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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With winter weather already here, many of us are turning up the heat at home. But some folks have broken or faulty heaters and cannot afford to get them fixed. That’s where the Wilmington non-profit group WARM comes in.

“God’s been good to us. He sent them to us in our time of need,” Jeanette English said.

English and her husband need heat. With the weather getting cooler and their heater broken, they called the Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry, or WARM, to help them out.

“Young people can just about get by it, but us old people can’t. We freeze,” English said.

WARM is a non-profit group that does household repairs of all types for low-income families.

“Right now we try to prioritize people who don’t have any heat,” WARM Director Jeannie Cariker Skane said. “Especially for the elderly, it’s a very dangerous condition for them to live in.”

With so many in need, staff and volunteers cannot get to everyone to fix their heat. In the meantime, space heaters are delivered so folks can get a little relief in this cold weather.

WARM delivered a space heater to the Englishes and set it up in their living room. They are just one of more than 100 households in three counties on WARM’s waiting list.

“There are a lot of people in need, because one out of every home in North Carolina is considered substandard, from heating to electrical standards to holes in the floor, which is dangerous for them, because they could fall through,” Skane said.

Though the space heater is temporary, English says she is thankful for the warmth.

WARM serves an average of about 60 households a year.

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