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JACKSONVILLE, NC (AP) — Officials say pelicans with injuries similar to those seen last winter are washing up on Onslow Beach and have been reported on another beach along the southeastern North Carolina coast.

The Daily News of Jacksonville reports that Toni O’Neil of Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary says three healthy looking pelicans were taken to the sanctuary after washing ashore at Onslow Beach with shattered wings. All three were euthanized.

Four more pelicans with similar injuries were brought to O’Neil last weekend to be euthanized.

A biologist said three pelicans with broken wings were found dead on North Topsail Beach within the last week. Grant said he found one pelican with a broken wing on Nov. 21 and two on Monday.

Last November, North Topsail Beach documented more than 60 pelican deaths.

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  • fishermale

    I contacted fisheries managment last year. Although I would love the reward; I really want these wildlife muderers caught. I have seen these dead pelicans on the beach. There was ALWAYS a common denominator. If anyone really cares and has any knowledge of commercial fishing in NC and Topsail Bch in particular; they know exactly who is doing these atrocities. Look out in the ocean from the dead birds and if you don’t see a net out in front of you; there was one there very recently. If this isn’t good enough for someones common sense; ask yourself who could get that close to these birds. They’re afraid of us for a reason folks! When the nets are being pulled; the pelicans are all over the boats and BOATERS. I’d venture that once in a while, the birds are caught in the net. Research commercial fishing regulations in any state in the US. This is the ONLY state that allows the daily rape and pillage of our fisheries. Trawlers almost on shore; nets everywhere including in our backwaters. Trawlers in our backwaters!! NO limits on commercial giggers. HELP!!

  • Guest1645651321

    I found one washed up on the NE of Carolina Beach on Nov. 12. It did not have any obvious injuries. Reported it to the police.


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