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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Tons of shoppers in the stores and tree lots lining the roads must mean Christmas is here.

While many families have moved toward artificial trees, many still find joy in picking out that favorite fir. Whether you prefer a 10-footer or a Charlie Brown-style tree, you can find it all this season.

Real tree lovers say it’s all about the scent when it comes to fake versus for real.

“It’s just more magical,” said Cindy Richey of Carolina Girl Flowers. “It just brings life into the Christmas scene at home with the smell and everything. Even the artificial smells just can’t compete with a good live tree. With the economy and everything going kind of strange on us right now, I think having a live tree and a fresh tree just brings back the spirit of a good Christmas.”

Richey says a fresh cut tree is important because it will last longer and smell fresher.

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  • Guest3

    Although I love the smell of a “real” tree, I don’t like the constant watering, loss of needles, and fire hazard that goes along with it. I like to put up my tree the day after Thanksgiving and keep it up until January 2. A real tree doesn’t look as good after a couple of weeks.

    I’m much happier with a fake tree that requires no watering, doesn’t lose its needles, and looks as good a month later as it did the day you put it up. I like using scented candles and cinnamon pinecones to achieve the Christmas smells. Another plus is that a fake tree is much cheaper in the long run than a real tree.

  • Guest2264

    I agree with Guest3. We got a live one our first year in this house, then we decided to go with live leland cypress trees, then plant them in the yard afterwards! Now we just have a nice cypress in the front yard that we decorate instead! Hate to see trees cut down. :-(

  • guesty

    I thought you were an atheist Das….. Why would you have a Christmas tree?

  • Das Weibstück

    I have a beautiful artificial tree and will never have another real tree in my home since I watched one set ablaze outdoors. Never saw anything burn as fast and hot as that tree did. It pretty much exploded and it was not dried out yet. Scary stuff !!

  • virgogirl

    I love my artificial tree. It’s cost effective. I’ve had mine for nearly 8 years. That beats $50++ every year.
    I hate crawling under the tree after gifts are there to water a real one. They dry out so fast, I’m scared of a fire. I buy those smelly pine sticks and the whole house smells like a real tree.

  • Cali65

    I love my “fake” tree, too; however, this year I noticed that it was losing more needles than it should. Living in the desert, I think maybe it is drying out and that scares me. So as much as I love this beautiful “fake” tree, its on its way out. So… YES FAKE TREES DO LOSE THEIR NEEDLES… this tree was a top quality tree and is 4 years old,

  • Das Weibstück

    Having an evergreen tree indoors isn’t originally a Christian tradition. Goes way back before Christianity. Thanks for asking.

  • guesty

    I was just wondering.


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