After technical difficulties, the downtown Wilmington tree lights up for big crowd

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Submitted: Sat, 11/26/2011 - 3:40am
Updated: Mon, 11/28/2011 - 4:28pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The lighting of the Christmas tree in downtown Wilmington started off with some technical difficulties. As the crowd chanted, “Three, two, one,” there were no lights to be found. Folks laughed off the technical glitch and waited around for the tree to light up.

The event turned out a big crowd as people young and old came to the riverfront to enjoy some Christmas music and family fun.

Glenn Wilson came downtown with his loved ones. He says Christmas is about family.

“Having our family together on Thanksgiving and Christmas is my greatest joy,” Wilson said.

And finally the moment people were waiting for, little by little, the tree lights illuminated and the massive tree sparkled green and red.

There were smiles all around and the Christmas spirit was in the air.


  • Guest20 says:

    Now 2012, I never said bell ringers weren’t part of Christmas…only that I choose not to participate.

    Keep dropping that money in the pot, thanks for the kind words, and I wish the same on first attempt for you also!

  • Adeem says:

    I Love You Lisa Besslar Nichole Rodi

  • Guest2012 says:

    …Just like the wonderful Salvation Army Bell Ringers!
    Peace, and may all of your lights be bright on the first attempt this year~

  • Guest21 says:

    Watched it many times………however in a comedy, things are supposed to go wrong. In real life where anticipation has built up to a countdown, it is nice when they go right. It would have been so easy just to check the switches shortly before the finale to make sure everything was set on “go”. But, no biggie. Merry Christmas.

  • Guest3 says:

    What makes you think they didn’t check the switches beforehand? Do you have inside knowledge that we don’t have? I’ve check my lights before I put them up and they lit fine. Put them on the tree, and…no light. Like the other poster said…it happens. Most folks don’t get all bent out of shape about it because they know it happens to just about everyone sooner or later.

    Here’s a solution. Next year….don’t go. That’ll teach ‘em. I’m sure it will shut down because you’re not there.

  • Guest20 says:

    Hey, sh*t happens, even at home. I sometimes think I have it all together, tested the lights, everything’s going great, the whole tree’s decorated, I plug in the tree, and WHAM! The lights don’t light. It can happen to anybody. The crowd laughed because it’s happened to them too at some time or another. It’s just part of Christmas.

  • Guest327 says:

    Somehow, it would seem that those in charge would have the bugs worked out so that everything would go as planned instead of embarrassing themselves.

  • GuestChristmasVacation says:

    Haven’t you ever watched Chevy Chase in “Christmas Vacation” (laughed my *ss off on that one)? All the lights were working, but someone had turned off the main switch. It happens! Hey, it’s Christmas. Shouldn’t we be a little forgiving instead of being so judgmental?

  • 'Chelle says:

    Obviously you’ve never organized a large event. When something is going to go wrong, that will be the time! Stop being so negative and give them some grace. They are human! It turned out fine in the end and that’s what matters!

  • Guest327 says:

    I would hardly classify turning on a switch a major event. And, I have organized events much larger than this. Never had such to happen. Not saying everything was perfect, but when you have hundreds of people counting down for an event to take place, just seems like better planning and execution could have prevailed. But, I am a believer in Murphy’s Law.

  • WilmingtonMAJ says:

    I’m sorry, but a metal pole with lights hanging from it, a tree does not make.

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