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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — You’ve heard a lot lately about fights against annexation, like in Monkey Junction and Southport. But a development company wants the City of Wilmington to annex property for a future apartment complex.

Flournoy Development Company is building luxury apartments a few miles outside of Wilmington. The company hopes to eliminate that distance without moving.

“The city came to Flournoy with an interest in having Flournoy be a part of the city, and we entered into discussion with city officials, and they thought it would be a good idea,” Flournoy attorney and spokesman Tom Johnson said.

The company will break ground in the spring on a 27-acre vacant plot near Market Street and Marsh Oaks Drive in Porters Neck.

City spokeswoman Malissa Talbert says this is not the first voluntary annexation. She says the move appeals to developers because of the services the city provides.

“You do have storm water services, you have a higher level of fire services, you have greater police coverage, just a whole host of things really that make it more attractive,” Talbert said.

Johnson says if annexed the apartments will benefit both the company and the city.

“It will create jobs for construction and even post construction for those that are employed to operate the complex, and it just meets a housing need,” he said.

Talbert says City Council and the Planning Commission will look at several aspects to decide if this is worthwhile.

“You have to be close to the city limits,” she said. “You have to be largely an urban area, which this is. It can’t just be country 10 miles outside the city limits.>

Johnson says Flournoy is interested in moving forward regardless of the annexation, but is optimistic that it will become part of the Port City.

Wilmington City Council will discuss the annexation at its meeting at 6:30 p.m. If council decides it meets the guidelines, it will make a date for a public hearing.

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  • guesty

    “You do have storm water services, you have a higher level of fire services, you have greater police coverage, just a whole host of things really that make it more attractive,” Talbert said.

    The same storm water service that causes New Center Dr, Racine Dr, parts of College Rd to flood with a moderate rain?

    I think the nearest city fire station is on Military Cutoff. The county has a station in Ogden that might respond if needed.

    What kind of police response do they think they will get? Being miles outside the city limit means most likely there won’t be patrol officers going out there, only when 911 is called.

    What are some of the other “host of things” you will get? You will lose the ability to choose who to use for trash pickup, will have to abide by city codes & ordinances. And don’t forget, double taxes.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  • shirley anderson

    Here’s what missing in your story. This Atlanta Company along with the property owner were denied a Zoning Change by Wilmington County Commissioners to build a 250 unit apartment building on Market Street
    near Marsh Oaks and Bayshore neighborhoods. Notice I said “county
    commissioners” as this 17 acres is in the country. The primary
    reason for denial is that Market Street is a Grade “F” for traffic load and in addition has the highest incidence of collisions than
    any other street in Wilmington. Other reasons cited were close proximity to homes..less than 50 feet in some areas, additional traffic created by service vehicles and caretakers (e.g. trash trucks,
    heating and air conditioning companies, land maintenance vehicles,
    “pluck” these 17 acres in the county out make them city property that would require city services such as police, fire, water, sewage.
    This is utilizing a law known as Voluntary Satellite Annexation.
    This is not the intent of this law. I am sure its purpose was not to favor wealthy business men but to help smaller towns/cities who may
    need medical, fire,or other facilities but because they are too small
    cannot afford same and thereby become “city” property to receive the
    required services. Lastly, our constituion is FOR THE PEOPLE, and
    it protects a property owners rights. Why do we have County Commissioners who spend endless hour on zoning issues if the City
    can pick and choose who can be “voluntarily annexed”. This is
    wrong, wrong, wrong. Now you have the rest of the story.

  • CFP

    WWAY you got bamboozled. Water and sewer are already there. There’s nothing the developer will gain here in services…that not the reason at all they want to be annexed. Asking for annexation will allow the developer to spit in the faces of the local county residents and county commissioners(who turned down the developers zoning request) and get the zoning changes they want. That’s what this is all about. Additional services have nothing to do with it. In the end the poor buyers will get stuck paying twice the tax rate because the developer wanted to put in a few more condos. This is a charade and it should be illegal to annex a property two and a half miles from the border of the city limits. State legislators…are you watching this?

  • Guesthere

    I’m afraid the Star News has the goods on this one.

    From the Star News article – “A divided New Hanover County Board of Commissioners in March denied a rezoning that would have made the apartment project possible. Officials with the development company say they hope being annexed into the city would give the project, which has drawn contention from nearby neighbors, a better chance.”

    Sounds like services has little to do with it, even though I’m sure the city would love to think that’s the reason. The county said no to the project, so lets give the city a try.

  • Guest7969

    SOMEBODY is either in the pockets of the Wilmington City Council..OR HIGH ON DRUGS!

  • ?

    put the crack pipe down and step away to reality of corrupt city council

  • Guest0

    This shady move is an attempt by the developer to increase density & build more apartments, create more traffic, more trash, more headaches, and more crap for NH County. It is an attempt to screw the public and bypass the County’s rejection of this project.

    A City Council that was bought and paid for by realtors and controlled by realtors and builders will likely roll over and screw the public.

  • Guest1



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