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WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY) — WWAY TV3 presents the 18th Annual Leon Brogden Holiday Basketball Tournament. The tournament features eight high school basketball teams, four from Wilmington and four from out of town. It’s a fun hoops event that fits right into the middle of the holiday season.

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The tournament will tip off at Trask Coliseum on Monday, December 26th with New Hanover High School facing Charlotte Latin at 2:30. Ashley will play Mt. St. Joe’s, Maryland in game two at 4pm. In the other side of the bracket Hoggard will face Laurens, South Carolina at 5:30. Laney wraps up day one. The Bucs face Sanderson High School in the first round finale at 7pm. Sanderson is located in Raleigh.

This year’s tournament will be a three day affair. The championship game will be contested Wednesday, December 28th at 7:00.

Proceeds from the event will benefit scholarships for basketball players who participate in the tournament.

Tickets are $15 for a tournament book. $10 with student id. That’s 12 games in all.

Daily tickets are $10 for adults. $5 for students.

Parking will be free for this event that will be held at Trask Coliseum on the campus of UNC Wilmington.

Opening day play is Monday, December 26th:

2:30 New Hanover vs. Charlotte Latin

4pm Ashley vs. Mt. St. Joe’s (Maryland)

5:30 Hoggard vs. Laurens,SC

7pm Laney vs. Raleigh Sanderson

Game times will be 2:30, 4:00, 5:30 and 7:00 for all three days. The championship game will be held on Wednesday at 7:00.

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  • WilmingtonHoopsFan

    I would like to see Cape Fear Academy play against some of these teams in a local tournament. I saw their team beat Laney and Hoggard this summer at Blizzard Athletics. Not to mention they have an amazing new gym facility that is nicer than any other High School gym I have ever seen in Eastern North Carolina. Had a chance to take a look at it when UNCW held practices out there last month. It would be a great place to hold local tournaments.

  • Local Fan

    I agree it wold be great to see all the local teams play at Cape Fear’s new gym. A local Thanksgiving warm-up tourney might work.

  • BrodgenWho?

    are these the best teams the committee could come up with? What happened to Millbrook, Westover, Garner or even someone with Division 1 Talent..do we really want to create a tournament where we invite only mediocre teams to oppose our local high schools to ensure that one of our local high schoool teams win it all? I can see our local high school teams play each during the year for 6 dollars instead of 15 dollars..

  • PatB

    Is wwaytv3 selling tickets online again this year? If not, where can the tournament passes be purchased?

  • jacks1205

    Mediocre? Dude Laurens is 5-1 and one of the top teams in South Carolina which by the way is far and away better than north carolina. Get used to the name Luquon Choice. He’ll dominate this silly little n.c. tournament.

  • Dude Laurens…a player that’s 5’1″? I know, it’s the name of the school.

  • ub1ib2

    If Laurens is the best SC has to offer I hate to see the rest of the talent in SC. And for Laquan Choice I don’t even think he could even make the team on most high school teams in NC.

  • Bob

    I will be coming from Michigan to see if there is any talent good enough for the Big Ten. I hope I am not waisting my time.

  • If you’re recruiting for a college, it appears you need to take a spelling course.

  • Guest from wil…

    now that u came down here for the leon brogden torney…. what players do u think can make it in the big east

  • BrodgenWho

    Ashley is going to get blown out according to Kevin. He CLAIMS that there are 7 division 1 talents on their team so if Ashley beats this undefeated team, he can then make Ashley look good. yeah right! They weren’t even ranked last year according to MaxPreps. Good Grief!

  • jacks1205

    Yeah I get it. But I hope you people in North Carolina don’t think the out of state teams in this tournament are garbage because that’s simply not the truth. Laurens is an offensive powerhouse who just put up 93 against the defending region champs who were favored this year at their place. It should be a very good tournament.

  • Bob

    Proof reading would be in order not a spelling course. Boy do I feel sheepish. Thanks

  • Guest447

    Cape Fear would get smashed! They couldn’t beat Topsail, What you think would happen with 4A schools. I don’t think CF would beat Williston. Understand where you are and get back to the protection of the private Silver Spoons school! If you too scared to walk the halls with us, you think its gone be easier on the court when it counts? Run back to your parents and friends at school. Tell them these lies! They might believe it! You know what’s up!

  • Buc 4 life

    Does the city bus run to CFA? You probably don’t know! The one thing everybody knows. CFA would get humiliated by any NH co school! Just cause you may have a winning record against private schools. Does not mean you could handle the best the inner city or the rest of the area has to offer. I think when you said it would be a Challenge for CFA. The challenge would be not losing by 30 or more! You guys probably don’t even cut people who tryout! I won’t call you an IDIOT though! My mom taught me manners! I guess money don’t buy CLASS!

  • Local Fan

    I was simply agreeing that using a new multi-million dollar facility might be nice for a change. Yes, the 4-A programs around would be a challenge for a team like Cape Fear. I should know, because my kids “walk the halls” with other public school kids in this area. Sounds like you are very angry.

  • PatB

    Based on what I saw tonight at the Brodgen Tournament, CFA would probably beat Ashley and Laney for sure and give Hoggard a good run.

  • BasketballFan

    Ashley is mediocre at best, still looks like the team from last year, up and down and not consistent. Bryan Swain looked he was about to cry on the full court press show last night. That guy is stuck in mediocre playerville over at Ashley. Laney blew a 17 point lead against one of the sorriest teams in the tournament. I love how WWAY keeps blowing up these flight 22 players calling them Division one prospects?? I didnt see Wilson with those 30+ points he keeps scoring against those 1A schools last night and Sanderson wasnt even good. Hoggard will be laney’s first test this season and it wont go well for those bucs. Hoggard and New Hanover playing in the finals!

  • Local Fan

    You comments continue to show that you missed my point completely. My entire post was related to their new gym, not the team. By the way, my kids go to school in New Hanover County! Maybe you should work on your comprehension skills. (You can look it up)

  • Buc 4 life

    i thought you were poppin off about my squad! we all good…

  • basketballraiders

    Does anyone know if this tournament will be streaming anywhere online?

  • jake27

    I thought I read the team outta SC would Dominate this sorry little tournament? And we need to remember some kids name? Well the middleschool tournament you would Dominate wasn’t here! I think the Laurens team was one of the bottom teams playing. Who was the sorry team they put 93 on? WOW! Were they a group of kids that could even breath? Enjoy your stay in ILM. Don’t worry your squad will be forgotten about in 2 more days! And your foolish comment as well!

  • BasketballFan

    I saw nothing impressive about ANY of the visiting teams. Did Lynch pick these teams as he does his Laney schedule?

  • As to what I saw,nc don’t have much to offer. Laurens could have beat any team in the turnament but like we knew coming into this turney that the locals would get all the calls and they did and thats why they r always in the championship game. Laurens was the only team I saw that had real talent and should of won it all seriously on the real.

  • luquon choice is better than anybody on hoggard or new hanover and as for the talent in sc, i didn’t see any team that could beat any team in upstate. Laurens lost to hoggard and it’s a game we should have won but thanks to home town refs hoggard got the win.


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