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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A strange start to the day for Wilmington Police. They began looking into a suspicious death of a child at a Wilmington home they quickly said was not suspicious. After a having a miscarriage, relatives says the mother buried the child in the front yard.

Police on the scene Tuesday were looking at a patch of dirt, which is where we later found out that the baby was buried. The parents of the mother tell us that the couple was just confused about what to do with the baby.

“We just found out yesterday that the baby was dead still inside, and yesterday she went to the bathroom and the baby went out, dead, so they buried it,” Pablo Rosario, the woman’s father, said.

Police say a woman, who we later found out is Sueling George, showed up at New Hanover Regional Medical Center after 6 a.m. Tuesday claiming she was pregnant. After she talked with law enforcement at the hospital, police responded to the house at 120 S. 13th Street. There officers checked out a patch of dirt. That’s where George’s parents say the baby was buried.

“They buried the baby because they didn’t know,” Rosario said. “They are still young. They didn’t know they had to take it to er. It never happened in the family before. So probably that’s why.”

Rosario says that the police dug up the baby and took it to the hospital for an autopsy. He says his daughter is also still there because she’s lost a lot of blood.

“We were doing plans. We started looking for a name and everything was happy, but just gone,” Rosario said.

Police say there is no criminal investigation and that it has been considered a medical emergency.

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  • Lilly

    OMG welcome to America people! You had a miscarriage / still born baby. You go to the hospital. How sick are you people you bury the baby in the front yard! That is so sickening. I feel so sorry for the baby.

    The family should be charged for this burying a dead baby (if in fact it was dead when delivered and they didn’t kill the baby). I guess that is what they do over in their country just bury the baby and pray no one finds out.

    Well you know what welcome to America we don’t do that here and there is a place called the doctors you go to while pregnant and or hospital. How in the world can the family say they didn’t know what to do. Talk about not having any common sense, wonder if the family even spoke English!

    Take the family and send them back to where they came from! I have no sympathy for this family what so ever, they are so cold hearted and I can’t even say cold hearted human cause they are not human in any one! Sick freaks

  • Wondering

    Why do you assume that the mother of the dead baby was from another country? This country is full of people with ethnic sounding names and they were born in the USA.

  • Guest458

    First, I hate that the family is having to endure the public scrutiny. There is no reason for this.

    Second, who is anyone to tell any other person what to do with their stillborn child? There is no reason to take a stillborn child to a hospital if they are born dead. They can’t exactly fix that. This family tried to find a way to deal with a loss they didn’t know how to handle. I hope they can withstand the attention they shouldn’t be getting. Even the police realized this was a private situation and cleared up as quick as they could.

  • Guest2012

    2011 and still have a lot of racist people in this country. If you care that much for this couple I know then and they are US Citizen, and her doctor certified more than a month ago that she was caring a death baby inside her. So when she delivered the death baby maybe they think that they can just buried her death baby. Just get the fact before start writing racist comments against US Citizen like you.

  • susan123

    OMG. how can you be so damn insensitive. The loss of a child whether it was stillborn or a miscarriage is difficult for the parents. they are grieving and just wanted to bury their child and if you didnt know most people who experience an early loss have a d&c where the fetus is thrown out or do so naturally at homes and then the tissues are flushed out.. ER or docs in America do not check into miscarriage causes unless and until the lady has had 3 miscarriages. till then, they just inform everyone it has happened and you have to deal with it!!!!

  • guest111

    I’m sure an autopsy will be performed to establish how far the mom was in the pregnancy, they will know if the baby took a breath after birth. This will be handled properly. If charges are to be made against the Mom they will do that. How do you know these people are immigrants?

  • LossMother

    Did you read the story? They found out yesterday the baby was DEAD in her womb.

  • Empathy

    I’m so sorry for this family’s loss. It’s unfortunate that their ordeal has been made public and made them vulnerable to heartless criticism. So they’re not as sophisticated as some; at least they didn’t knowingly wrap it in a garbage bag and dump it like so much trash.

  • Guest35

    Some people are making this a huge deal {comment by Lilly in particular} Welcome to the USA where millions of babies are mercilessly ripped out of their mothers womb while still alive and dumped into a trash bin at the Doctors office and considered waste. We never hear about that.

  • Guest111

    There is no life until the heart beat. . and no one has the right to tell a woman what she MUST do with her body. This is the 21st century. Just Saying

  • LossMother

    There is also the assumption that she was full term. For all anyone knows this was a stillbirth of a 4 month gestational baby. No one knows anything.

  • Guest1234

    Well as of this morning there won’t be any criminal charges brought against the family. i don’t think there should be given the background. What no one on here is even saying or writing about is the mental state of the mother or father. Put yourself in their shoes and maybe you might understand what they were thinking. The only reason ya’ll jumped on the band wagon to say anything about their background was because of the man having a foreign name. How sad this state has gotten. Guess what none of you would have ever been good at being mountain folk people. Back then when you passed away, you were buried wherever it was convenient if you were even buried at all. I hope the family will get help for the loss of their child. By the way, it is Christmas. So, the ones on here who threw the FIRST stone shame on you. You need to take a long look in the mirror and see that you are not perfect. Especially if you were in a shock state like they were. God Bless.

  • Guest123

    Ok for all the people out there speculating about the circumstances of the family. I am a personal friend. The mother was not very far along at all in her pregnancy maybe 12 weeks. She probably did not feel it was medically necessary to take the baby into the hospital. So no, she did not “kill” the baby, it’s not because she is ignorant to U.S protocol for miscarriages. This was a young mother, very early into her pregnancy who was probably scared, nervous and I am sure freaked out and handled it the only way she knew how. Too bad the news has blown it way out of proportion. People need to seriously not waste their time leaving hateful messages about this situation ESPECIALLY if they know nothing about it.

  • guesscso

    I agree with the Guest123 the news takes things out of proportion and the feelings of the young mother needs to be looked at. How would they would have felt if it was a family member that the information was reported it on. The world needs to pray for one another and not be quick to judge. I do not know this person but I pray that the media judgement do not give her false hope on anything that she may want to proceed on doing in life. Hold your head up hight seek the Lord for guidance and do not give the devil the satifaction on reponding to negativity. People talk about bullying but bullying is also in grown adults be mindful of the things that you say and do to people. Honey keep your headup don’t let the actions of other prevent you from having another child. To her Parents contiue to support her, to the father of the child also keep your head up and to the family and friends put your arms around the family and pray for them. To the media respect the feeling of the young parents there parents and the family. I pray that the Lord give you strength to carry on.

  • Reginald Denny

    Try reading your post again.

  • gray sneeden

    I feel for the family. This should not be “news.” no, i wouldn’t have done this now but ten years ago when my mother died I put her in my chest freezer for five days until i found the most fair priced funeral home. let me tell you, i sure found out that wasn’t the way to handle things. When you are young you just don’t know the right way to handle things. we learn from our actions.

  • Todd

    Yeah I have to agree with Lilly. It’s common sense that you don’t bury a dead baby in your garden or backyard. I mean come on we’re in the 21st century!!!!.were these people raised in a freaking barn or something????

  • Jennifer

    I am commenting here because this strikes a cord with me in a personal way.

    I, too, found out my baby was dead in the womb at 14 weeks. My husband and I were devastated. There is nothing you can do to save a fetus at such an early gestation and is carriages can happen naturally and pretty suddenly. I was told by my midwife and the ultrasound specialist to go home and let my baby “pass”.

    At that point, after you’ve got your lifeless baby, you’re telling me you should go to the ER? You should flush it down the toilet? I can see that many commenters on here have certainly never been put in this position.

    That being said, my husband and I are loving parents and educated people. We are Christians, homeowners, born and raised white American citizens.

    With advice from loved ones and our midwife, we decided to bury our baby in our backyard. We had a very personal little funeral for our baby. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I was blessed with seeing my baby, if only for a short time. We were blessed to bury our baby and gain closure.

    My alternative, and this mother’s alternative, would have been to visit a hospital for a D&C before passing the baby naturally. That is assuming the miscarriage hasn’t already begun. Then, your baby will be suctioned out of you (and broken into pieces in the process) and then thrown into a biohazard box. I can’t imagine being an expectant mom one day and have nothing to show for it the next.

    So anyone who would like to leave a very ignorant and hurtful comment I suggest you tag me in it. Thanks.


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