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FIRST ON 3: CFPUA tables vote on holiday bonuses for employees

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: CFPUA tables vote on holiday bonuses for employees

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Recent decisions by Wilmington City Council and the Brunswick County School Board to hand out employee bonuses have upset many tax payers. The question of pay hikes during the down economy was up for debate again this morning; this time by the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority.

"Employees are the key to success for any organization, but certainly for the success of the authority," CFPUA CEO Matt Jordan said.

The CFPUA considered rewarding its employees with some extra cash. During a board meeting Wednesday, board members decided to table the decision, and wait for results from a class and compensation study that should be completed by the end of January.

"We've reduced positions. We have employees that have taken on increased responsibility, and that's reflected in our efficiency," Jordan said. "Every few years we want to make sure we have the proper balance, and that's what that is all about."

But with consistent rate increases and issues since the authority formed in 2008, some customers may see the bonuses as inappropriate. Jordan disagrees.

"Even though we did have 13- and 14-percent rate increases, because we've been able to hold down the operating side, those rate increases could have been larger, so they've helped to hold those rate increases down," Jordan said.

Jordan says the board will discuss the proposal after the study is completed and after the start of the budget process in February.

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It's Christmas,get over it. Deputy 25 makes an irrefutable point. Why is it that whenever a Christian asserts his or her belief there has to be such a great hue and cry from the secularists? Christianity itself is not in any way exclusive. There is a form of Christianity to fit almost all desires from conservative evangelical to socially conscious liberal.

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" Maybe if you had a little religion in your life, you would be a better person.."

the saturation of hypocrites/liars in todays churches compells me to say "No!"

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Happy Holidays to all


Do you think the church is the only place where there is a "saturation of hypocrites and liars"? Look in your own department, deputy, and I'm sure you'll see many of them (if you take your blinders off). Yet it doesn't keep you from joining their ranks, does it? You've even convinced yourself that you're all noble and good and the savior of all mankind. There's only one Savior, deputy, and you ain't it!

It sounds like you don't believe in anything, except yourself. Perhaps your whole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.

“I never will, by any word or act, bow to the shrine of intolerance or admit a right of inquiry into the religious opinions of others.” Thomas Jefferson.


"Intolerance is evidence of impotence.” - Aleister Crowley (English poet, author, philosopher, 1875-1947).


In response to the article regarding the decision of the CFPUA Board to deny staff bonuses, shame on you. The staff of CFPUA has worked hard and with no reward since the inception of CFPUA in July 2008. The morale of the staff is horrible and your actions certainly contribute to the negativity and are doing nothing to resolve the issue. There was just an article in the paper a few days ago regarding the cutbacks and monies saved from unfilled positions, etc. I believe it was stated that there was a $5 million dollar surplus and you can't find it in yourselves to provide your staff with Christmas bonuses that wouldn't even amount to more than $200,000? Kudos to the two board members who disagreed with your decision, too bad the rest of the Board doesn't understand the reality and repercussions of your decision. At this time, employees are leaving CFPUA at a high rate and after this, will continue to do so and who can blame them? The economy has been tough for everyone, but somehow the County, City and various counties surrounding New Hanover have been able to acknowledge their staff and show their appreciation. Most of the employees of CFPUA were pulled from good jobs with the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County and unfortunately for them, they have come out on the losing end of this deal. Shame on everyone of you!


Sorry to disagree with you, but CFPUA employees who originally worked for the city received a huge increase in pay when they switched to CFPUA. I know one lady who was paid $8,000 more doing the same job for CFPUA than she did working for the city.

It's obvious from your post that you are a very unhappy CFPUA employee. Why don't you quit and let my son, who has been laid off the last year and a half, take your job? You wouldn't hear anything from him except gratitude for the opportunity to work at a good paying job. You should be counting your blessings that you at least have a job, when there are so many around you in this economy who don't.

I am not an employee of

I am not an employee of CFPUA, I am actually an employee of New Hanover County. I happen to be very close with several employees of CFPUA and can assure you that someone getting an $8,000 increase when going to the Authority from the City is very few and far between, if that even happened. The people that I know got maybe $1/hr raise.

I am grateful that I have a job, that's why I'm still here after 18 1/2 years and having to give up part of my salary for several years in a row due to furlough days. As far as your son and the others out of work, I work at a county department which sees many people come through the door everyday who have hit rock bottom. There are jobs out there, you just have to be willing to go after them and take what you can get and move on from there. If the government didn't supplement UIB benefits for such an extended period of time, people wouldn't get so comfortable sitting at home everyday drawing money for doing nothing and they would put more effort into finding a job.


I am also very close with several CFPUA employees. I can assure you that quite a few employees got a huge increase in pay when they switched from the city to CFPUA (yes, the $8,000 was an actual truth).

As far as my son, sure there are jobs out there.....and HUNDREDS of applicants because of the economy and people being laid off, as well as temp employees trying to get seasonal jobs right now. He's at the ESC twice a week, and he is applying every other day on line on the computer (as you know, companies don't want walk-ins now; they want everything done on line). I've also networked at my own job, trying to find something for him, but there's a hiring freeze. He is not drawing unemployment, food stamps, or welfare, and I'm paying for ALL of his support. But I guess you're so used to seeing the bad side of people everyday trying to milk taxpayers for everything they're worth at Social Services, that you just assume the worst of everybody. You've been there too long.

I'm sure that the employees

I'm sure that the employees that you say got $8,000 raises are higher in the food chain and probably aren't so concerned about the lack of a Christmas bonus. It's the employees who do the hard work at the company who didn't fair so well and these are the ones who take issue with not receiving the bonuses. Unfortunately, these are the same people who keep the Authority in business, they are the ones doing all of the manual labor, who are called out into the middle of the night to correct issues, etc. It seems that everyone is so upset with the "Authority" itself that they are losing sight of the people at the bottom, who are doing all of the work, getting no raises and yes, paying the same high rates that you do. Whether it's the Authority, County, City or private sector, I'm all for people being acknowledged/appreciated for their hard work. Let's face it, the $200,000 that could have gone for Christmas bonuses is a just a drop in the bucket for the Authority and you're rates are certainly not going to go down because they've chosen not to give the bonuses. After many years of furlough with the County, being able to finally get the money back that we lost and the possibility of merit/bonuses was great for morale. It showed appreciation on the part of the County for our hard work and trust me, it's coming back to them two-fold by having more satisfied workers who want to continue to do a good job and take pride in their work.

Just to clarify one thing, what I'm seeing more of at Social Services now is the single mom, who is working 2-3 jobs to support her children. No, she doesn't get to spend as much time with them as she would like, but she's out there working, taking care of her children and keeping a roof over their head. If she's managed to find three jobs, your son should be able to find one.


No, the $8,000 raise was not upper management. It was one of those employees who are in the middle of the food chain, not paid so high as to be considered upper management, but not so low as to have to draw food stamps (like some city employees do). This person plays an essential part in the day to day operation of the authority.

"...and you're rates are certainly not going to go down because they've chosen not to give the bonuses." True, but they very probably will go UP if they do give the bonuses (to help pay for them).

Do you really expect anyone to believe your last paragraph B.S. about the single moms? Everyone knows that most of the single moms you're seeing at DSS have kids out of wedlock, live in the projects, choose to get pregnant (and have multiple children) and live on welfare, draw food stamps, and have Medicaid. My taxes help support them.

Don't try to p*ss in my ear and make me think it's rain. I know what's going on there. Free handouts for everyone. And then you try to justify your part in it by force feeding us some B.S. about them working 2-3 jobs. If they worked 2-3 jobs, they wouldn't qualify for much, if anything at all. I'll say it again, bullsh*t.

And yes, there are a lot of people out there that can't find one single job, and my son is one of them. I have people come into my business every single day trying to get employment who have no job at all. I don't make them feel like worthless human beings just because there's a bad economy and they got laid off. If I could hire all of them, I would. But I can't. I'm a small business with a limited number of employees.

My son WILL get a job eventually. That's the difference between him and your "single mom's" (and generations after them) who suck the system dry and taxpayers along with them. Just drive around Wilmington, and you'll see many young, able bodied people who are more than capable of holding down a job, but they're too busy dealing drugs, joining gangs, having babies, and standing in line at Social Services.

I'll say it again.....bullsh*t.

Well, since you won't even

Well, since you won't even hire your son to work for you, no wonder why no one else wants him!!!

Seems like it would be fair

Seems like it would be fair to do a compensation study of what local businesses pay employees for similar work.
Guess that would mean a reduction in pay--oops.

You mean, "so-called" expert

Yes...please show us what those in the private sector earn when a MBA, PE, or other license is required to do the job. I think you'd be surprised. Are there employees that are overpaid? Maybe...many more are underpaid, and the public sector has more stringent rules, in many instances as those employees ARE accountable to rate and taxpayers.

The Authority Board Nazis

No bonus for you!

The reality of this for CFPUA employees, no one is the least bit surprised. When your Board is comprised primarily of politicians and their lackeys with no particular loyalty to the staff, this is just political expediency in action. How would Catlin explain this when he runs for State office?

There were about 318 employees when CFPUA was formed...there are now about 270, plus or minus a few. The workload hasn't diminished one bit -- it has only increased.

The comp and class study is a fools errand. Some may see more money, (senior execs is where my money is) but not all. A bonus might have, at least, been equitable.

For those of you who will pipe in, I can count about a dozen employees who left for greener pastures and more money or just prematurely jumped into their retirement. Market forces are in effect. Those that left, left with skills that aren't easily replaced.

Ol' Matt and the Board are going to feign surprise...but as Ron Sparks put it...there are a number of folks that are waiting for the first smoking train out of here.

Bet on it.

Bubble Burster

"For those of you who will pipe in, I can count about a dozen employees who left for greener pastures and more money or just prematurely jumped into their retirement. Market forces are in effect. Those that left, left with skills that aren't easily replaced."

I hate to burst your bubble, but NO ONE is irreplaceable. For the dozen workers that left, hundreds will be standing in line to grab it up. For the few with skills that aren't easily replaced, it may take a little longer, but they WILL eventually be replaced. After having worked in the workforce for almost 50 years, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that their jobs will go on without them. It is what it is.

Can I Have It?

If you don't want your job anymore, can I have it? I was laid off over a year ago, and still haven't found a permanent job with benefits. I had to move back in with my parents, which makes life difficult for them, and painful and humuliating for me having to depend on my parents again.

I can tell you for a fact that a class study would give you more money in the long run than a meager bonus. If they give you a $1,000 bonus, you would only actually get about $625 (after taxes, pension, and 401(k) are taken out).

I would give anything to have your job. There are a lot of people in much worse shape financially than you.

Vacancies @ CFPUA

Well, Cryme...we have lots of job openings. Are you qualified? Are you literate? Can you search for jobs? Bust open a paper or look at the CFPUA website. If your qualified, you can apply. If you aren't, you can still apply. Maybe it's just you? PS...hide your tattoos and pull out the facial piercings and nose ring; you may just have a shot.


I have applied several times over the past year for different jobs with CFPUA. With two of them, I found out that they had already decided to fill those jobs with current CFPUA employees (they decided that before they even advertised the jobs). Sometimes it's not WHAT you know that gets you the job, but it's WHO you know.

Some jobs I don't qualify for, but yes, I'm literate, as you can tell from my posts, and I'm searching for jobs on an almost daily basis. No tattoos, nose rings, or facial piercings; just a sincere earnest desire to acquire a good paying job with good benefits.

Why don't you get off the computer, and get back to that nice paying job they're paying you to do. How can you expect a bonus when you spend all afternoon posting on a TV news forum? Quit wasting your company's money and get back to serving your citizens. I know I would.

Low road taken

Well there you have it. It didn't take much to get the true colors to shine through. Remind me again why the public should get behind this bonus.

Answer The Question

Seems to me you didn't answer his question. He was specifically asking for YOUR job, since you seem to have no appreciation for it.

You're just what CFPUA doesn't need...another crude, rude, know-it-all *sshole who thinks they're better than everybody else.


Oh, kick a man when he's down...nice. Typical CFPUA employee. No wonder the general public hates you guys.

Why is it wrong to say "act like an adult"?

The post said basically "there ARE jobs, APPLY for a job, and oh yeah ACT LIKE A CIVILIZED ADULT WHEN YOU APPLY FOR THE JOB". It is amazing how many people blithely show up at interviews and even at work in flip flops, tatted from head to toe, wearing torn jeans etc. AND EXPECT NO CONSEQUENCES FROM THESE IMMATURE AND ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIORS.

So why is it kicking a man while he's down to state the obvious?


Attacking CFPUA employees (as opposed to the Officers) is seen as fair game, but when the original poster says in essence "act like an adult when you apply for the job" oh yeah, and by the way APPLY FOR THE JOB - why is this wrong?