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RALEIGH, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — North Carolina State Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger is defending the recent grassroots victory over forced municipal annexation. Senator Berger has informed the mayors of several cities and the North Carolina League of Municipalities that should the cities continue to fight this new law in court, the General Assembly – which holds the sole Constitutional Authority over municipal boundaries – will simply create permanent municipal lines to stop these cities from imposing forced annexation.


“Senator Phil Berger and the North Carolina Senate have taken a principled stand that they will not allow stubborn mayors and city officials to ignore our recently-enacted victory over forced municipal annexation,” explained Dallas Woodhouse, Director of Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina. “The annexation reform coalition, which Americans for Prosperity was proud to be a part of, worked on this issue for years and should not have to tolerate city officials refusing to abide by a law that is under sole discretion of the North Carolina General Assembly.

“After years of abusing taxpayers, the Cities that make up the North Carolina League of Municipalities lost this fight in the court of public opinion and the General Assembly. They should not be able to use taxpayer money to receive a third or fourth bite at the apple. We applaud the leadership of the North Carolina Senate in the strongest possible terms.”

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  • Guest710

    its about time someone put the reigns on the money hungry city council members and the mayor ,MERRY CHRISTMAS ,YOU ALL SHOULD GET COAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest20

    Hallelujah! It’s about frigging time!!!!!!

  • Mike T

    tell Berger to pucker up and kiss it where sun don’t shine!
    North Carolina cities will not stand for this strong arm tactic.
    Berger acts like Republicans are going to be around for a while. I doubt it!!

  • GuestUsed2B99x

    Mike, what on Earth do you mean? Strong-arm tactics?? Thugs acting under a color of law no longer have the opportunity to STEAL financial resources from property owners without their consent. The people have finally struck at the “STRONG ARM” and it fell.

  • wade Griffis

    it where the sun don’t shine- he would have to be a contortionist. His belly would be in the way if he tried it in the normal way.

  • Guest12121

    This is great. I would love to see the look on the faces of Saffo and all the weasels on city council as they read the letter. Reminds me of how powerful they thought they were when they started saying who could have an ABC permit. If I wanted to live in the city of Wilmington I would have purchased a house in the city limits 7 years ago when I moved here.

  • Guest111

    Hats and Horns!!! Celebrate!!! FINALLY we are seeing backbone and b****!!

  • greenie

    What would be even better is if they would demand a petition of the recently annexed areas such as Landfall and eastern New Hanover County to see if they meet the 60% requirement. Perhaps a reduction in the size of municipalities will force them to utilize/revitalize ALL areas within their SMALL borders as lots for development become scarce. Also encourage build up not out…

    Give greenspace/wildlife a chance to flourish.

  • taxpayer

    Your comments in the Star-News article say that unless the cities that have filed suit are successful, the taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the $700,000 you spent on services to the area that you hoped to annex. Guess what? We’ve already footed the bill. You had to pay for it when it was done.

    Unfortunately, the real estate and homebuilder groups have banded together to almost guarantee that you or your hand-picked successor will remain in the Mayor’s office via their votes. While I don’t think your opponent in the last election was qualified, surely someone can step up to the plate and run against you…and win.

    The City of Wilmington, as well as the other cities that have filed suit, are wasting MY tax money fighting a losing battle. Surely you cannot look a taxpayer in the eye and say the money being spent on this suit is a wise use of MY taxdollars.

    You lost…suck it up and quit wasting MY money!

  • GuestUsed2B99x

    Absolutely great news! A great cause for “We the People” to celebrate today. My question, however, is how could this legislation be made permanent? Would an amendment to the state constitution be needed to prevent involuntary annexation from ever being “resurrected” as a result of a change in political will?

  • Robert Green

    This is why I am voting straight ticket Republican into the foreseeable future.Senator Phil Berger, you and your colleagues are doing a wonderful job.Forced annexation is immoral.These Socialist Dumbocrats are being exposed on the state and federal level for continuing to shake down the American public.Unfortunately, we are stuck with Pretty Boy Saffo on the local level but Happy Perdue and Barry Obama will be shown the door in November.Saffo clings to power because of a disengaged electorate and a granola, liberal fan base, who put the cart before the horse when it comes to taking care of the needs of the citizens.He promoted and built a convention center but let the city’s infrastructure collapse.A thank you also goes out to our fine Senator Thom Goolsby, who has been very aggressive as a freshman Senator.After 100 plus years of Dumbocrat control, we finally have some fiscally responsible leaders in Raleigh.Wake up Wilmington !

  • Reality

    If cities aren’t growing, they’re dying. Way to kill cities, Senators. Another Republican fail. The hits just keep on coming…

  • Guest7969

    Spoken like a true Liberal…Wilmington DIDN’T need the land…they wanted the CASH! How about holding your leadership up to higher standards and stop their spending sprees…only then can Wilmington…GROW…


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