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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — When thieves break into your home, your high-dollar electronics may not be what catches their eye. New Hanover County deputies just arrested a man accused of entering homes and stealing personal information to commit identity theft.

Landrick Seales, 20, is behind bars charged with breaking into several homes in the Gordon Woods neighborhood. Anthony Sadowski almost witnessed it.

“The neighbor close to me, next to where I live, I noticed her window was open,” Sadowski said.

In fact, a couple of his neighbors were broken into. So far, he’s been lucky.

“I wish I could sell my house in today’s economy and just say time to move on. I’ve been here long enough,” Sadowski said.

Break-ins happen. That’s nothing new. But what Seales is accused of stealing is out of the ordinary.

“His objective was to steal personal items, banking info, personal info, so he can set up accounts, gain credit in other people’s, the victims’ names. He also was able to purchase things online with their information,” Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer said.

The target surprised residents.

“I didn’t know what they were stealing,” Alvaro Hernandez said. “You automatically think they’re going to get inside and get personal valuables from your house. You know, this is something to worry about.”

Residents are worried. That’s why many are being proactive. Some are doing what they can to protect themselves by adding a little something to their windows. If you look closely at the home, you’ll notice pieces of wood in some of the windows to keep someone outside opening them. Sadowski came up with the idea. Others pitched in to help.

“They came and asked me to help build some of these things for them, so I went to a couple of the neighbors, and I did it for them,” Hernandez said. “You can see a couple of the houses have the sticks in the windows so they don’t have a chance to get into the house.”

But if they do, they may have a tough time finding personal information. Some residents now plan to make sure that stuff is put away.

Seales is charged with seven crimes, including burglary, larceny and identity theft. He is in the New Hanover County Jail under a $50,000 bond.

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  • Guestfedup

    It’s time to start looking out for each other as neighbors, folks. If we see a dude who looks like this rat walking the neighborhood , RED FLAG PEOPLE! Sorry, but true. If they’re walking these neighborhoods aimlessly, keep an eye out or call 911. If it doesn’t seem to fit, keep an eye out.

  • wade Griffis

    Mister Colt is a better one- Especially Mister Forty-Five.

    If all else fails, Mister Twelve Guage would be good.

    It is time to put these punks where they belong

  • guesty

    He is nothing more than a lowlife thief.

  • GuestJustice

    Too bad we can’t follow the tradition of the Middle East countries, where the hands of a thief are cut off.

  • LadyJ

    I imagine that Identity Theft will be the main reason why there is a movement for a national/voter ID. How easy it can be for someone to steal your identity and profit from the theft.

  • brian

    Sticks in the windows. Now they’ll just break the glass. I do hope someone tries to get into MY house sometime. I have a couple of Katana swords he can have…

  • Das Weibstück

    Laminated glass. We have it. Would have to make a hell of a lot of noise to get through it.

  • Brian

    From the looks of him and most others like him, a “Beware of Snakes” sign should be all that’s needed to keep him out of the house.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    They can then steal whatever they want to and can’t use it.

    All of the identity protection sites are now monitoring your health records, your banking, and all your credit accounts.

    You spend less than a hundred bucks a year and you can sleep well at night.

  • guesty

    I think many of the thinking’s of Islam are out of whack, but I do like the way they deal with a thief. I wouldn’t think there would be too many repeat offenders.

  • Guest2012

    We CHOOSE not to follow ANY “traditions” (as you call them) of MiddleEastern culture. We have the rule of law and sometimes justice prevails, like when the crackhead breaks into a Second Amendment believers home in the middle of the night….or when one crackhead kills another as occured last week at the worst homeless camp in the city. Justice prevails!

  • Guest55555

    “Justice is always violent to the party offending, for every man is innocent in his own eyes.” – Daniel Defoe

  • wade Griffis

    Well see, this is not really about addiction. Some of the best people I know are addicts.

    Part of the problem is our government. The problem revolves around the fact that everything is an addiction. The government wants to call everything a war. “A war on crime.” (give the cops enough money to do their jobs.”
    “A war against old men.” ( Send us some young or middle aged women.)

    “A war against old women.” Send them some young guys.

    I happen to be addicted to reading books. I also happen to be addicted to beer and wine. I do not drink when I am reading books. Too much trouble to go back the next day and reread.

    So addictions meet reality. In my building I frequently wake up at 3 AM and smell unfamiliar things. There are four apartments here. I do not know what that smell is.

    I do not care! My neighbors know me. They respect me. Unless they set the house on fire- I do not care what they smoke.

  • anne

    Have you met my friends Smith & Wesson. They like to stay at my house and can be very handy if someone enters my home. Of course, you don’t have the mentality to think about that but you better. They will be waiting!


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