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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — Things got heated at Monday night’s Brunswick County Commission meeting over how Commissioner Charles Warren handled last week’s DSS board meeting. The commissioners voted to have a hearing next month because of the fact that Warren ejected a board member and a reporter.

However, Warren lost his cool and had to be escorted out of the commission meeting.

“So now you telling me that it’s me?” Warren said after being ejected. “No, no wait I’m not finished. Make sure the media gets this. I got two sheriffs, no I got three sheriffs… I’m a danger to society. You all have a great night and a merry Christmas.”

The hearing on what happened at the DSS Board meeting will be open to the public on January 17.

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  • Guest11212121

    How did this racist Warren get voted on to begin with. I truly believe this man is a racist and is no better or worse than any other racist P.O.S.!!!!!

  • anne

    He needs to go along with a few more. He is arrogant and can’t accept any criticism without playing the race card. Get rid of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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