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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — One man is dead and two women were hurt after a birthday party turned deadly over the weekend in Delco. The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office says the shooting at the Triple K Ranch may eventually lead to shutting down the facility at night.

The Triple K Ranch is a place where children gather after school and where residents of Delco learn to ride horses. But on the weekend at night, neighbors and visitors, like one woman who did not want to identify herself, say it’s a completely different scene.

“You drive in, you pay your money and before you go in security will pat you down and make sure, they normally have a lady outside, so they pat you down and make sure you don’t have any weapons or anything on you,” she said.

That’s when residents of Big Branch Road say the Triple K Ranch becomes a full on club. Customers say most weekends the facility has bouncers, a DJ and even serves alcohol without asking for identification.

Gregory Keith is a part owner of the Triple K Ranch. He says he rents the place out on weekends, but early Saturday things got out of hand when one man died and two teenage girls were hurt in a shooting.

“We’re very concerned, and we’re very sorry that this happened at our place,” Keith said. “Unfortunately it happens all over the community and all over the world.”

Keith says that nothing like this has ever happened on his property before, but the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office says it constantly receives complaints about what happens on weekends at the Triple K Ranch.

“The activity don’t seem to start until 11 or 12 o’clock at night and go on into the daylight hours of the morning,” Sheriff Chris Batten said. Normal activity and fun parties don’t last during this time of the night. They are usually over with by 11 or 12 o’clock and 16 or 17 year olds don’t have any business at parties this time of the night.”

Batten said he planned to talk to the owners about what happened Saturday before determining whether to stop this makeshift club scene from continuing.

“Whatever it takes so this event don’t happen again, to this magnitude, we’re willing to work with the community and the forces,” Keith said.

We spoke with one of the victims of the shooting today off camera. She says that she does not think she was an intended target and that she believes the shooting is gang related.

Deputies are still looking for the gunman.

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  • Guestslkdfjlefmj

    you big dummy how can you say that this happens in every corner of the eath…maybe the corner you crawled yuor butt out of but not mine so go back in it and of course i am concerned about the LOcATION of this place becasue it is my neighborhood you jerk and I want to ensure the safety of the dozen or more INNOCENT younger children that live in this neigborhood as well as my family and friends… This kind of place puts all people of all ages at risk.. I know what my neighborhood needs to do about this..get this crappy illegal dump of a place shut down so my neighborhood can be safer you moron… I dont think I am being anymore selfish about the safety of my friends then the owners are about their pocketbooks

  • Guestsjkfkdjfnsnjdf

    i hope the Sheriff is serious about clsoing it down… the citizens of delco deserve to be able to sleep at night without this kind of violence in there neighborhood. i hope he remembers that we all vote and we want law enforcement to take car of this issue for us before another life is lost. i cant believe gregory Kieth had the balls to say this happens in every neighborhood.. what a crock..then why dont he open a place beside his house and allow these suspicious negative activites to occur in his neighborhood then instead of MINE!!!! especially if it is sooo innocent.. he is a louse

  • theone

    if you don’t think people are being murdered in EVERY crack of the world then maybe you should start commenting on CNN instead of wwaytv3’s website so much. Apparently you are dead to the world and it sounds like you are really just concerned about the location of this site not that a young kid was killed or what the “neighborhood” can do to turn things around…..save your selfish remarks for someplace else!!!

  • Guest1984

    I dont know why anyone would go to a club named “Triple-K”. Let me re-word that, the KKK club…

    Kinda scary.

  • booboo

    Really… K K K , the owners are definately black. So what are youuuuuuuuuu talking about ? GET IT RIGHT BOO BOO !

    SN: by the way that was the corniest thing i have ever heard. You just wanted to comment..don’t even know what you’re talking about! Since you know so much , what really happened? Im sure YOU know SMARTIE PANTS!!!!!

    Next time you comment MAKE SURE IT’S RIGHT !! BIG DUMMY :)

  • SurfCityTom

    is posts like yours may be given credibility.

    Triple K

    Keith Keith Keith

    I believe if you check the land records, there are 3 members of the Keith family who own the property.

  • Guestwebweave

    seem to be swimming hard to protect their ASScets.
    These fine upstanding men of the community had no clue
    what was going on after hours! REALLY!! And I suspose they
    are shocked to find out underage teens were attending the after
    hours fun, fun, fun.
    “nothing like this has ever happened before” say’s Mr. Keith. If it did he probally would not admit to it.
    Medicare payments going to the Keith enterprise ought to be looked at! Wonder what the gatherings were about where 1000’s of people attended. Hummmmmm
    Too bad there wasn’t a red net over the Ranch house that fell over everyone, as soon as deadly trouble began. Imagine what would have been uncovered/recovered. Fake Id’s galore, naked teens, and every kind of character making deals with a wink. And the man killed went by the name ‘U Lik us’! No doubt that was his birth name:)Yep, I’m sure Rev. Barber will put this type of going on at the top of his list to preach about. Oh, my mistake, this is a black issue that he can’t manipulate to blame on the honkies.

  • Guest85484

    This place is a nightmare it needs to be SHUT DOWN. They don’t even check ID. For the person that got on the news saying they pat people down is NOT telling the truth. I have NEVER got pat down by any one or even seen them pat any one else down. I can say that two years ago I went there and they searched the cars but not the people. These people are all about MONEY. This happens every weekend. Oh and lets not forget about the fried chicken that they fry outside for sell. Every one needs to see the BIG PICTURE and stop saying its a Daycare it might be a daycare during the day but I would not send my kids there.


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