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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The former North Brunswick High School band teacher accused of sending an inappropriate text to a student avoided jail by showing up for court this morning. WWAY was the only media outlet in the courtroom for Mark Riel’s hearing.

Riel was charged with one count of indecent liberties with a minor, after allegedly sexting with one of his students in January.

His trial date was rescheduled because his attorney was out of town.

After failing to appear for his last court date, an arrest order was issued for Riel, but it was recalled today.

Riel ran away when we tried to talk with him in the courtroom.

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  • guesty

    Wonder if he will follow in the footsteps of the more famous Brunswick County pedophile coach and marry the student….. Anybody remember 40-year-old Brent Wuchae, 16-year-old Windy Hager?

  • Brian

    Are they still married / together?

  • Reginald Denny

    Windy worked at Food Lion in Oak Island after they eloped, After I asked for a pack of cigarettes at the check out stand, she had the nerve to tell me that smoking is bad for my health… What a joke!

  • Guestofferson

    He got a 16-year old. You’re stuck with your old bag-o’-bones. WAAAAAAAHHH!

  • ConcernedBrunswickcitizen

    Why receive special treatment if an arrest warrant was already issued? Seems as if he keeps attempting to put this off hoping the citizens of Brunswick county will forget. What’s next, change of venue? Time to face up for your crime!

  • guesty

    That would be a great story to do a follow up on. How about it Scott Pickey?

  • Kevin Wuzzardo

    To our knowledge they are still together. We tried to contact them a few months ago, but they did not want to talk.


  • Nunyabiz

    Yes they are still together.

  • insider411

    as of august 2012 they are no longer together

  • Stevejgi

    I hope these children dump these pedophiles after they come to their senses and/or grow up.

  • Guest814

    I was in the courtroom yesterday as a witness in another case, and the information you reported is not completely correct based on what I heard. The man’s attorney was out of town, but there was another attorney there who told the judge that the teacher was going to plead guilty later in the week when the other attorney was finished with a trial in another county. It didn’t sound like the trial here was put off at all. It just sounded like he was going to plead guilty instead of having a trial. That’s what I heard anyway.

  • This comment is somewhat correct; however, it does not tell the entire story. The failure to appear should not have been issued and was, in fact, an error on the Clerk’s part. Clerks handle huge volumes of cases and therefore, mistakes are inevitable. The failure to appear, being issued by mistake, was subsequently stricken. Mr. Riel’s attorney was in fact in a trial in another county all day yesterday, and Mr. Riel’s case may be continued to another term due again to the court’s caseload. The reporter’s characterization of this being an attempt on Mr. Riel’s part to avoid the system and/or jail time is completely inaccurate, and the manner in which the reporter tried to accost Mr. Riel is completely inexcusable. As to the nature of any plea that Mr. Riel may enter, if any, that information is confidential, and any further contacts by the media should be directed to Mr. Riel’s attorney, Robert E. Dillow, Jr. of Wilmington.

  • guesty

    So we can now put a check-mark next to Guestofferson as a confirmed pedophile.

  • Guestofferson

    …but my remark was based on a basic observation, not at all a statement on my behalf.

    Aside of that tell me, who assigned you the pencils and the “…confirmed pedophile” check-mark sheets to hand out?

  • guesty

    So how exactly did you observe me? In that bizarre world of yours is it ok for 40 year olds to go after a 16 year old? What a different world yours is from mine because in mine that is just sick and wrong. You are the one that seemed to get hot over a 16 year old girl. In my book, you are a pedophile and you got a check mark in ink.

  • guest31333

    Pedophile. I’m sure someone will find out about you soon enough.

  • Guest2413

    I am a student at North Brunswick High School and Mr. Riel was my band teacher for 2 years. Most people need to stop cracking jokes about him because if you dont realize most of us Band kids that loved that man check WWAY to see the new information about what is going on with him now. People keep writing these comments about how he is targets little girls well guess what you dont know that man, none of you know him like his band kids did. When you write these things it hurtful because like me and many others thought of this man as our Father Figure because we dont have that at home. So Please for the sake of us Band kids that knew him like a father and we loved that man so much. Please if you have negative comments to say about him don’t say them at all.
    Thank you.

    North Brunswick Band Geek


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