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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The academic year for North Carolina’s public school students is set to get five days longer next year.

Members of the state Board of Education said Wednesday a new state law taking away teacher training time and replacing it with five more classroom days should take effect with the new school year in August.

The state school board is scheduled to vote Thursday on a recommendation to reject all requests to delay expanding the current 180-day year to 185.

Legislators saw the law as improving standardized test scores while preserving a state-mandated 10-week summer vacation.

The extended school calendar has generated complaints from school districts statewide, which despite state spending cuts will have to pay for five extra days of school bus fuel, classroom heat and electricity, and other costs.

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  • P.W. Herman

    This is just part of the state’s plan to slowly take over raising your children, to assure they can further indoctrinate them into being Obama-Zombies.

  • Guest1971

    If they would cut out all of the fluff days and spend the current 180 days teaching we would not need 5 more days. For three consecutive years my middle school aged son did not do anything after completing the EOG’s. The kids who passed were shuffled off to one room to be babysat (watching movies, etc) while the staff desperately tried to remediate those who failed so they could retake the test. Plus they quit teaching anything new around the 1st of May so they could study, review & prepare for the tests.

    Teach the material – give the test – if you pass you go on to the next grade – if you fail you get to repeat the grade.

  • Charles Walters

    EOG’s are useless, because they do not measure anything a child has learned which is usually nothing because teachers can only teach for the test. This is a product of the stupid No Child Left Behind Law, created by George W. Dumba$$ and his bunch cronies. Obama has given states the choice to opt out of No Child Left Behind, and my question is why has North Carolina not done so. Then we might be able to teach our children what they need to make it in the world.


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