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LONDON (CONTACTMUSIC.COM) — Robert Downey Jr. thinks the ‘Iron Man 3’ script is the “best” he has read.

The 46-year-old actor is set to reprise the role of businessman Tony Stark/Iron Man for the fourth time – following on from the character’s appearance in ensemble comic book movie ‘The Avengers’ – in the highly anticipated film, and he admits he is excited to get working on the Shane Black-directed feature.

Speaking at the UK premiere of new movie ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’ at the Empire Leicester Square, Robert told BANG Showbiz: “‘Iron Man 3’? It’s the best script I’ve read in five years. It’s going to be a phenomenal theater-going experience.”

Filming on the movie is set to begin early next year here in Wilmington ahead of a summer 2013 release.

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  • Guest$$

    What do expect him to say to the media???
    I am sure he praises the paycheck more.

  • wade Griffis

    There are very few things that are good about getting old. One of the few things is, “Who the hell is Robert Downey and why should I care what he thinks?”

  • ChefnSurf

    Actor praises his own upcoming film. Wow. What’s next; “chicken crosses the road to get to the other side”? Hey, I know it’s starting to get a little colder outside, but put your collective coats on, get out of the station and please find some real news to tell us about.

  • Guest Reply

    Just a few choice movies over the years have done well with a sequel. A couple that come to mind are “The Godfather” and the “Lord of the Rings”…not “Starship Troopers #1-2-3 that it was obvious someone had way more money then common sense to cut and paste those together.
    The movies like The Godfather/Lord of the Rings were built on a story line of intellect and hard work by writers/a great director/editors/casting directors/lighting techs/etc…all the way down to the theater’s they were shown in.
    In most of today’s movies with sequels, it’s unfortunately due to lack of imagination/dependency of computer generated FX…or simply just… they throw the public a bone and say…”You’ll Love It…now come and get it!”
    Unfortunately…the public does accept what’s thrown at them and before you know it…a run of the mill (or bad) movie is a box office hit.
    I stick with Netflix and pick what I want from what I know and stop an unknown film 15 minutes after it’s deemed “dull”/”bad”…and disregard a film critic’s A- rating when I honestly believe it should be a C- or 1-2 star outta 4 star rating.
    Just because a movie is filmed here in Wilmywood…the media places it on the highest pedestal…simply for that reason.
    Even the bad entertainers on “American Idol” have promise of a promising career…as crappy as it sounds.
    Mr. Downey would praise “The Beverly Hillbillies Meet Godzilla” if he starred in it…all of its sequels! HA!


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