Couple arrested after dog found eating gutted puppy

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Submitted: Fri, 12/09/2011 - 4:52am
Updated: Fri, 12/09/2011 - 1:30pm

NEWPORT, NC (WCTI) — Deputies arrested two people on animal cruelty charges after finding a dog eating the leg of another.

Carteret County deputies have arrested Gina Marie Alfano, 43, and Kevin John Diers, 52, of 618 East Branch Drive in Newport after investigators found a black dog eating the leg of an eight-week-old puppy that had been previously skinned and gutted.

Deputies and animal control officers responded Tuesday to the home of the Newport couple on Tuesday after a complaint from an anonymous source. Once there, deputies received consent to look in their storage building and were shocked at what they observed.

In was inside the shed where they found the puppy carcass. Further investigation revealed the puppy’s internal organs and meat had been fed to the other dogs.

The remains of the puppy have been collected for further analysis to determine how it was killed. Upon further examination of the shed, another dog was found dead in a cage and was also taken away.

Alfano and Diers were both charged with cruelty to animals and failing to dispose of a deceased domesticated animal. Both subjects each posted a $25,000 bond and were released from the Carteret County Jail.

Both were set to have a first appearance in court on Thursday.


  • Guestwho says:

    it’s really getting old. keep your religous beliefs within your church and your home. It’s really amusing how you nuts can take any topic and turn it into your own little soap box. like say a story about animal cruelty somehow becomes about your opinion of abortion.

  • Sammie5555 says:

    LOL.. you know what they did was bad?

    Do you also know they are sociopaths?

  • ResqDogz says:


    There is no hope for rehabilitation for these two heinous abusers, nor redemption: Save taxpayer dollars and simply “put them both to sleep”… to couch it in the vernacular!

  • SurfCityTom says:

    taking them down to Carolina Beach Road to the Zoo just before feeding time. Put each in a cage with one of the Big Cats.

    Return the next day and collect the skeletons for use at the ECU School of Medicine.

  • me says:

    just goes to show you do not know what you are talking about because they where not pit bulls, the puppy not the other dog that was accused of eating the puppy, the puppy is a lab not a pitbull! and the pictures clearly show that it is not a pit bull! so you dont know jack except what the reporters say! and that is never the whole truth just what will make a story!

  • me says:

    yes how about that someone that knows the law and what they are talking about… are right, the cops did not release those pictures……they are not allowed to

  • Charles Walters says:

    I know what they did is bad, but a $25,000 bond get real. I have seen people who sexually assult children or who sell cocaine and heroin get less bond than this. It shows just how lopsided our justice system is, when people who did far worse things can get a low bail or ROR.

  • Andrea says:

    In my opinion there bond is not high enough! Its definitely unfortunate that other criminals get ‘lower’ bonds, but this is a case of a lost life!…The other criminals you mentioned had bad offenses for sure, but did not take the life of another…We all know justice is never properly dealt out. Thats just how the world has become…When The Lord returns, we will all undeniably KNOW TRUE JUSTICE!!! As for these people though, it is what it is! I completely agree that mothers who willingly kill or abort their CHILDREN (LIVES OF INNOCENCE) should have to stand before a judge or be jailed as these two will do!!! Apparently though, the lives of dogs are more important than that of humans…God Bless this world. HE IS OUR ONLY SOURCE FOR JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gina says:

    Follow this link to photos of the puppy found on another site, be forewarned, the photos are graphic and very disturbing.

    Does this look like the work of someone who loves animals and who is a good person, as written by someone named Jenni and the neighbor?  These people are not only sick individuals who need to be punished for what they did to this puppy but also for what they are doing to their children by subjecting children to such heinous acts.  From the photos, this appears to be a pit bull puppy.  And look at the cuts made to the carcass, very straight cuts through bone, only opening the moist entrails and bloodiest parts.  Prior to seeing photos, I wondered if they had a puppy die to starvation and were feeding it to other dogs who were starving to death….   Then I saw the pictures.  If that was the case, they would have skinned the entire animal, exposing the shoulder meat and everything else, like you do when skinning a deer.  One look at the pictures told a different story.  This puppy was fed to the other dogs to get the taste of blood  in them, to make them want to fight and kill other dogs.  Im not a betting person, but I’d be willing to bet that the other dogs that were eating the puppy and it’s entrails were also pit bulls.  That’s why they were feeding the nasty bloody insides to the other dogs.  These people are despicable. I only hope the puppy was killed swiftly and not tortured to death.  I have been around pit bulls and other bully breeds my whole life….I love the breed.  I hate what some people do to them.  Regretfully, I have seen stuff like this before.  While the bond is higher than for some cases involving child molestation and hard street drugs, I feel the bond is not nearly high enough for until something is done to severely punish people like this, and other animal cruelty cases, it will continue to happen.  And once again, I bring up the question of the children…..what have the children of these people been subjected to and seen if these people think nothing of skinning and killing a puppy and feeding it to other dogs.  As a couple people have mentioned, animal torture is an early sign of warning in the case of many serial killers.  This is an unspeakable crime, and needs to be dealt with in the strictest manner.  However, given the current state of our justice system, I will not be surprised if they simply get a slap on the wrist and their crime swept under the rug…..  

    Before posting any more comments defending these people, look at the photos of this puppy…..a picture is worth a thousand words….

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  • prairiegal says:

    The only thing that needs to happen to them is to kill them and that goes for all humans who abuse/torture another person or an animal. We do not need human trash like this on this planet. They only cause pain and suffering and as far as I am concerned should be killed. I have no sympathy for trash like this anymore. I couldn’t care less if they died and I would never ever help anyone like this.

  • Guest1 says:

    Yes, pictures are worth a thousand words. Take a look at the photos, there is something not right about them. Police would not release them for one and they looked photo shopped. Most likely from activists. I will add that this story is heartbreaking and I hope they get what they deserve.

  • fred boeckel says:

    they look evil, how could you do that to a defenseless puppy, I pray they don’t have kids, who knows what could happen to them……..

  • Charles Walters says:

    So you are saying the life of an animal is on the same level as that of a human being. You can not even justify that through the Bible. While it was curel and just plain disgusting. a person killed by drugs supplied by a criminal does not rise to the same level as killing an animal.

  • Sammie5555 says:

    Is there a competition? You can’t care about both? Get back in the trailer and hush..

  • angry says:

    These two really need to pull some hard time for this cruel act..If they would do this to an animal, what else are they capable of? They obviously do not have a conscience. This totally sickens me. Released from jail??? They need to be thrown in jail where the harden criminals are for the rest of their pathetic life. Oh, that would be another wasted expense for us taxpayers….

  • neighbor says:

    I know these people and they are good people trying to take care of to many animals becasue she loves them…..they have a family and kids and are great parents….i just learn how the news people put what they think happen into the story…..ive known them for over two years and for you people to say mean things about people u know nothing about is wrong….let GOD do his work and humans need to start following jesus footsteps…..

  • Guest15 says:

    Why were they only given a 25,000 dollar bond? There is no telling the unspeakable pain and suffering that poor puppy went through before dying…..

  • Guest108 says:

    Probably the post disturbing thing I’ve read all day. The sad thing is the laws protecting animals in this state (and country) are so lax they’ll probably get a slap on the wrist. Of course it’s not like there’s a direct link between people that abuse animals and serial killers…oh wait…there is.

  • thebunni says:

    People like this DISGUST ME. I have NO sympathy for them, I think they should have the same thing done to them. They are SO WEAK that they have to torture a defenseless animal and desecrate its body, they can’t pick on someone their own size. They deserve EVERY awful thing that ever happens to them. I HOPE that someone in Carteret county finds them on the street and gives them what they have coming to them in pain, anguish, and torture, TEN FOLD. SICK SICK SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bart says:

    where is the outrage for millions of unborn HUMANS?

  • Guest12 says:

    Where is the outrage for the babies already here? Funny how Christians, Republicans, men what have you are all about the rights of the unborn only to drop the ball, i.e. cut funding, when the little darlings get here.

    I have never understood the whole drive to have one’s own child when there are millions of children out there just waiting for a good home. If you really loved children as you say you do, you’d want to take care of the ones already here and not worry about adding more ones to be starved, abused, and dumped into the system.

    (I am not pro-abortion mind you, but pro-quality-of-life. I would rather birth control and the morning after pill be more readily available.)

  • Guest102 says:

    First of all, Animal cruelty is the subject here. If you want to discuss abortion, there are plenty of anti-abortion sites on the internet. your comment makes absolutely no sense when it comes to a slain puppy being fed to other dogs. Lets try to stay on track. This couple in my opinion are not humans. I can only wish that they were never even “born”.

  • prairiegal says:

    You sit there and worry about unborn children when the world is already full of starving people and other human trash abuse animals. I guess you have no problem with that because you probably are so arrogant you think any other animal than the human animal is disposable garbage. You are exactly why I hate most people and care for animals. I would rather help an animal in need especially when I read in the news everyday the atrocities that many humans do to others, animals and the environment. Many humans are arrogant, selfish, uncaring idiots who don’t deserve anything!!!!!

  • Jenni says:

    all you people that are saying rude things you dont know this people they have not been convicted and when they are found not guilty you all will feel like scum for bashing there names i dont live in this state but i have known these people my whole life dont open your month when u dont know the whole story

  • kloveless2010 says:

    It appears that YOU don’t know these people!

  • sunny says:

    i dont care who they are its discusting and i hope they get wuts coming to them!

  • animal lover says:

    they definately don’t care about their animals–if they couldn’t feed them they should have sought help but this doesn’t sound like the case and furthermore if I actually knew them I would never admit it. the zoo could use some fresh meat–eye for an eye.

  • fred boeckel says:

    your twisted just like them post office trash

  • Guest111 says:

    What does animal cruelty have ANYTHING to do with unborn humans?

  • Guest_dog says:

    Because too many people care more about animals than they do humans! Screw the animals, save the babies.

  • katie says:

    Yeah yeah they were good ppl taking care of too many dogs huh? Why did the article not say the puppy was eaten by the other dogs? They cut the puppy up, they are not good people! You are crazy too obviously! Geez

  • WilmingtonMAJ says:

    These “humans” need to skinned alive and fed to a few hungry lions. Let me ask you this…if there were a god or jesus…why would he/she let something like this happen. Simple answer…there is none. You sir/madam are ignorant and a scared little person who doesn’t want to understand the world around them, so you makeup fairy creatures in the sky to help your little mind do so. People who abuse animals directly or indirectly by neglect should be shot in the head. I have nothing but hatred, bile, piss & vinegar in my heart for anyone who would harm a defenseless animal or child. By your account we would simply let them get away with it and let some make believe creature lay out justice. That is total BS!

    Oh and in case you were not aware, the torture and killing of small animals is an early indicator sign of a serial killer. You may like to be friends with someone who would skin and gut a puppy…I on the other hand would like to see them skinned and gutted by a lion that hasn’t had it’s afternoon snack!

  • neighbor says:

    so all of you believe everything that a reporter reports! they put the whole story on the news dont they? NOT! reporters are right and the accused is automatically guilty!

    no katie im not crazy…..very very sane….sorry for living around people….guess you dont have any neighbors hugh…..

  • neighbor says:

    who said they did it? the reporter? the cops? im not giving excuses for any one….animals nor people should be hurt by anyone…..and its ny right to bring GOD into it if i chose to, soounds like more of you should bring God into your lives……if they are proven guilty then actions should be taken but you ar no better than them to want bad things to happen to any person for any reason……..

  • neighbor says:

    dugh i guess i was just born yesturday….yes i know GOD made ALL! and i love animals and would never assicaite with someone that is crazy or a killer…..DO YOU REALLY KNOW THE PEOPLE DOEN THE ROAD FROM YOU? and i supose you have never known any one that broke the law period? and because you know them, you are scum……thats nice…

  • mlw says:

    Are you serious, what fantasy land are you living in where you think this woman loves animals? As an animal lover and owner of 5 rescues I can tell you that they have no thought or care or love to the welfare of any animal. You obviously don’t know them like you think you do

  • Dog justice :) says:

    there is no excuse for this! if you can’t take care of the animals then find someone who can. and WOW….they have children?!?! i’d hate to hear what was done to them! don’t bring god into this, if you are so holy you would realize that even animals were created by god and deserve the same respect that humans do. GOOD PEOPLE DONT DO TIHNGS LIKE THIS! end of story!

  • Tricia says:

    Start following Jesus’s footsteps, eh?

    So… what, exactly, do you think Jesus would have to say about people mutilating and killing an innocent animal. Not a clean kill to provide food for a family – but torture and mutilation. Oh, don’t forget the starvation of another dog found on the premises.

    And for the record? I am not interested one bit in the PEOPLE, so I have nothing to say about THEM. I will, however comment clearly and vociferously on the FACT of what they have done.

    You have been acquainted with them for over two years – that is not the same as *knowing* someone. There is absolutely, positively no explanation or scenario to plausibly account for the state of the puppy. If you can think of one to explain all this rationally and logically, please let us all know. We’d love to hear it.

  • prairiegal says:

    Exactly how I feel!

  • Guest2020 says:

    I don’t reckon there are really words adequate enough to describe how disturbing this is. It’s despicable.

  • sunny says:

    no and really dont care to!

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