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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Yesterday we told you armed federal agents surrounded a home in Castle Hayne as they tried to execute an arrest warrant. The man they were looking for, Gary Canady, was not in the home, and today the US Marshals Service continues to look for him.

This 25-year-old Canady’s criminal record that goes all the way back to his first offense, breaking and entering, in 2002. Over the years Canady has racked up other charges, including driving while impaired, several drug charges and assault on a female just to name a few.

The US Marshals Service says Canady has also violated the terms of his probation three times this year. That’s is what prompted federal and local law enforcement to surround Canady’s home on McDougald Drive Tuesday. He was not home, and marshals left empty handed.

Wednesday we talked to Canady’s family over the phone. They did not want to go on camera, but they did comment on Tuesdays event saying, “It was all unnecessary. All they had to do was ring the doorbell.”

The family says Canady’s father was inside the home asleep, which is why he did not hear the federal agents’ request to come out. Two hours later agents got in touch with him and searched the house.

The Canadys say they understand that their son is wanted for missing a court date, but they think the armed agents were little much.
The family says they do not know where their son is, but they are confident that he will turn himself in soon.

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  • JK

    Good neighbor and Law abiding citizen was terrorized by the Police.
    Lucky he or someone else was not shot. The son is theif not a murderer. There was no need for all that rucuss. We should not have to be scared in our on homes for any reason. The US has crossed the line and is now a police state. The citizens have no rights and the authorities paid by taxpayers rule. I can lye to my mother and thats morally wrong. I lye to the police and thats a crime I could be shot, tased, tortured and locked up if I don’t show remorse and coward down to the authorities. Thats how it is. Thanks for reading.

  • Guest28451

    Just look at Sections 1031 and 1032 of the recently passed Defense Bill which clearly is an absolute violation of Civil Rights and Common Accepted Constitutional Law as it removes the right to Habeus Corpus and allows unlawful detainer as US Citizens can now be arrested and held indefinitely by the Military or Civilian authorities strictly on the suspicion of terrorism which could easily include having too many guns in your possession, protesting against government policies and the like. (Im far from one to condone the OWS crowd) but the fact is the provisions within I find downright scary this is beyond the detention camps of the Japanese in WWII this is basically the complete potential of 1930s German style disappearances or the type of stuff that used to happen in Russia (and likely still does) or China or other totalitarian regimes. Our forefathers would roll over in their graves if they knew this was now being legalized. Our government is quickly becoming what we fought England for Independence from, what scares me more is this passed with bipartisan support of 93-7 in the Senate.

  • smythe

    What a drama filled statement. Go find out what a police state really is and then report back. Better yet talk with someone who has lived in an actual police state and ask them how their life there contrast with life in the US. If this were a true “police state” feel free to escape, truth is no one will stop you, which is the oppisite of what would happen under a “police state”.

  • Drew

    It is a shame the FBI has the resources to assist and waste time in things like this when there are real criminals across the bridge in Leland. Bill Farris, Tim Jayne, Slick Rick, Karl,Michael Landen, Kozak, etc are all in the same place everyday of the week. I hope one day there is a Road Block on Village Road and it is because the US Marshals have it blocked off so they arrest that bunch.

    I still find it hard to figure out how a man with years of law enforcement work can afford to attend so many SuperBowls, have such a nice boat, and live in such a nice neighborhood. How can a man with such negligence taking place under his watch still have a job?

    Maybe I am just in the wrong line of work. Working 7-7 ain’t what it used to be I guess.

    My Christmas Wish is to see entire Leland Crew working security in 2012 at Family Dollar.

    Says who, says Drew.

  • Guest1234

    They should take that time to go after Deadbeat dads also surround there house job and church.

  • Guest21

    Yes, my friend, and you can thank a Republican president for creating the “need for” and the establishment of the so called “Patriot Act”.

  • GuestUsed2B99x

    Hey, 21…. this, just like NAFTA is a bi-partisan shafting of the American people. I haven’t recently seen our Democratic president in his bully pulpit denouncing this legislation. 7969 said it first on this thread…. read his post and read the legislation. It is CHILLING.

  • GuestUsed2B99x

    Sorry, I referred to a post by “28451” wrongfully crediting “7969”.

  • guesty

    If you violate the law and then run for it, armed police officers will hunt you down. The ever so simple solution is don’t violate the law but if you can’t follow that simple rule make sure to go to court on the correct date, time & room. Then you won’t have armed officers hunting you down like the scum you are.

  • Guest3

    It continues to amaze me how family and friends make excuses for their loved one and blame police for all their troubles.

    Police wouldn’t have been there if Gary hadn’t broken the law. B&E, DWI, drugs, assaulting a female, 3 probation violations in 1 year. Geeezzz. He still hasn’t learned his lesson…and he won’t, until his family and friends realize they aren’t helping him by making excuses. He will keep making the same dumb choices until one day he finally winds up in prison for 20 years (or worse).

    Like Rudyard Kipling said, “We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse.”

    I hope his family and friends wake up before it’s too late, and give him the support he needs, instead of excuses, to straighten out his life. The clock is ticking.

  • 28472

    The Scum You Are

  • Guest1234

    its not the parents fault and how you figure they dont call you a scum for comment on this people are bulleys with there comments you can voice your opionion by not calling names .

  • GuestWhere

    Damn! Where is Dog the Bounty Hunter when you need him?

  • guesty

    Only if you say so. Wow, that stings big guy.

  • Guest1234

    I agree you said it all no comments should be made after this …

  • Guest789

    I completely agree with you!

  • Lucie

    You say that, but it’s not the first time the police will have used excessive force: http://www.clipvice.com/excessive-force-trooper/

  • nonya

    this is so wrong. i dont know why people have to go over board when there is worse cases out there in the world. but no the freaking police have to target on this. they must not have nothing better to do than to frighten family in their own homes.. thats just WRONG!!

  • SilverCoastDork

    He who breaks the law, goes back to the house of pain. Seems to me the Canadys are trying to use their family name to alleviate responsibilites and shift the blame instead of accepting it.

    Man up and take whats coming punk. Big boys in the booty house will make him grab his ankles soon enough.

    While Mr Canady was “sleeping” instead of working, guess that was excessive too. You call it tomato and I call it tomatoe.

  • Guestyone

    Is this where all our tax money is going? focus on drug busts, and the huge prostitute ring we have going on here in wilmington! Im sure he has a record, but having multiple cops surround his parents house isnt helping the problem at hand. That just frustrates the family, and probably not even the guy running. does he even live there?? probably not! LAME! Why is this story even on here? not news worthy!


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