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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A downtown Wilmington bar that closed its doors because of violence is looking to open under new ownership.

Friday the city’s ABC Review Committee will review a liquor license request for 208 Market Street. That’s the site of what was Rox.

The owner of that bar said in February he would close shop when his lease ran out in September because of violence in the neighborhood.

The new owners want to open a bar called the Brikhouse, which according to the permit application would serve beer, wine and mixed drinks..

City leaders have suggested limiting the number of bars downtown because of problems with violence and the negative impact on the city’s image.

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1 Comment on "New bar wants to open at old Rox site downtown"

2015 years 10 months ago

The City Council is worried about the city’s image when a bar wants to open downtown because they have no interest in that, but when they file a lawsuit against a group of people trying to fight annexation because that group had no say in who sits on City Council, they don’t think that harms the city’s image?

Wilmington’s leaders are a joke…I don’t live in Wilmington, so I had no say in who is in there, but congrats to the few poeple who showed up to vote and keep this bunch of voices of special interest in office!!!!

About the bar…who cares…ANYTIME there is a bar, alcohol, people, men and women…there is going to be problems eventually. That’s just the way it is…there is no way to permanately avoid it.


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