NC gasoline tax to rise almost 4 cents in January to record 39 cents

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Submitted: Thu, 12/22/2011 - 4:40am
Updated: Thu, 12/22/2011 - 3:44pm

RALEIGH, NC (AP) — As expected, North Carolina’s gasoline tax is going up by almost four cents a gallon starting with the new year.

Revenue Secretary David Hoyle announced Tuesday the state motor fuels tax would grow by 3.9 cents per gallon to a record 38.9 cents starting Jan 1. State law directs the tax be recalculated automatically twice a year based on a formula linked to wholesale gas prices. The tax rose by 2.5 cents per gallon in July.

The upcoming tax increase falls in line with estimates made by the Legislature’s nonpartisan fiscal staff.

The North Carolina House voted last month to cap the tax at 35 cents for six months, but the Senate declined to take up the bill, saying it wasn’t the right time to consider the change.

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  • Guest2020 says:

    These tax increases don’t only cost the consumer they cost the owners of gas stations near the state line. For at least a week now, South Carolina’s gas prices have been lower by at least twenty cents per gallon. It’s nothing for me to shoot down to Little River and get it for less than three dollars. I will continue to do so.

    North Carolina’s government needs to learn to be fiscally responsible. They need to cut the programs we don’t need. They don’t need to lay a heavier economic burden on the citizens just because they are too stupid to spend more wisely.

  • Guest28451 says:

    This action alone is explanation as to why soon to be former Rep. Carolyn Justice may challenge him come election time. Rabon is a RINO Im afraid end of story. NC has the highest gas tax in the SE US and is 9th in the entire US behind such liberal bastions such as NY, CA, Hawaii, CT, and WA. How is it VA has more roads overall and yet survives on a much lower gas tax, not to mention NC is going to begin charging tolls now on some limited access highways via the NC Turnpike Commission (Im sure it wont be long before 95 and 40 are cash cows for the state). The gas tax was one of the biggest issues that lead to the Dems losing control in 2010 yet this was allowed to continue despite control of both houses. UNACCEPTABLE..

  • WX_Guy says:

    Automatically reduce the gas tax by the amount not spent on road (not bus subsidies or pie in the sky rail) projects. Obviously, it is not needed if it can be siphoned off for other budget items.

    Force the legislature and governor to explicitly approve each and every tax increase of any kind. No more political cover for taxes that increase without explicit votes for each occurrence will be accepted.

    They can still vote to raise taxes but they will have to do it openly. Eliminate the bait & switch tactics. Sunshine is a great disinfectant.

  • Charles Walters says:


  • MYHOPE says:

    The N.C. General Assembly Senate voted for the increase….there are 31 Republicans and 19 Democrats in the N.C. GAS…(that’s almost funny)…..if you don’t like it, google N.C. General Assembly Senate, find out WHO your rep. is and email them…BET 99% of you WON’T DO IT!

  • Guestola says:

    can i write this off my taxes, i know they are pocketing the money and once again the government is robbing us blind with no say so. ANARCHY looks really good. THIS CRAP MAKES ME SICK to my stomach and they wonder why people are moving out of nc the tax you to death state.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    The Republican leadership had absolutely no interest in stopping this increase. In fact, Rabon got up and gave an impassioned speech about kids in school buses getting killed on failing bridges, or some such nonsense, and that’s why he wouldn’t vote to block the increase.

    I despise most Democrats because of their desire to destroy America as we know it. I’m starting to despise Republicans equally because of their weakness in combating the Democrats, their incredible incompetence in governing, and the fact that so many of them are just as liberal/pro-big government as any Democrat.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    is her Majesty?

    Is she the Education Governor this week? Or is she the Jobs Governor this week? Or is she the traveling Governor this week?

    No wait, maybe she’s the Christmas Governor this week.

    If you voted for her and those other Democrats, are you happy?

    Think about that next November.

  • Guesttoo says:

    If and only if the state used the gas tax for it’s intended purpose, the rate could be less, another bridge could be built over the river and “Toll” would only be the name on a box of cookies.

    This little money grap doesn’t belong to one side of the isle or the other…they all want to milk the cow.

  • Guest28451 says:

    between the gas tax and the income tax that is higher then other border states (and TN doesnt even have one with only a slightly higher sales tax) You’d think NC would learn from the problems CA and NY have had their overtaxing polices have lead to loss of population which has lead to decreasing tax base and lower flow to the treasury so the inept politicians raise taxes again to increase receipts not having figured out that the overburdensome taxes are why people are leaving int he first place.. I know one thing… My wife and I wont be staying any longer then we have to and when we move it’ll be to a location with much lower tax rates overall. (avg 1% property tax rate, gas tax 1/2 that of NC and income tax still but definitely lower then NC) not to mention no worries about corrupt police and sheriffs and a solidly conservative Gov and legislature that dont play games and waste the peoples money.

  • Cyndi Guy says:

    Just finished working a contract in SC. Nice to only pay $2.95 a gallon. Why is our tax rate so high????? Makes a person want to move out of state.

  • Guest1966 says:

    I did, all the way to Alabama!

  • Guest28451 says:

    the big evil insurance companies gouging us. WRONG!!!! Thanks to Obamacare rates are going up exponentially. Im paying $600 a month just for myself and had to drop my wife when it went from work group policy to Cobra as it would have been nearly 1100 a month which we could ill afford with our reduced income situation and she cant get insurance for several more months (have to be there 2 yrs to get insurance if your hourly). If they would cut the crap and let Insurance companies compete across state lines and cease this crap about putting a gun to ins companies heads to force them to cover ridiculous crap like breast implants and other cosmetic procedures outside of medical necessity (if its for reconstruction post cancer or other issues thats one thing but some states like CA literally force health insurance companies to cover frivalous procedures unnecessarily just to do business in the state and the residents of the state 99% of whom could careless about said coverage suffer because of it)..

  • taxpayer says:

    Really? My wife and I each purchase our own health insurance, and we pay a lot less than a $1000/month…less than half that amount and we’re both over the age of 50.

  • Guest20 says:

    I think he said “family”, so there may be 2-3 kids (or more) involved. That will definitely run up the premiums.

  • Guestofcourse says:

    These insurance policies with high deductibles and HSA accounts are great for people that are healthy and mostly just need yearly exams and a visit to the doctor for small things. But if you have any major illness these policies are not very good to have. If you have one or more major illness you do need a standard insurance policy. It is nice that there is a selection out there that cost less for people who don’t have a major illness. Remeber as with any thing you need to do research and look at the over cost before making a decision.

  • Guest1946 says:

    If you’re paying less than $500 a month, you must have a whopping deductible, or perhaps a catastrophic illness policy.

  • taxpayer says:

    I don’t know how you define “whopping”, but our deductible is $5,000 fully funded with our HSA. It’s unfortunate so many people feel that a high-deductible plan with a HSA isn’t as good as those who think a low deductible. In the event I have any claim that is subject to my deductible…the money is there to pay the bill. Plus…the money I put into the HSA is tax-deductible, and the unused portion rolls over to the next year.

    Does that answer your question?

  • GuestSick says:

    I’m so sick of everybody getting my money except me. Between fed, state, county, city, utilities, etc., I don’t even get half of what I actually earned. Americans are being taxed to death…literally! Where does it stop?

  • Guest7969 says:

    MUCH WORSE…think that the average family pays 1000 dollars a month for health insurance…PLUS your taxes…ALL the taxes…

  • 28472 says:

    “Senate declined to take up the bill, saying it wasn’t the right time to consider the change”

    Couldn’t be a better time – we are taxed to death now.

  • Guest1022 says:

    Sure is nice to know that the new Republican majority is protecting us from all these tax increases. The only difference between them and the Democrats is they haven’t had as much time in office to line their pockets, but they will make up for lost time.

  • guesty says:

    With a fuel tax that high, we should have the best roads in the country. The only problem is the crooks in Raleigh use that money for their pet projects. Put the tax in the road maintenance budget and don’t use it for anything else.
    I also like how earlier the state government took what was supposed to be the ceiling that the tax could never pass and made that the floor.
    Why do we keep reelecting these crooks?

  • Guest3369 says:

    We are the highest in the NATION…can someone tell me why?

  • taxpayer says:

    in the nation…highest in the Southeast though…after this increase…6th highest in the nation.

    After all, Senator Bill Rabon said it was necessary in order to keep our bus-riding children from falling through a bridge when it collapses from lack of maintenance.

  • NC Citizen says:

    Isn’t this and other decisions like it opposed by the majority of the NC citizenship? Such decisions are the reasons for the rise of The Tea Party historically…Taxation Without Repesentation. It’s about time we voted our “community servants” out of office. They are not concerned about the welfare of North Carolina residents. They are more concerned about special favors and the lining of pockets.

  • orly says:

    Great, stick it to us in the worst economy ever. Guess we have to pay for all the illegals running around.

  • Crow says:

    Well it looks like the more illegal aliens that we are swamped with then the more schools we have to build for them and hence more taxes we have to pay.

    Anyone ever think about enforcing immigration laws bacause if not our gas taxes will be higher than connecticut who btw is illegal alien sanctuary.

  • Guesttseug says:

    …Julia Boseman? She and her democratic party comrades voted for this in her last term in office. The gas tax was capped but she and her fellow tax and spend friends decided that if would be nice if the cap became the floor and the ceiling on the tax was done away with……..not to fix and build roads but to add to yet another state fund that the governor could steal from at will to fund “keep me in office” projects.

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