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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Leland Mayor Walter Futch has called a special closed session meeting tonight at 7:30 p.m.

While Mayor Elect Brenda Bozeman either brushes us off or runs from our cameras when we request an interview, she tells the StarNews that the meeting will deal with personnel issues within the police department.

Bozeman also said she and new Town Manager David Hollis would suggest a number of “reorganizations” within the embattled department.

WWAY NewsChannel 3 was the first local media outlet to uncover multiple allegations of misconduct within the police department. So far, no council member, the town manager or the police chief have refuted the allegations.

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  • getsome

    Could this town council finally do the hard work elected to do? Be responsible to the people? Find out why the IA department of the PD are harassing officers to take lie detector tests to find out who is talking to the papers and news stations? Are we harrasing the officers who are just doing their jobs, have a police cheif who is willing to sacrifice personal liberties of the press and information that protects our society? Can this council fianlly see that leadership has been lost at the upper levels of the PD, the City Manager, the District Attorney? Why is the SBI and the FBI in town. Let me tell you a fact, if the FBI is investigating the PD leadership they have stuff, they do not show up to look, they show up to finish their evidence for trial or charges toward trial. If the Cheif can not save face by resigning, then hopefully this elceted body can finally fire or relieve him of duty. Then get on with finding a responsible Police Cheif how lives by expample, leads by example and serves the people.

  • Guest Reply

    Maybe the Police Chief will be put on “Double Secret Probation”!

  • May I have another!

  • Guest28451

    That the new council will do the right thing. The fact that it came out that Bill Farris had the audacity to order the council not talk to the media blows me away. That MORON worked for the council not the other way around. Ok Bill lets give you a Kindergarten lesson in how things work.. Population elects Council, Council HIRES Town Manager for day to day operations (hence YOU WORK FOR THE COUNCIL which represents the population) you have ZERO Authority to order the council to do anything to include using the bathroom!!! Thankfully your leaving but I wouldnt go too far. You could be facing obstruction of justice charges for covering up for your buddy Chief Jayne if you knowing covered up his illegal actions

  • Citizen of the Republic

    When are people going to get fed up with closed door meetings, hiding behind personnel issues.

    Leland needs to open up, and let some sunshine in.
    Why are “personnel issues private.

    If someone wants to be employed by govt, they should have to agree to open meetings, and if personnel issues come up, they should be dealt with openly instead of hiding.

    Being employed by govt is not a right, and if you want the job, that should be one of the stipulations of employment.

    Open it up, and let the PEOPLE in to see what’s cooking.

  • Guest21

    Those who are paid by tax dollars are employed by the taxpayer and they should know what their “employees” are doing, regardless of how sensitive the issue. Do away with the secrecy, as it only creates distrust.

  • Boom Boom

    A grander statement could not made than too.
    ** Send Bill Farris Home Early, no need for him to be running around talking smack about old employees.

    1. Give consideration to terminating General Jayne,
    2. Give consideration to evaluating past employees who were either pushed out or forced out by Jayne and Farris. Doubt they would come back but at least acknowledge them for there service.
    3. Direct Hollis, to have all employees work in town hall or on campus at some location.
    4. Give consideration to past employees who filed grievances that were unfairly handled by Farris and Jayne.
    5. Let the people of Leland know you are through with buisness as usual at the townhall, make a pledge, put the citizens first, then the employees.
    6. Discuss possible other problems with employees such as treatment of personel in the utilities department.
    7. Acknowledge that sherry Lewis has been assaulted by other officers, quit acting as if this is just some other case, its most definitley void of morality.

    Remeber that the citizens of Leland expect results and having a meeting to dab on some more icing only makes the cake your feeding them look Gaudy and over decorated.

    Not My Fault Farris and General Jayne made a poop cake for all the citizens to eat, well I say dont put any more icing on it and feed it to them.

  • kblue2221984

    I need perfect silence here! I’m getting a signal!! The great and powerful KBlue has a prediction to make. Howmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, It’s coming! I can see it! I see Timmy Balboa crying!! I also see Tic Tac head laying that “oval shaped bean” on Timmy’s lap also teary eyed…………..And in the back ground? “The Shadow” asking Tic tac head what to do…….”What do I do boss”? Whats that????Why it’s Blassingame YAY!!!! He just shot Rudolph’s poor little red nose off in his front yard Christmas decoration!!! Great Shot Juice! Say’s who? Say’s the fortune telling, funny, word making, rhyming, rapping controversial, Smoken Hot, smart, non “your” spelling Kblue!

  • Concern resident PO

    You are getting a bit crazy….YOU are looking for attention!!! this is not funny. You should just go find something to do. You certainly have too much time on your hand.

    This is not joke. You need to respect Chief Jayne. You don’t have a clue what it takes to run a police department.

    You don’t know what it is when you have to clean house of people who are not performing their duties.

    You don’t have the facts. You will never understand what it is to be a POLICE OFFICER

    You and those who have case such dark shadow on the management of the department are very disrespectful to the people who protect you daily.

    YES!!! it is okay to say what you feel like you should say regarding the issues at hand, but you are all not fair.



  • guesty

    From Concern resident PO: “This is not joke. You need to respect Chief Jayne. You don’t have a clue what it takes to run a police department.”

    Jayne doesn’t know how to run a department and that is obvious when they have officers shooting other officers in the crotch with simulations, not completing mandatory in-service training, moving cars before a wreck investigation involving one of their own officers is complete and all the other complaints about that department & leaders.

  • Polly II

    Dear Concern resident ,
    There is an old addage. “To get respect you have to give respect” or “to get respect you have to earn respect”.! YOU don’t understand what it takes to run a good department because YOU haven’t been in one yet! I agree with BLUE. YOU are one of the nine that need to go. You couldn’t police your way out of a wet paper bag! Jayne doesn’t respect you either. He only knows how to respect and serve himself. Just ask him he’ll tell you. Of course he has taught all of his cronies that “LYING IS ANOTHER FORM OF MANAGEMENT” so I guess you’ve learned your lessons well huh? Lyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Of course he lost another one didn’t he. Settled with another Officer! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. You can ask for prayer but you don’t even know the Almighty One that you pray to. You pray yourself to the great Police God and you don’t know him either! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • getsome

    it continues today, check that bank account cheif, town, manager, it could get ugly, the bear is watching.


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