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FIRST ON 3: Hillcrest murder victim was Spider-Man store robber

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Hillcrest murder victim was Spider-Man store robber

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Spider-Man robber has been unmasked. Wilmington Police say a man killed in the Hillcrest community in October was the man who robbed several area stores disguised as Spider-Man.

Investigators believe Anthony LaFrance Devone was the man who wore a black Spider-Man mask when he robbed at least four convenience stores earlier this fall. Devone's body was found between two buildings on South Liberty Court the night of October 20.

"We were actively searching for Devone at the time he was killed. Up until that point, we were unable to locate him at any of his prior addresses. They were all bad addresses," Det. Lee Odham said.

Odham says the case is closed under "exceptional clearance." That means there is probable cause to make an arrest, but the offender is dead.

Odham says he does not believe devone's death was linked to any of the robberies.

Police charged Willis Davis Pridgen, 44, with the murder two days after the crime. Pridgen is still in jail without bond for the murder. He is due back in court December 15.

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90 degrees

For everybody that dont kno or not from wilmington..port city is the hood
its been that way and always will b that way! If u dont like it
Move out now cus this is a battle u will never win!!

What happened to the stolen

What happened to the stolen booty and his Newpotes?

I guess he's gone to the big

I guess he's gone to the big web in the...well, I don't really know if it would be in the sky or not.

So are we releasing Pridgen....

....with a hearty handshake and perhaps a certificate of appreciation?

Spider sense

I am guessing his spider sense didn't tingle in time.

Spider man was a white man

If you look at the video that the star news posted, spider man hands where how is a black man suddenly the spider man robbery..and dont give me he was wearing white gloves..

He probably was wearing

He probably was wearing gloves. Robbery vicitims described him as being black.


Which video, all I can see is a black spiderman, but I can hardly tell that.

He was wearing gloves,

He was wearing gloves, believe it or not.

Superman's weakness is

Superman's weakness is Kryptonite - I guess Spider Man's is lead. I guess he wont't be robbing anyone else now.

It can't be

He was such a great guy and never hurt anybody. Snicker.

It Can't be

You are wrong. Not only did he terrify the ones he robbed, and some stores stayed closed with their doors locked during the hours he robbed the other four places. And, now, he has hurt all his "friends" because they didn't think he could do this. You can't never tell a book by it's cover. And I bet the didn't sell many Spiderman outfits to the little kids during Halloween, that now just see him as a robber. Yes, he hurt others, not, physically. And now there are two families that are hurting. You know, its karma, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword. I only wish that all his "friends" that knew he was "Spiderman" would have called weeks before he was shot, instead, the day after. He might still be alive.

Not much on humor are you?

That's okay...Ol' Spidey dood can live long in yours and all your friends hearts.

No, no

Oh no, he was a great guy, went to church, helped old ladies cross the street and pick up trash along the side of the road. Giggle.

The correct title of this story...

...Spider-Man No More!

That's two less mouths for

That's two less mouths for Welfare to feed, and one more for DOC to feed.


Willis!!! Whatchoo go do and killin' Spiderman fer?


so long, low life thug. The streets are that much safer now.

oh wow

If there is such a thing as karma this guy found it.

Anyone else wonder if the

Anyone else wonder if the cops just couldn't figure out who the robber was, so why not pin it on a dead guy so as not to leave the case open and make themselves look bad? LOL..

Ever notice how the

Ever notice how the spiderman robberies mysteriously stopped when this guy died. The cops have more info then you do.