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Occupy protestor arrested in Wilmington


WILMINGTON NC (WWAY) -- Occupy Wilmington protestors have been getting a lot of attention, but not always the type they wanted. The group protesting Wall Street greed as well as local issues was one member less after an arrest Sunday night.

Wilmington Police ordered protestors off the City Hall lawn, but they say 16-year-old Shelby Lentz refused to leave and was arrested.

"They threatened to arrest anyone who did not leave, and I was the one who was vocal with my opinion and asked everyone, 'Are we going to walk away?'" Lentz said. "That's when they were not happy with me any longer, and I continued to ask them questions in a respectful manner, and they still wanted to escalate the situation to an arrest."

Protestors were out in small numbers and have moved to the top of the city hall steps where they hoped to avoid police attention, but late Monday night Wilmington Police arrived on the scene. No word at this time of any additional arrests.

Shelby wants his voice to be heard and it will be in court January 11.

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Yesterday was a good day in

Yesterday was a good day in Federal Court for the "occupy" sympathizers.

Today's Wall Street Journal reports: "US District Court Judge Jed S. Rakoff rejected a $285 million deal by Citigroup Inc. to settle civil fraud charges filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission as 'neither fair, nor reasonable, nor adequate, nor in the public interest.'

The deal was agreed to earlier this year, after the SEC accused the New York company of selling investors slices of a $1 billion mortgage-bond deal called Class V Funding III, without disclosing it was betting against $500 million of those assets."

I don't think it too far a leap to believe that this behavior by Citigroup is a root cause for the existence of the "Occupy" movement. Citi knowingly sold dogcrap securities to the public and got caught. The whole article is found here:

Keep up your great work "Occupy Wilmington"!

Better day for Citigroup

The government has already stated that trying to structure a case for trial is near impossible.

Better day for Citigroup....

...because now the odds say that they will pay NOTHING, because even the government admits that structuring a case to take to trial is next to impossible...

...and how easy to gloss over the roles played by Bawney Fwank, Janet Reno, Bill Clinton and even Jimmy Carter and his Democratic Congress in forcing banks to lend money to deadbeats or risk punitive intervention by the federal government for "redlining." So easy to forget that Paulsen and his predecessor knew what was about to happen and did nothing.

Also easy to gloss over the fact that the underlying securities their junk represented were guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Oh, but it's all Citigroup's fault! We can't possibly blame one entity, the friggin' incompetent government, for guaranteeing crap, we have to believe that every bank in the world conspired to arrange a near simultaneous collapse in 2008.

you guys

are you guys really criticizing this boy for actually trying to make a voice in his city? when was the last time anyone of you went out and stood for what you believed in, whether you completely understood it or not? maybe you guys should take an active role in your community instead of criticizing other people for doing so. arrogance is populous in this city.

I stand for what I believe in every day

More importantly, I back it up through far more effective means than getting arrested because I want to debate the police.

You seem to believe that protest is admirable regardless of what the protest is about. These people are a mixture Marxists, anarchists, and general purpose bums looking for a free ride. I'm a firm believer in "Fly with the crows, get shot with the crows." So he may not understand what he's protesting, but as long as he's out there with those people, he is held in the same contempt by the people who they want to loot.

Who are you to say that he

Who are you to say that he doesn't understand what he's protesting. I've had conversations with him. He's very aware for his age.

Oh. I'm a marxist by the way and have you seen Venezuelas Debt/GDP ratio. It is very admirable.

I didn't say it, Einstein!

The person I was responding to said it.

He stands

If one way of backing things up is by being a condescending know-it-all then I think you should be giving classes.
At least the kid did something instead of sitting in front of a keyboard passing judgment on things he knows nothing about all day.
Why don't you lighten up on him, tough guy.

I wouldn't be condescending if I respected you guys...

...but I don't. As long as the basic tenet of Occupy (anywhere) is "I want what you have, but I don't want to have to work for it," I'll treat you guys like any other thief, robber, or burglar.

As a matter of fact, I'd have more respect if you were thieves, robbers, and burglars, because at least then you'd be doing your own dirty work and not relying upon governmnet to do it for you.

Does he Occupy...

Does this kid occupy a high school? What is he doing out at 12 or 12:30 AM. shouldnt he be in bed, getting himself right for school. Please!!! NONE of you "occupiers" represent me.

What started out as occupy Wall Street, is now occupy government establishments and hate capitalism. I work for a living, pay my bills, and contribute to society. Let's see you occupy a freaking job before your sit and do nothing. sixteen.....

...he knows SOOOOOO much about the world. He's undoubtedly an expert on global banking and can tell you the difference between a CDS and a CMO. Stripped derivitives and comparisons of coupon vs. ask yield are his strong suits. Got a question about depreciation or capital gains on your taxes? Shelby's your man!

Hmmmmm....then again, why should I get on his case? He shares a lot in common with the rest of the Occu-gimmes, a total absence of business experience or economics knowledge.

"We want what you've got - we just don't want to work for it."

Thank God Winter is almost here. I hope it's the coldest in decades.

(BTW, son - starting off life with a criminal record is NOT the path to success.)


I would hope that you are smarter than a 16 year old.

He will play into it

The criminal record will allow him to grow up bitter and blame "the system" for keeping him down. That will be the excuse why he can't find a job, never mind the fact it seems the majority of the occutards have degrees that are absolutely worthless. I have a BA in liberal arts, do you want extra sugar in your coffee?
This will be the voter base for Obuma to be re-elected. They want what we worked for.

He will play

Someone with a BA in liberal arts really shouldn't be questioning someone else's life choices. How much of your parents money did you waste going to college. You could have started waiting tables when you were 16 and saved your folks some money.

Then keep quiet 238

Then you should keep quiet about you having a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and just come rake my lawn. I went to school to receive both of my degrees in technology fields. Fields that have unlimited growth, steady jobs and decent salaries. I have been with my current employer for over a decade doing a job I enjoy. My education is also how I can make money off stocks, own properties, vehicles and a nice sized nest egg. All without beating on a drum, sitting on the sidewalk in front of a public building or expecting somebody else to pay my way.

Wow, I knew that you'd

Wow, I knew that you'd confess someday! You are an AMWAY Diamond Distributor. Thanks for letting the rest of the community know.

Yep, you got me

By the way, your order is in. Please bring cash this time since your checks keep bouncing.


Weirdos and freaks!!!! Period!

you nut jobs don't represent

you nut jobs don't represent nothing but a gimme generation. if u represented the 99% THEN WHY ARE THERE ONLY A FEW OF YOU IN WILMINGTON PROTESTING? with 200,000 people in New Hanover, there should be about 198,000 out there with you!!!! u represent only a few all over this country. urinating on things, raping, crimes, unsanitary conditions, nasty, littering, weapon violations and this does not represent me or about the other 99% u claim. get up and go to a job and clean your self up and be respectable and grow the up!!! this guy wasn't a plant, he is one of you and you know it. wish it would snow about 5 feet everywhere you were at and drop to about 20 below zero. then i guess you would hire the HOMELESS to hold up your signs like other OWS ARE DOING!!! to lazy and weak to stay out there. no one will care and no one cares[ the majority anyway] people are sick and tired of you blocking their way to work and blocking the stores that you say you support for employees to get to their jobs and make a living with their business. no common cause at all. just a bunch on yuppies without a cause, using free market enterprise electronics to get your message out while protesting them!!! go home and be with your family and get to work!!!


20 bucks, even money, says he has an iphone

You guys are adorable

You guys are adorable

one member less???

~The group who is protesting Wall Street greed as well as local issues was one member less after an arrest Sunday night.~

He is right back there with everyone else tonight.... We are NOT one member less.... We are getting stronger everyday.

Not really there?

Sorry "star", Shelby was not right back there with everyone. I interviewed him at his home as he was avoiding downtown following his arrest. So where are you? Not downtown.

Wgere was I???

I have been there part of everyday.... except the weekend because I was working..... I was sick Monday evening and tonight I was at the OWNC workshop to make new signs for Thursday.... I need to do laundry tomorrow since I have been busy with OWNC for the last two weeks..... But will be with the group on Thursday!!!! Do you want my schedule for the rest of the week??? Contrary to what you think.... we are not all homeless or jobless. Did you really interview him??? Because the article was severely lacking!!!

I know a number of people in

I know a number of people in this group and I can tell you that this is not quite what happened. Protesters moved to the steps under a roof because it was raining. And they are not short by one at all. The group remains strong and ready to work on behalf of the 99% of people who have suffered financially since the crash in 2008. Thank you.


You do not represent me AT ALL . Quit saying that you do...I think you should protest the sun rising in the may have better results. After all the sun has been rising in the east for millions of years, it's time it rose in the west!

protester arrested

He was a plant. Occupy don't fraternize with young punks. He doesn't represent Occupy.

A Plant? Merely an unhappy little tree

As an active member of Occupy Wilmington, I am frankly appalled by your statement. We have members of all ages, from in utero through adulthood. Because a person is under the age of 18, does not mean that they are not relevant. Shelby is a bright and articulate member. He has contributed lots to our group. Not only in his actions, but in his views as well. The 99% is not composed solely of adults who think they know best, as that is what gotten us into our current national situation. No, the 99% is comprised of everyone. Our children are our future leaders. We must ensure that they are aware of the world around us. It has no longer become satisfactory to sit at home and hope the world changes itself. I promise if we the people do nothing, your world will change, but not in the way you would like it.
I'm curious as to why you have decided to offer such an opinion of a person you know nothing about. It is wiser to understand a person's position before you bash it, in my opinion.
I offer this as a rebuttal to your statement:
If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. This young man took it upon his self to seek knowledge and understanding, for that he was arrested. As you sit in the warm glow of your computer screen I ask you, what do you stand for? Where is your conviction? Surely, there must be something you are brave enough to fight for?

Define "active."

The definition surely can't include sitting around holding a sign and complaining about what you don't have. And by the way, he was arrested for breaking the law, not seeking "knowledge." I've never seen anyone arrested at the library seeking knowledge. I've seen them arrested seeking a hand out or possibly forgetting to close the bathroom door on the infamous sidewalk urinal. I agree with the other NON 99er's. You don't represent me. And yes I quite like basking in the glow of the computer I purchased from a major corporation with the money I earned.

In utero ... really ???

I commend your "in utero" member for his or her tenaciousness....... Perhaps Occupy Wilmington should be listed in the Guiness Book of Records for having a member who has been protesting without ever having been born.........It's this kind of crazy rhetoric that turns so many of us off.