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Minister arrested for indecent liberties with a minor

READ MORE: Minister arrested for indecent liberties with a minor

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Sheriff's detectives have arrested a minister on multiple sex crimes, including five counts of indecent liberties with a minor and five counts of first-degree sex offense.

According to the church's website, Thomas Archie Wiggins Jr. is the superintendent and pastor of Faith Temple Church of God in Christ in Wilmington. A Facebook page shows he is superintendent of Bolton Church of God in Christ in Columbus County.

According to the Sheriff's Office Wiggins, 54, was arrested and charged today for crimes that took place back in 1998. He is currently being held in the New Hanover County Detention Facility under a $100,000 secure bond.

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To those who commented to me about my posting, yes he is my pastor, and he is is human. "HE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE"!!! You don't know the story behind my glory!!! I have had this to happen in my family that is why I said what I said. NO ONE deserves that; but if it is not true then what happens. I know he is not GOD, that is why I have my own personal relationship with GOD, not Pastor Wiggins; so therefore I can't judge anyone nor will I try to destory someone with lies. Whatever the verdict maybe; GOD has the LAST WORD!!! Again, I say that "HE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE"


I know Pastor Wiggins and have known him for years.I have always thought he was gay.He is infact a nice man but not above sin!!! May GOD have mercy on his soul and yours too Adrienne!!!

Is human an excuse?

Let's do the math on your rationale: For one, sexual abusive behaviors toward children should NEVER be excused carelessly for the sake of "saying" he's HUMAN. Why not say "If" this happened he needs help?

Pastor Andrew J. Bierkan,
Pastor Eddie Thomas,
Minister Tinley Park
Former Lyons Minister,
Rev. P. Henry Leech,
Father Robert William Klein

And many more. These religious leaders are not restoring good faith in the ministries that still need creditable environments.

Orlando Pastor

Derrick Huchins his wife divorced him, he was have relations (sex) with a sister in SC his other church. I think there is a baby involved. He is still preaching, he do not have the other church no more.

re wow

Maybe they're destroying him with the truth. Sometimes a stone must be cast.

Your point is valid,

Your point is valid, however, if these and other allegations are true, then how would you feel if you were the victim...or if the victim was your son or daughter? Just as strong as you feel he may be innocent, stop and ask your bamboozled self, that someone, a victim, may "know" he's guilty. No one is God, not even him, he's human, and if he guilty then he shall be judged PERIOD!

HE is a MAN** In His Flesh

HE is a MAN** In His Flesh everyday all day long** What money (no mega church)? We need to start praying for these so called GODLY People** That are doing wrong in the DARK** will come to LIGHT** AMEN

This is so sad. I just pray

This is so sad. I just pray that this is not true. it's not over until God says it's over. Don't judge people as this could be your child facing these charges. How would you feel then? Everyone has done something wrong. You without sin throw the first stone. My prayers are with all the families that are dealing with this. God bless all the church members. But remember man will change or fool you but God is always the same. Party 4 everyone especially the BoltonCOGiC members and families. In God we trust all others pray for thm..Lord help us all.

I agree..the devil is so

I agree..the devil is so busy but we cannot allow him to continue destroying God's people..especially the one's GOD has anointed to do HIS will!


You do realize there is no such thing as the devil? Grow up and stop blaming some myth for this pervs actions.

Just Because

Just because YOU say there's no devil, doesn't make it so.

Every person is entitled to their own beliefs. You'll never convince a believer that there isn't a devil, and they'll never convince you there is. So, let's just agree to live and let live.


The reason we can judge is the same reason every other pastor or minister is judged when they are in the wrong!
You should NOT be allowed to stand behind a pool pit declaring how everyone else should live their life, if you're not even living a life of God! Whether it was over 10 years ago or two days ago is irrelevant wrong is wrong!

Wow, Shannon.

A pool pit? Really? I wanted to agree with what you were saying, but I really can't get past that part of the sentence. A pool pit. Classic.

I guess we all

can assume you are related to the Pastor.

You indicate "we are judging again" When was he tried? There is a premise in law called double jeapordy.

He's a man of god. How is that relevant to his alledged actions against a Minor.



Seems you are also judging....
in this case him innocent>> HE IS TRULY A MAN OF GOD,

Practice what you preach

Why not????

Well Adrienne, Maybe the godly person you are protecting should not have touched and or abused a minor. Why are you protecting this person? What difference does it make if the person waited a length of time to bring these allegations? It does not make it any less of a crime if it happened 1 day ago, 1 year ago, or 10 years ago. You should be concerned if you had a child or if there was any other children that were abused. I am sure if this is true, there are probably more victims. Also, all caps shows a lack of a proper education and your grammar sucks.

Be respectful

All caps is the equivalent of shouting or yelling in the virtual world. It has nothing to do with how educated you are or the lack there of. Limit your comments to the topic at hand. Attacking someone based on your analysis of their posts is very low. There are people hurting due to this incident. Those that are affected are those who support Wiggins as well as the individuals who decided to press charges. The posts are merely a way for individuals to express what their feelings or thoughts are regarding the current topic. Let's be respectful people.

Have Info?

Do you have information that we don't have when you say, "Maybe the godly person you are protecting should not have touched and or abused a minor"?

You're assuming he's already guilty, and in your mind, you have already convicted him. But the facts have not come out yet, and he hasn't been convicted yet. Your statements are premature and based on assumptions.

I heard once, "If a lie is repeated often enough, all the dumb jackasses in the world not only come to believe it, but they even swear by it." Please don't fall prey to your mind being swayed so easily by assumptions.

Praying For Pasto Wiggins

People of God, please don't jump to assumptions or irrational decisions. You can’t make great decisions with poor information. Until you can separate facts from conjecture, there is nothing to say. In the end, God will ultimately give the victory for us all. I am praying for Pastor Wiggins, and the entire Faith Temple Church Family. We need not judge, instead we are called to a time of prayer & fasting. "But thanks be to God Who Has Given Us The Victory!

Actually, the Devil is too

Actually, the Devil is too busy protecting RC Soles. This allowed the "sowing and reaping" to catch up to this so-called minister.

Nobody's judging, he's accused!

He's accused of a very serious set of sex crimes allegedly committed 13 years ago. Can't let accusations like this just slide away, they must be investigated and tried. That's WHY...

Would you accuse YOUR own son or daughter of being the "DEVIL ATTACKING" if they came to you with this sort of information? VERY doubtful! "MEN OF GOD" have been found guilty of pulling stunts like this since "MEN OF GOD" have been around...sorry... a proven and relevant fact.

If you'll hit that little "CAPS LOCK" key on the right side of your keyboard, you won't have to appear as if you are yelling from the pulpit as you pound the Bible...

What if he really is

What if he really is doing/did this? What if he did this to your family member? Do you mean to tell me that they would not have brought this to light without valid evidence? A man of God, is only a man. Subject to the fallacies of man and desires of the flesh. Be realistic and stop blindly following someone because they are a "man of God" -- that's probably why he didn't get caught or no one told on him in the first place -- thus allowing this to continue. This article is not judging anyone, it's just merely stating facts.


Are you yelling and typing in all caps. I doubt the accuser stands to make any money from this. Why are people so fast to assume that just because someone claims to be a "man of god" they could still just be a child predator.

Any what exactly are "GODLY PEOPLE"? Are these the same "GODLY PEOPLE" that have been molesting and covering up things in the catholic church or are you one of those christians that thinks their sect has it right and the catholics have it wrong. Like the baptist who think they are better than everyone else and will not even accept a baptism from a methodist church? Worship the same god and believe in the same things right?

To serve you notice!!! I'm

To serve you notice!!! I'm not a preacher, nor do I have the desire to be behind a pulpit preaching or speaking. Whether you like the way I posted my comments or had negative feed-back; that is not a problem because you have your opinion, just as I had my opinion. I don't serve Thomas A. Wiggins Jr, I serve the Lord, and I'm not judging anyone, I don't have authority to do such. I am not without sin, that is why I pray everyday, noon and night. So whatever you say on this page, "ALL IS WELL".

Have a hissy

He was arrested, how is that judging? Get a grip ! Men of GOD molest children all the time, ask a priest.

I so agree with you, Das!

I really don't understand how a congregation can be in love with a Pastor to the point of burying their heads in the sand when allegations of this sort comes out. When a man is 54 years old, never been married and spend a lot times with underage boys, there is reason to be suspicious of him. I am not a member of his church, but I have met and heard him preach some years ago. I felt then that something was amiss, and I still do. I would not be surprised if there are more than one boy. This is just my opinion, of course.

This story is so similar to the Bishop Long's debacle in Atlanta, Ga.

Pastor Wiggins

Remember the woman at the well. Drop your stones. Pastor Wiggins will need to encourage himself in the Lord. God does not need usr to chastise those whom he loves. People, find something else to talk about because this could be and may be you sooner than you think. Pastor Wiggins is not in this alone. God is still with him and loves him. I