, for the most part the group has left that spot. Protestors say they are trying to get a few new ideas. They made it very clear, though, that they are not giving up.

“We’re revisiting how we need to operate in Wilmington,” Crum said. “I mean, a lot of the other occupations are a bit more showy and loud, and I’m totally down with that. I stand in solidarity with it, but we also need to keep in mind that we’re in Wilmington. This is the South. We want to be nice.”

Some of the Occupy members question the legality and the credibility of the handwritten note from police, but they say they are picking and choosing their battles.

The group says it is still holding weekly information meetings, but it does not know where the next protest will be.

“It is frustrating but we’re thinking about getting a base set where we can hail all our tents and we can go from there,” said Whitley.

Members also say they are trying to do more community outreach instead of those protests.

The group wanted River Front Park December 4 for one of it meetings but the city turned down the request because in conflicted with the Wilmington Christmas Parade.

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  • robo

    These socialist/marxist protestors never had a real agenda and protested against the wrong people. They should go home, as Americans are tired of them.

  • Guest1165

    They are no more socialist than people receiving Medicare or Medicaid. They are no more socialist than people that applied to FEMA after the hurricane or a tornado. It all comes from the many to benefit the few.
    They protested against Wall Street, predatory lending, and tax breaks for the rich that, correct me if I’m wrong, have not created a whole lot of jobs that I can tell since most of the job creation has been in the government sector. I’d like to know the “wrong people” they protested against.
    Kudos to the parents that raise young people that can think and not just be sheep with blinders on like most people on here.

  • JLee

    Would you like fries with that Burger? GET A JOB!

  • Why are these people and the rest of the protestors in the country not marching on Washington D.C.? That’s where the mess is and it trickels down to towns, etc. Go to Washington!

  • Guest 122889743

    Stop worrying about sleeping in your tent and GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!

  • Mama Bear

    Thank you for speaking on our behalf MK! I’m proud to call you one of us. We’re not gone, our presence will be felt where it matters most. Now, after a display of our solidarity, we’ll show Wilmington just what we’re fighting for and how we’re going to get things done. WOW UNITE!

  • X

    I can hardly wait…..

  • What a joke!

  • Guest27

    I wonder how long the ‘99%'(OWS) will loiter until they get the message. The other ‘real’ 99% of us, dont care. GO HOME. No one wants to call you illiterate, but you keep doing interviews and proving us wrong! Go home.

  • deputy 25

    who thinks they can find a job in a tent? the ones that were on tv last night getting interviewed looked like it would take them 3 hours to watch the show 60 minutes! if they are the 99% out of 200,000 in new hanover, where are the rest of the 197,000 at? they need to occupy a workplace and start paying their share of the taxes themselves. and like Newt said , get a job right after you take a bath!

  • Keenen Altic

    I occupy for a lot of reasons. One of them is the fact that my employer has taken away my sick pay. That tells me trickle down is a failure. Successful capitalists can’t be successful without exploiting cheap labor.

  • Guest7968

    EINSTEIN…explain to me what corporations do when they get added costs in the form of taxes, wages, etc….HINT…they don’t pay a SINGLE CENT…passing more taxes on corporations will do NOTHING but cost YOU money…corporations DON’T PAY TAXES!!! MORON! Oh..and when you guys do get a leader…I’m going to have my lawyer contact him…because you claim you represent me…and I don’t remember asking for representation! I’m out working while you guys play in your tents! GET BACK TO WORK!

  • Guest1165

    What does this response have to do with my comment?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I have taken out many loans in my life. Never once do I recall someone holding a gun to my head and saying, “Sigh da note aw else!”

    One of the reasons that you people are a laughingstock is that you parrot meaningless left-wing rhetoric that anyone with a brain KNOWS is crappola! There is no such thing as “predatory lending.” There is, however, such a thing as people with lousy credit who take out loans at ridiculously high interest rates because they are so stupid they don’t realize that defaulting on the loan will simply screw up their credit even more.

    BTW, while your reference to Medicaid is spot on (calling it Socialism) Medicare is a totally different ball of wax. Medicare is a contributory program that is made mandatory by a governmnet that is too inept to realize that it’s bankrupting itself playing Santa Claus.

    That’s not Socialism, that’s self-destructive tyranny.

    We need to get rid of Medicaid AND Medicare, and get back to making people stand on their own two feet.

    That includes you tent-dwelling bums who expect the rest of society to carry your load.

  • Guest99x

    1165, what you got here is a response from an idiot. Since the days of Naughty Newtie Gingrich’s contract on America, the right wingnut contingent has been growing more combative and strident by the year. It strikes me that they are universally suffering the same fate as their standard bearer, St. Ronald Reagan…DEMENTIA.

  • Guest1165

    Don’t be so simplistic. Also, it bothers me when you agree with anything I think. How could I be so wrong?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    It’s SO easy to call it simplistic, but in every aspect of TRUTH AND HONESTY, you know I’m right. Every single person voluntarily signs a promissory note or mortgage, and the government was never formed to protect the stupid.

    You people need to grow up and accept the real world. Instead of crying about justified foreclosures and successful people daring to be successful, why don’t you devote your energies to educating borrowers?

  • Challengetheworld

    How about KOA, Carolina Beach State Park, White Lake etc.? They’re called campgrounds, thats what tents are for. That where they should be, not downtown Wilmington and not downtown anywhere else. This is going to be the most lackluster movement in history.

    Go home, collect your thoughts, and find a job.


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