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BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) — Boiling Spring Lakes city leaders met behind closed doors today to discuss what they say were personnel matters. Concerned and angered residents showed up to see what might really happen. Many believe Mayor Richard White and some other city leaders do not have the citizens’ best interest at heart.

“Am I angry? I’m angry,” resident Judy Thuer said. “And there are a lot more people that are angry. It’s just not me. There are more people that are very, very angry.”

Thuer is one of dozens of concerned Boiling Spring Lakes residents who showed up to the City Commission’s closed door meeting Monday afternoon.

Rumors spread through town that the meeting was called to give interim City Manager Paul Sabiston the power to hire and fire city employees. It’s a power that permanent city managers possess, but not temporary ones like Sabiston.

“Today was a special called meeting to consider two items: one was the contract for the interim manager, second one was the moving forward of the hiring of a permanent city manager,” Sabiston said.

While Sabiston says they did review his contract, no decisions were made about the contract or filling the job permanently.

We asked Sabiston if we was interested in the job. He said he’s submitted an application and is considering it. It’s a thought Thuer is not happy about.

“Every job that he has had, he has left in the shambles,” she said. “He has had multiple, multiple problems with any job he’s had.”

“There’s always a lot of talk in small towns, I think, and I think that’s part of it, and we’ve just got to take a step back, take a deep breath and move forward,” Sabiston said. “We’re trying to stay positive and keep things in a good light, but it’s tough. With these times and the economy, there’s difficult decisions to be made in the near future.”

Thuer and other citizens are afraid those difficult decisions include firing people the mayor does not like.

“They have an agenda,” Thuer said. “They only want what they want, doesn’t matter what anybody else wants.”

Thuer was the only BSL citizen willing to speak on camera. Many city employees and members of the fire and police departments did not want to talk publicly but told us off camera they fear for their jobs.

Mayor White said the board narrowed the search for city manager considerably and will meet again next Tuesday to discuss it further.

We tried to talk to commissioners, but they said they could not talk about personnel matters.

White has not yet returned a call for comment about allegations made against him.

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41 Comments on "Political tensions continue to run high in Boiling Spring Lakes"

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J. Goldin
2016 years 2 months ago

Interesting comment you made about Mr. Yarolin standing up for his right. All I see is Mrs Yarolin ranting, raving and name-calling. I’m sure she wrote this reply as well. Mr. Yarolin just stays in background letting his wife lead the “cause?”. He also uses children and an Easter Bunny to cast his dispersions. Yeah! I’d want that kind of man protecting me as a cop. NOT! The mayor has made mistakes in his adult life. I’ll give you that. But I also see him trying to put it behind him by trying to do good things for the city.… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

You are so very pitiful. Now you expand your name calling past the mayor and insult the majority of citizens here in BSL. How many people in this town do you believe have a care for you or your opinions when you state, “…the majority of the people here,…are gutless!”

You take not even one ounce of personal responsibility as you continue to blame others for the results of illegal actions taken by an individual years ago. You ignore the fact that two years ago the same attacks (just put forward by others) were unsuccessfully used against the mayor and are… Read more »

Guest wishful
2016 years 2 months ago

The claims were listened to very few because the majority of the people here, starting with the mayor, are gutless! The mayor ran from one of the people who wanted to talk face to face at one of the meetings because he was afraid. Gutless!
Destruction has nothing to do with it. Mr. Yarolin was standing up for his right because he isn’t a gutless fool. No one in the world is perfect and as a kid, he made a mistake. Should it be held against him all of his life? According to the mayor it should… Read more »

non believer
2016 years 2 months ago

Just remember our officials were elected to do whats best for the city. The key word here being the CITY. And sometimes people are caught in the mix very sad but a fact of life. So now some people feel it is wrong to do whats best for the city and how it may effect or may not effect some people.
I say let them do the job they need to do. And in 2 years or 4 years you can have your voice heard. Untill then crying and complaining is a useless agenda. You can raise all the hell you… Read more »

4 A Free BSL!
2016 years 2 months ago

Ms. Thur, Mr. and Ms. Yarolin, Mr. Ledbetter and your very few friends. Today a brand new board of commissioners voted 5-0 to support the General Statutes of N.C. There vote did not in any way support any political position or agenda. It in fact gave no power to anyone at all that did not already have that power, UNDER THE LAW!

My hat is off to all 5 that voted according to their oath to uphold the law and not with some political agenda and/or favoritism. Your wild claims are listened to by very few and that is a very… Read more »

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