THE RANT: Why is the Leland Town Manager continuing to allow Chief Jayne to force officers to take lie detector tests?

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Submitted: Fri, 12/23/2011 - 3:39pm
Updated: Fri, 12/23/2011 - 7:53pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY’S ‘THE RANT’) — We got word again this morning that Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne is continuing to force his officers to take lie detector tests. We’re told the paranoid chief is trying to find “leakers” on the force, discover what they’re telling investigators, anything that will help him keep what’s going on inside his department out of the media.

New Town Manager David Hollis says no one is being “forced” to take these lie detector tests. (I’m sure these officers are getting a choice – take the test, or pack your box, it’s totally up to you.)

Mr. Hollis, what kind of workplace makes people take lie detector tests? What kind of town allows these types of conditions to exist? Are you BEGGING for a multitude of hostile work environment lawsuits? Is the town oblivious that it’s not only under media scrutiny for all of North Carolina to see, it’s also on the radar of both state and federal investigators?

Mr. Hollis, all of Leland and the Cape Fear region want to know, who’s running your town, you or Chief Jayne? Can you not get control of your police chief?

Chief Jayne continuously lobs criticism at this television station saying we’re on a witch hunt, out to get him and the entire town of Leland. It appears he’s got his own going against his own people.


  • Guest28451 says:

    Hollis is weak, The former town manager Farris was spineless and gutless, Futch (see Farris) new Mayor apparently too busy playing nice despite having been on the town council and since they were a bunch of jello what could we expect. Nope its quickly becoming obvious that Tim Jayne is to Leland what the Sheriff of Nottingham was to Robin Hood’s time.. Now who the heck is going to stand up and be Robin Hood and restore the authority to the proper place. Although in all honestly a better comparison would be comparing Jayne to that dunderheaded Sheriff on the Dukes of Hazzard Roscoe P Coltrane with a hint of Boss Hogg thrown in because this is quickly becoming a running joke with the State. I just wish they’d hurry up and pull the plug on Jayne before its too late otherwise the only choice will be to shut down LPD completely possibly permanently because they wont have any decent police officers left and those that are left will likely lose their LEO certifications. BTW observed one of Lelands finest today give some poor soul parking in a handicap spot the hairy eyeball, wondering what made him medically qualified to make a determination on this persons eligibility for a HC placard or plate. Now these cops think they are MDs as well.. Funny I dont even see them ticket scofflaws at Walmart when they are on the property for HC parking violations, guess they are too busy surfing the web for who knows what in their little Walmart substation closet office(s).

  • Guest1785 says:

    Garrity – the court decision that compels officers to answer questions in an administrative investigation. This is what Jayne is using to out his leak. So Mr. Hollis is right, the officers are not being “forced” but refusal to answer his questions will result in violating this provision and can result in termination for insubordination. The real question is why Jayne continues to be allowed to abuse his power and authority. The answer is because the new and inexperienced Town Manager knows no better, probably basing his decisions on the carefully crafted and one-sided information provided by Jayne and his staff, all of who must keep the truth from coming out or more then likely be terminated themselves. So Jayne continues to harass, intimidate and bully officers so he can force out those that could provide damning information to people that may listen, like town councilmen other then Boseman and Battleman, the SBI or FBI, as well as the EEOC. The other question is “How much longer is this going to drag out and put a black mark on Leland?”

  • BarettaBird says:

    Let’s hook Jayne up to a lie detector, and find out why so many good officers have been fired, and had their lives ruined.

  • dianeknows says:

    I am writing this response to you regarding the WECT story on the Town of Leland. Do you not think something is fishy that the story was given to WECT after Bill Farris retired? Was this information hand delivered to them by Timothy Jayne or one of his cronies. Are you aware that town employees are not allowed to leak information to news outlets. The Town has a policy that strictly prohibits it. So if the information came from a current employee they should be terminated and this could end up in lawsuits and criminal charges.

    Has anyone done an in depth investigation into Timothy Jayne’s work history and qualifications? Has anyone spoken to people in Charlotte and I don’t mean the ones who will give you the politically correct answer. Why not?

    Do you honestly think the Town didn’t know of some of Ms. Cox’s weaknesses? They probably did and they used it to their advantage. She probably was not the first choice- they probably really wanted a man but she was chosen to be able to say they don’t discriminate and they hoped to be able to run over her as they have done with others. The way they saw it she would be so grateful for the opportunity that she would just go along with anything but they guessed wrong. People will only take being treated badly for so long and if there is anything to their character they will eventually stand up.

    Those who are at the town see Jayne as he is allowed to do what he wants. Are you aware the way the Town operates? There is no way that one little person, other than those with the power, especially one little female was even given the ability to run things or have access to all the files. In fact, you can bet that if you checked all the personnel files of every staff member that has ever worked there you will not find much of anything. How many more people are going to be let go and exactly how much is all this BS costing us citizens?

    Do you not think it suspect that Timothy Jayne found out about Ms Cox’s “work history” exactly at the time he himself was under investigation? And exactly what led him to find out about this? Based on what was reported he was not asked by Bill Farris to investigate but he himself alone decided to “dig up” the information. Don’t you think there is a possibility that he had a personal vendetta. Sounds like he is rogue cop and now that Farris is gone he feels freeer to run his show.

    Where did WECT get the email that was supposedly from the district attorney? It seems to me that he would want to do everything above the board and would not want to give a piece of something that could in fact be taken out of context. If he did then that was unprofessional and I just don’t see that.

    I’m not saying that Ms. Cox and the others probably have not made some mistakes but Timothy Jayne is no saint-he just has some fooled or so he thinks, and many are trying keep as quiet as possible because they know the truth and don’t want to face it. Do you not think it is bizarre that Bozeman and others have not done anything about the chief? Maybe he has something on them. Is this how they show leadership? Sounds like the town needs someone who knows the employment laws, otherwise they are just going to keep employment attorneys in business as we and our grandchildren continue to pay the bill.

    The WECT report stated that they now know the other side of the story and in reality they don’t. Maybe the entire truth will come out when all the investigations are finished. That is unless those in charge are successful getting rid of and ruining the reputations all those who do know the truth.

    What happened to Officer Lewis, what is happening to others, and what you are participating in is exactly why no one ever speaks up and why the Town of Leland has continuously treated people with no regard. They are very adapt at this and they are lower than low.

  • Fix Leland says:

    This is one of the topics our movement hopes to address. You are right on “Dianeknows”

  • Leland Res says:

    Mr Pickey,
    This obviously has become very personal for you…why is that? This “rant” seems rather desperate on your part..perhaps it is because you and and your cohorts have been ousted for who you really are..Perhaps it is because it is you that is afraid for your job and will now do anything to keep this so called “story” alive. With the WECT story on Michelle Cox, the real truth is finally coming out, the rest of the story is finally being told by a legitimate news station. More facts are to follow on her and you Mr. Pickey, that being said, I guess you should be desperate…and worried!

  • Not a Leland Res says:

    Hey Chief! I hear-tell WWAY has the email exchange between you and WECT where you spoon-fed them everything you could about Mrs. Cox.

    Now THAT sounds desperate, don’t you think, Chief???

    WECT a legitimate news station? Only when they’re all snuggled in bed with you, right Chief?

  • GuestUsed2Bx99 says:

    Hey friends, let’s hook this guy up to a penile plethysmograph while we are at it.

  • ccountydeputy says:

    I was at the Columbus County Sheriffs Office last year and saw the former Leland Chief Osey Sanders bring in a UNCW Offier David Cook to take a lie detector test. I guess Osey is the Chief at UNCW now and one of my detective buddies said he was on a witch hunt to find out who leaked some info on him to the press.

  • BILL OBRIEN says:

    Surf City Tom, it is not standard procedure to take polygraph tests just to try and find a whistleblower. We, in law enforcement, are subject to random drug tests. Polygraphs are saved for when there is some indication that someone has done something wrong. Using someting like a polygraph for a personal witch hunt is heavy handed and should be stopped immediately. The fact that this stuff is being allowed to carry on should cause the citizens of Leland great concern.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    but lie detector tests and random drug tests are not that unusual in the workplace; it often depends on your job duties. The question has to be the frequency of testing for starters.

    Who administers the tests? Who gets the test results?

    It’s pretty apparent his days are numbered. Let him dig his grave a little deeper and improve the probability he leaves soon.

  • GuestUsed2B99x says:


    I rarely agree with SC Tom, but this time I have to say that he hit a pragmatic nail on the head.

    This “chief” is driving 90 miles an hour down a dead end street…. of course with full attribution and credit to Hank Snow! Great lyrics, Hank.

    There are some other songs that could become themes for the losing debacle of “Timilicky’s” career (quoted with respect for Kblue)..

    The I-95 song and the Rodeo song would both be a good fit for this wingnut with the stars on his collar.

  • BILL OBRIEN says:

    I see what you guys are saying but, how many people are going to have their careers destroyed in the meantime? I already know an exceptional officer who had to leave that department because of what was happening. He is out of control and the town should have done something a long time ago.

    I read on another thread where some knucklehead was prattling on about how we should all just shut our mouths because we don’t understand the job or the thin blue line. BS!!! I am in the job! I understand the thin blue line and also know how idiots like these guys distort it so they can use it to do the wrong things. We are here to do the right thing as law enforcement. That doesn’t give us the right to trample everyone else.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    I was in no way refering to law enforcement.

    I was referring to the private sector work force.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but lie detector tests, background checks, and random drug tests are not uncommon for certain professions.

  • kblue2221984 says:

    I’m not trying to be a jerk!!! Wheres all my spell checkers!!!!Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • enoughalready20 says:

    K Blue has is things in southwest???????????????

  • kblue2221984 says:

    I’m not trying being a jerk Surf City, But it’s the questions being asked that make it a problem. Other than that you are 100% correct. Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • Guest3130 says:

    Wow, Big Brother is alive & well in Leland.

  • Heyyywaitamin says:

    I want a job with WWAY. I was the first to observe that Chief Jayne was conducting his own witch hunt in a comment. Give me some credit, Scott, for my ideas, or at least give me the green light to send you my resume.

  • Off The Cuff says:

    This is the way small towns have always been run. Also in these small towns, officers serve at the “pleasure of the board”, so they will either submit to these tests or be fired I am sure. Or, the Chief or Town Manager will most likely say they resigned.

    Having served in a similar town many years ago, when the board changes, then officers change too especially if you don’t play favorites for the board members and such.

    Its a shoddy way to run what should be fair and impartial law enforcement. JMHO

  • Leland Fan says:

    Who is paying for these tests? Unless, Tim Jayne is paying for these out of his own pocket, I would say tax payers have a right to know more details.

  • Wonko the Sane says:

    I thought the results of these test are inadmissible in a court of law?

    If the chief’s conduct is above board and innocuous, then explain the paranoia?

    Drug testing is legal and actionable.

    Perri Mason

  • Old Guy says:

    News flash! Since we live in an at “at will” state these guys can contiue to do whatever they want too. If there was Civil Service then they would not be able to abuse these employees. Wilmington Police are one of five departments in the state to have Civil Service and their employees are very happy and protected from insects such as these. David Hollis says that no one was forced to take polygraphs then he is a lier! You either take it or get fired. What is to figure out about that. Even if you do take the test they will find something very important to ask you about like “are you kblue” or “did you take the results of the training and standards audit”? Real important things? Little do they know those things were taken or allowed to be taken by the very guys who are administration to hold over Jain’s head and kblue is someone watching and waiting to say and prove all of the things that they are being soooo stupid over!
    As far as kblue is concern according to the so called chief he doesn’t read or take notice to the media so what difference does it make. Yea right!!! What a moron a four star moron!

  • kblue2221984 says:

    Merry Christmas Old Guy!!!Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

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