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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — Things got heated at Monday night’s Brunswick County Commission meeting over how Commissioner Charles Warren handled last week’s DSS board meeting. The commissioners voted to have a hearing next month because of the fact that Warren ejected a board member and a reporter.

However, Warren lost his cool and had to be escorted out of the commission meeting.

“So now you telling me that it’s me?” Warren said after being ejected. “No, no wait I’m not finished. Make sure the media gets this. I got two sheriffs, no I got three sheriffs… I’m a danger to society. You all have a great night and a merry Christmas.”

The hearing on what happened at the DSS Board meeting will be open to the public on January 17.

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  • Guest11212121

    How did this racist Warren get voted on to begin with. I truly believe this man is a racist and is no better or worse than any other racist P.O.S.!!!!!

  • anne

    He needs to go along with a few more. He is arrogant and can’t accept any criticism without playing the race card. Get rid of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janet Harrington

    EXCUSE ME, but Pat Sykes is on the board and is asking questions about its leader, Charles Warren. Charles Warren wants the meeting and its business closed to the public, Why? He objects to recording of the public meeting, even though it is the LAW. He does not conduct the meeting properly, he needs to be removed, Why don’t the county commissioners do the right thing and remove this from the DSS Board?

  • Guest000000

    The entire Brunswick County DSS board is a disgrace to the county and the WHOLE board should be romoved immediately. They serve no purpose but to entertain us with their powergrabbing and grandstanding. One huge idiot trying to lead four smaller ones.

  • Janet Harrington

    OH Yes a full deck of RACE cards. That is all he has, He is going to run again for office and using RACE as his platform. His strategy and that of Bernest Hewett is to inflame the race relations in the county. Both are acting like our Community Organizer in Chief by insiting the population to boiling to further thier own political carrer. Shamefull that they cannot address the real needs of the people and are resorting to RACE BAITING and CALLING DECENT FOLKS RACIST.

  • My_Opinion

    It’s easy to see that Mr.Warren is playing with a full deck afterall. It just happens to be a full deck of “race” cards. :(

    That racial chip on his shoulder must be weighing him down like a giant boulder.

    Mr.Warren, get over it! Your skin color is no more relevent than your thoughts.

  • Guest 4545

    Hey Sam, get with the program. The lights are on but nobody’s home!

  • alexb

    anyone who disagrees with this guy is racist…. so with that in mind i suppose we see who the real racist is… what a pathetic excuse for a public service…. shame on you Mr. Warren

  • Citizen of the Republic

    They could also call them…..

    We, Fleece Um, and How!

  • Guest2020

    Their theme song could be “Ebony and Ivory”. If I was a computer whiz, I would make a youtube video.

  • GuestUsed2B99x

    Sarge, this is a great idea. The first thing we gotta do is get them some land. Next, we will have to voluntarily pay to get them building supplies and farming provisions. We can get “kblue” to write a Seussically rhyming constitution for this grand utopian social experiment. Somewhere over the past months I recall reading that Leland’s police dog was fired because he too falsified his training records. I nominate the dog to be police chief.

  • Guest2020

    Or borrow from the attorneys in the Three Stooge–Dewey, Cheatam and Howe. Speaking of Three Stooges, why don’t we just throw Jayne in there with them and really get a show going.

  • Southern Born

    They will be running nakid and throwing spears in a month.

  • GuestUsed2B99x

    Southern Born, congratulations! Your comment caused me to spill a cup of tea all over my keyboard from laughing while at the same time the image you conjure of our politicians as primeval hunters has ruined my dinner. Great work.

  • Guest20

    “Riff-raff”? Isn’t that funny…that’s what Berger called the general public in his WWAY interview.

  • guesty

    It is so refreshing to see him being called on his BS. If all else fails, try to play the race card to excuse bad behavior. He, just like NHC’s Berger need to be removed. Maybe Thom Goolsby can propose legislation that will provide recall abilities for nuts jobs like these two.

  • Janet Harrington

    OMG go to the video and see this Clown in action. His comments are incoherent. He derides Pat Sykes at her swearing in to be a DSS board member. Pat Sykes is sent by the DSS board to Hickory on training by the State as to the responsibilities and functions of a DSS board. She returns and Charles Warren says that she is now “more trouble”. EXCUES ME MR WARREN, but that statement is pure baloney. He then accuses the Remaining County Commissioners of things that they never did and then when they disagree with his comments he accuses them of being RASIST.
    Charles Warren serves no one in his current positions. When he runs out of arguments or is disagreed with, he plays the race card (all that he has left). He must believe that any challenge to him is in some way RACSIT. He is in fact the most dangerous of all in public office. He does not deserve one single vote in the up coming election.

  • GuestUsed2B99x

    Jimmy, first may I ask you to forgive me for allowing myself to be mis-understood.

    Among items that we need to straighten out among us is that I am a 55 year old somewhat over-weight male with a crap attitude… What possessed you to refer to me as “Ma’am”?

    I am most aware that Brunswick County is much bigger than Leland and “Belleville”… Here’s somethin’ quick to solve a problem. Leland should move in and eat BellEville…. You may get some indigestion for doing this accompanied by nausea and explosive diarrhea but that will pass with time. At the end of the day Leland will have some more tax ratables.

    Most unfortunately, recent political news from Columbus County east to the ocean (thank God it ends here) is that there is material in existence to script a television reality show that will dig deeper than the depths of stupidity of “Teen Mom”… Some of these southeast NC hijinks could even make “Jersey Shore” seem intelligent.

  • Guest000000

    I believe the sarcasm in that post was supposed to be implied.

  • Guest000000

    Pat Sykes was put on the board strictly to antagonize Mr.Warren. Mission accomplished. But she is playing the same games. Her little alliance with Grimes and Jackson to vote out the new director for no reason other than to spite Charles Warren is the type of underhanded dealings that we’ve seen from him. She is no better than he is, and that’s saying something. They should ALL be ashamed of themselves.

  • Guest3

    I truly doubt that Mr. Warren is the sole reason for Pat Sykes existence. I doubt he plays that much importance in her life. He’s more like an irritation. He has the I.Q. of a gnat.

  • Sarge

    Perhaps Warren and Berger should merge with each other and form their own form of goverment, seeing how they seem to want to defy everyone , especially the ones that put them in office. Call it B&W Riff-Raff Inc. That should do it.

  • Native of Brunswick

    What a great display of complete ignorance. Commissioner Warren is completely out of CONTROL and needs to be removed from the DSS Board as well as the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners. A total disgrace, can sum up his actions over the last several months…..and every time something starts to backfire on him, he pulls the race card. I hope the commissioners will not back down to him, stand your ground he needs to be removed !!!

  • Ken

    It seems the virus that has affected our national government has filtered down to the local level now.

  • GuestUsed2B99x

    Wow, officials being police escorted from public meetings. Terrible.

    I am so grateful to be a resident of New Hanover County where our officials show sound judgment, maturity and dignity in the conduct of their offices.

  • Jimmy

    Oh, you mean officials such as Bryan Berger? There’s a great example of judgment, maturity and dignity. Ma’am, I was born and grew up in NH county. I have lived in Brunswick, owned two businesses and have a wonderful extended family here. I am tired of NH residents who use condesending retoric when refering to this county and it’s many fine residents. You should realize that this county is one of the largest in the state and very deversified. It consists of more than Leland and Bellville!

  • wink-wink!

  • sam


  • Guest461

    Much low-bellied laughter will accommodate your sarchastic approach at humor for a very, very real problem! Far and well beyond the Berger files!

  • Brian

    My word. The Director of the Department of Social Services. English is his first language, and he’s not even putting forth an effort to speak it properly. What else is he neglecting? No wonder government is so screwed up.

  • Guest000000

    He’s not the director of DSS thank god…just the head of the Board.


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