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WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — The early start to Black Friday brought some great deals to the table after this Thanksgiving, but at the Walmart in Whiteville, it also brought violence.

According to an incident report, a Whiteville police officer was on patrol at Walmart around 10:30 p.m. Thursday when a fight broke out in the toy section.

Zakia Myrah Pierre (above left), 23, and Alma Juanita Robinson (above right), 24, are charged with simple affray. Both women say the other started the fight with words and fists.

According to the report, Pierre says she heard Robinson say, “There goes that hoe (sic).” She says Robinson then came toward her, Pierre took off her jacket, Robinson started to hit her, and Pierre hit back.

Robinson told police Pierre yelled, “What’s up?” and started to swing at her, and that’s when Robinson swung back.

A judge will have the final say when the duo heads back to court in February.

Both women are out of jail on $1,000 unsecured bond.

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  • Guest Reply

    Guess inflation of products keeps the world a safer place in which to live in, according to “Black Friday” reports from coast to coast of eye gouging, like in the Three Stooges or Laurel and Hardy skits. Drop a few prices and watch ’em claw each other to death (or pepper spray them) just to get ‘lil Johnny a toy…or electronic gizmos on sale which none are worth the hatred people dodge people for, and or fight for. Not to mention being robbed of once in the parking lot to leave.
    No wonder UFO’s won’t stay on Earth (would you?)…a few more “After Thanksgiving Sales”…and the Earth will be their’s without asking for it.
    These are “Hilarious” news stories about this type FX of this type of sale…and it was all free to see and read about!
    Thanks numb skulls for the free entertainment :-)
    Just remember…people do this to themselves…case closed!!

  • guesty

    Ghetto hoodrats.

  • Guest1010g

    Does this description/terminology apply to ALL people with similar socio-economic backgrounds (assumed)? If so, I apologize, if not shame on you!

  • RSimmons

    Then it would have been Hoe, Hoe ,Hoe!

  • Guest3

    They don’t even have the common sense to look embarrassed.

    “Human history is the sad result of each one looking out for himself.” – – Julio Cortazar

  • Robert Green

    They were not fighting over toys.It was over da baby daddy.

  • Guest461

    WalMart is a seed bed for criminals, especially this time of year. They are huge stores with minimal security and extremely low response time to an emergency. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and people around you at all times! A desperate drug-ridden individual can target you, slap your head with a hammer, take all your stuff and be out the door before the first “security person” even hears about it! Women and the elderly are particularly vulnerable!

  • guesty

    It applies to all that can’t quite figure out how to act in public regardless of race, wealth or religious beliefs.

  • Guest239856



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