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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Castle Hayne man is jail charged with killing his wife in their home last night. Keith Waters, 48, has a history of domestic violence, including a 2009 conviction for trying to strangle his wife.

Investigators say Waters stabbed his wife Kay in their home on Hanover Avenue in Castle Hayne. Today Waters made his first appearance in court.

Waters is charged with second-degree murder for Kay’s death, but District Attorney Ben David says the charge could become first-degree murder if investigators determine the alleged crime was premeditated.

Because of Waters’s history of domestic violence, neighbors and friends say they are not surprised by what happened Tuesday. They would not go on camera, because they say deputies asked them not to talk to media until after the investigation. Off camera, though, a family friend said Keith Waters was “in desperate need of help.”

The 911 call reporting Kay Waters’s death, though, did not come from neighbors. It came from family.

“I don’t live there. It’s my father who I’m reporting,” the man told dispatch. “His name is William Keith Waters. I know he’s been arrested there many times before.”

Keith Waters is an ex-Marine, who David says has a bipolar disorder. David also said in court that waters has a substance abuse problem.

According to the 911 call, Waters called his son and told him that he had killed his wife.

“I told him, I ended the conversation by saying that I was going to have to call the authorities, and he basically told me that he was just joking and he was basically lonely and trying to get my attention, and he wanted to talk to me,” the caller said. “Believe it or not it’s not too far out of his realm to kind of do stuff like this, so I didn’t really believe him. He’s never said that he’s killed somebody before, but he’s kind of gone to some extremes.”

Relative of Kay Waters did not want to speak. They said it’s just too soon.

Waters is in jail under $1 million. He is due back in court December 15.

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  • Guest987654

    I too have been searching for him after becoming friends with him in the USMC and was SHOCKED to read this…The Keith I knew was the most gentle man, loved life, his career and his friends!!

  • Dave

    I first met William “Wild Bill” Waters when serving with him on Okinawa. I was trying to find him to say hi and catch up on old times. Long story short, I goggled his name and came across this. I knew him when he was married to Cindy and their son Brian was about 3 or 4. I am very distressed to read this report because the Bill I knew was a good friend and loved Cindy very much. I cannot imagine him ever hurting her. I don’t know what happened to that marriage. Very sorry to read what happened to Kay (never knew her).

  • tammy

    i knew it i allways talked to her. i allways was scared for her life

  • RSimmons

    I met her once about doing our taxes.

    My Dad was a career Marine with many of the same problems and demons. He treated my mom and us kids pretty bad too. Fortunately the violence never rose to that level.

  • Guest887546578464

    My dad was a career marine and served overseas many times, theres is no telling what he saw or dealt with but he treated me and my family awesome. I sick of people blaming the military for their problems because they are too weak to deal with them.

  • Guest3

    Is he ex marine or former marine?

  • Erma

    There are no ex-Marines….Once a Marine, Always a Marine

  • Friend

    Everyone PLEASE pray for Kay’s family. May she rest in peace. We love you Kay.

  • lenell

    I am praying for Kay’s family asking for peace of mind for them. I love her and her family. God has His everlasting arms around them. When they are tired and overwhelmed He will carry them. This is very sad indeed. I love you all.

  • cam

    im not a part of her family but she was there when i was born and her niece is my best friend thank you so much for saying that you will pray for her and that you loved her it means alot to all of us

  • debra miles

    in 2001 I was engaged to this maniac..I had him arrested numerous times with restraining orders..but I always felt sorry for him because of the military PTSD stuff..he tormented me and many other women..psycholologically and physically and mentally…I can only imagine what he put her through before committing this terrible crime..I wish to GOD I had never dropped charges on him back then…she might still be alive…I am so very sorry about this..


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