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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — A Leland woman is on crutches after a neighbor’s pit bull attacked her yesterday. The dog’s owner says she takes full responsibility for the attack.

“Every time I close my eyes I see the attack over and over again and again,” Kelly Diemer said.

Diemer can barely walk a day after a neighbor’s dog visciously attacked her.

“He took a chunk out of my leg,” Diemer said. “I have maybe ten or 15 holes all over my body. Some of the wounds are so bad that they couldn’t stitch them.”

Diemer says her neighbor’s pit bull attacked her from behind in her yard. She says the attack lasted for three or four minutes, but she was afraid she wouldn’t make it out.

“So I just fought,” she said. “I hit it with my purse. I flung my shoe off, and then my boyfriend ran out and saved my life.”

This is not Diemer’s first run in with the dog. Last week she says he killed her cat. She has no intention of suing the pit bull’s owner, but says she just wants them to take responsibility.

“I think that if the dog has been shown to be aggressive, then it should automatically be put down,” Diemer said.

The owner says she feels awful about what happened and has no idea how the dog got out. After Diemer’s cat was killed, Irma Negrete had planned to give the dog away, but after Sunday’s attack, she says the pit bull will be put down.

“I love the dog, but I can’t keep it,” Negrete said. “I don’t want to keep it. I see what it did and what it is capable of.”

Diemer says she hopes her attack will show other pit bull owners just how aggressive the dogs can be.

“What about the next time?” she said. “The next time somebody else might not be so lucky.”

Brunswick County Animal Control has cited the dog’s owner failure to vaccinate, failure to wear tags and public nuisance and fined her $400.

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  • Beth Tedder

    I want to invite anyone interested to join the fb group NC Dog Law Coalition. We are discussing and trying to write breed-neutral legislation to protect people from dogs AND to protect dogs from people. Consider joining and any of your friends who would be interested in helping us push this legislation when we get it all figured out. This is NOT a place to discuss any particular breed. It should not be a battle to keep children and pets safe from attacking dogs and it should not be a battle to deal with the aftermath. We want to make it easier by making several legislative changes and we need real stories from North Carolina residents who have had problems dealing with the system and anyone who thinks they have contacts, a talent, or an inclination to get involved in this.

  • Surg910

    Well, Poodle’s are known to be pretty big and vicious themselves..just saying. But you are completely right, I am a 20 year old owner of a 125 lb. blue nose bully pit and she is absolutely loveable. I recently found 7 mutt puppies on the side of a gas station and Raven has been acting as their mother since I brought them home, and she has actually been very gentle with two of my friends newborn children.
    Simply put, if you were locked in a cage, beaten, starved, neglected in any way you yourself may become callous and more “Raw”. We as humans however have a logical way of thinking and usually this does not happen, but lets not forget about those people who took multiple years of physical and mental abuse (such as that, that a pitbull may endure minus the cage) and some of the crazy and dispicable things they have done such as school shootings. We don’t say that all white’s, asain’s, black’s or whatever race/nationality did said tragedy is bad and should not be permitted to live so why should we play god and do so to a defenseless animal?

  • Jillian Anderson

    Do NOT blame the BREED!!! You blame the owner for their failure to attend to their pet in the appropriate manner. I am a pitbull owner and have been for years- they are amazing dogs- loyal and gentle- it is all about how you raise them. This dog should not have been killed, but taken from the owner and raised properly. People like this make me sick! Please make it law that she NEVER get another dog! Pitbull or poodle—she is a BAD OWNER!

  • Guest461

    …that when they do snap, they tend to rip a childs face completely off its skull, maiminig it forever or they gang up and rip flesh and bone until death. Their sheer strength and unpredictability leaves even the strongest human helpless. r u going 2 teech ur pitz how 2 text 2?

  • Tina Potter

    I have 3 pits myself and they r friendly as they can be. It is all the way u raise them. and If u let a child pick at them they r going to get mad. that is with any breed…. U never hear about rocks or dobys are any other breed attacking people it is just PIt bulls. They give that breed a bad name and it is not fair…

  • ashly

    It is the owners…. This is ashamed…

  • Guest123

    Frankly I blame the so called pitbull advocates for the problems that are happening with the breed. You sugar coat it’s inherent genetic tendencies towards aggression. If you do acknowledge it, it’s to leave out it’s aggression towards other animals. Maybe if you did like other breed advocates and list the traits of the breed, maybe fewer people would own one and the issues of attacks will lesson. An example: http://www.resteddoginn.ca/buyarott.php
    And of course it’s always to blame the owner and not the dog. Seems to me, it’s usually the dog doing the attack. If you feel the owners should be held responsible, why don’t you advocate for stricted laws? Until that happens, I will continue to advocate for anyone that has a pitbull living in it’s neighborhood to be locked and loaded.


    This says alot about the dog owner. Even though she loves her dog she still accepted responsibality for her dogs actions and is still going to have the dog put down.

  • stop the insanity

    The owner had planned to give the pit away so it would not be her problem any longer. It would have mauled another person somewhere else or possibly killed a helpless child! Euthanization was the answer and she should have humanely carried this out so the buck would have stopped there!

  • Guest555

    You would do the same if you were trying to avoid a lawsuit.

  • Guest1106

    I am sorry for the loss of your pet. It is hard to know the whole story from just a few paragraphs, but it does sound like you made the right decision.

  • Hippie dog lovers

    All pit bulls are aggressive it’s their nature. Time to ban them and if you want one apply for it because you will need a permit. The tree hugging dog lovers need to realize that these dogs are the majority of dogs that kill for fun. I know a tree hugging liberal pit owner will say ” it’s not the dog it’s the owner” right look at all these attacks over the years. Put down your 99% signs and get out of yours tents beside the Court house and grow a fat pair hippies.

  • Guestt

    Out of all the people I know that own pit bulls, not a single one would I call a hippie or even liberal. Also, a ban and a permit???? That sounds like government regulation to me….. That’s not very right wing sounding.

  • Guest196455

    Funny…because most pitbull owners I have known have been gun lovin’ conservative tea party types.

  • Guest Star

    Before anyone goes off on a hysterical rant about pit bulls, I’d like to point out that pit bull dogs aren’t the only dogs that can be dangerous. Any dog breed has bad apples in the bunch, but it’s pits that grab the headlines. The American Temperament Testing Society does annual testing of thousands of dogs representing dozens of breeds, and the pit bull breeds regularly rank up in the top most human-friendly breeds. Unfortunately these dogs are easily and heavily abused in many cases, and in other cases simply don’t have an owner that can give them the attention, exercise, and training they need, though what the history is with this one in particular is unclear here. I’d like to see a followup investigating what the dog’s history and even breeding may have been. It may well not even be a pit bull dog, but just sorta looks like one.

  • RobandMelissa

    There is no doubt that this is a tragic, unfortunate event. However, the media continually ignores events involving other breeds of dogs and focuses on pit bulls. In the past the Doberman and Rottweiler breeds were demonized. Today, it’s the pit bulls’ turn. Folks, it’s not the breed. Any breed of dog, without proper discipline, exercise and early socialization has the ability to snap. A chained dog or an unsocialized dog can also prove dangerous. We have a 3 yr old rescued pit bull and he lives happily with our three other very small dogs and two children. We took him to dog obedience classes as a puppy and we run him two miles a day every day as these dogs require tons of exercise. We take him to the park where he plays with other dogs of all sizes. We do this because before we adopted him we educated ourselves on the breed. We invested the time to learn what this breed requires. If an owner is not committed to doing the right things to keep a balanced and stable dog than its best not to own one. Education is key here…not labeling a breed as bad.

  • Guest Apu

    Yes all breeds will “snap” as you say. But a pit bull has the strenght, disposition, and instinct to fight and kill. It is what they were bred to do.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    Oh yeah, conspiracy theorists, prove that there is a media conspiracy to not report equally damaging attacks by other breeds. DO IT. Obviously not all attacks are reported. THERE ARE MANY SERIOUS PIT BULL ATTACKS THAT DON’T GET WIDE COVERAGE OR ANY COVERAGE EITHER.

    Show the historic bans across the country for dobermans and GSDs. DO IT. Show that its just pit bull’s turn.

    OK, so you know a pit bull that hasn’t attacked yet. You know what, most sharks never attack a human. According to your logic, you believe that sharks are safe.

  • Katie

    “Diemer says she hopes her attack will show other pit bull owners just how aggressive the dogs can be.”

    It’s not the breed, it’s the owners. Pit bulls are a misrepresented breed.

  • Guest Apu

    That is bull. Pitbulls do have more of a predisposition to attack than most breeds. Not only that, they were bred to be fighting dogs, prized for their strength, aggressiveness and instinct to keep fighting until either they, or their opponent, was dead.

    Yes, I know there are other aggressive breeds that will attack. The difference is that other dog breeds tends to bite you to get you to back off. A pit bull will attack you, and keep up the attack as long as it can, completely mauling their “prey.”

  • YOU are part of the problem. And it’s people like you who should keep your pie hole shut because you have NO idea what you are talking about. Will the only thing that stops your ignorance be when a pit attacks someone you care about?

  • Guest461

    You don’t blame the dog, you don’t blame the breed, you don’t accept the well known facts that many people have been killed and children have had their entire faces ripped off their skull by these powerful animals and you want to blame their violent propensity on their owners?

    Great thinking! Then, take the owners out as well. Dogs are dumb animals, some humans are too!

  • Danno

    Last paragraph pretty much sums up a lot of the issue. This lady obviously has seen signs of aggression out of the dog but still made a conscious decision to not watch her animal closer and ensure the safety of her neighbors.

    Another slap on the wrist isn’t going to teach anybody anything, and the breed will continue to suffer for human irresponsibility.

  • Guest461

    …that continue to own and breed these dogs is nothing less than amazing. It’s no different than carelessly leaving a loaded pistol on your coffee table with children running around.

    Just how many dead children, people maimed for life and murdered pets does it take before people “…realize what these viscious dogs are capable of and proven to do!”?

    Just how many more?

  • JezebelJean

    Considering all the many breeds of dogs without the killer instinct, why the insistence on owning a dog that requires its own shrink to keep it from attacking? I’m starting to think it’s a “Look at me; I own a pit bull and you can’t stop me. I’m such a groovy renegade.” It would be interesting to tally up the unprovoked attacks and a list of the maimed. Go for a walk or to a street fair and count the number of pit bulls on leashes in comparison to other breeds. There seems a strange obsession to prove a “sweetness” factor that just isn’t there. People who brag about keeping these dogs around their babies are just asking for the chewed-off toes we read about not long ago.

  • tegaNtilly

    I hope a great dane jumps on you and eats your face.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    on both sides of the aisle. The libs get all touchy feelie about how pit bulls have the same rights as people. Conservatives spout on about how its their right to own any kind of dog they want – even dogs that were never bred to be pets.

    And these idiots forget that the only rights that are being infringed and will be restored are those of their neighbors.

  • dubv

    The truth hit a nerve for tegantilly it seems. Yeah, people often get pit bulls for attention. Most of these people don’t even realize this about themselves. Why? If they had the self-knowledge to realize that, then they would not have gotten a pit bull to begin with.


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