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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A strange start to the day for Wilmington Police. They began looking into a suspicious death of a child at a Wilmington home they quickly said was not suspicious. After a having a miscarriage, relatives says the mother buried the child in the front yard.

Police on the scene Tuesday were looking at a patch of dirt, which is where we later found out that the baby was buried. The parents of the mother tell us that the couple was just confused about what to do with the baby.

“We just found out yesterday that the baby was dead still inside, and yesterday she went to the bathroom and the baby went out, dead, so they buried it,” Pablo Rosario, the woman’s father, said.

Police say a woman, who we later found out is Sueling George, showed up at New Hanover Regional Medical Center after 6 a.m. Tuesday claiming she was pregnant. After she talked with law enforcement at the hospital, police responded to the house at 120 S. 13th Street. There officers checked out a patch of dirt. That’s where George’s parents say the baby was buried.

“They buried the baby because they didn’t know,” Rosario said. “They are still young. They didn’t know they had to take it to er. It never happened in the family before. So probably that’s why.”

Rosario says that the police dug up the baby and took it to the hospital for an autopsy. He says his daughter is also still there because she’s lost a lot of blood.

“We were doing plans. We started looking for a name and everything was happy, but just gone,” Rosario said.

Police say there is no criminal investigation and that it has been considered a medical emergency.

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