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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As you surely know, shopping around the holidays can be somewhat chaotic. But this year there was a big rush for one special item across the country inspired by a hometown hero. As the old commercials would say, “It’s gotta be the shoes.”

Every year around Christmastime there seems to be that one present that shoppers go crazy for. This year, for many sports fans, it was the newest Air Jordan shoe. The shoe caused madness across the country and even right here in Wilmington.

“Last night when we closed the store, there was already people starting to gather, and they knew they weren’t coming out until 9 o’clock in the morning when we open,” said Kate Lapp, who works at Boseman’s Sporting Goods in Wilmington.

Holiday shoppers camped out last night at Boseman’s for the release of the Retro Air Jordan 11 Concords. Many of those shoppers made the best of the situation.

“People ordered pizza, had gallons of sweet tea, McAllister’s deli trays, everything,” Lapp said. “They were all out there, I guess having fun.”

Boseman’s received 24 pairs in men’s sizes and 24 pairs in kid’s sizes. Employees say the store opened early for the occasion, and they were sold out of the shoes within 30 minutes.

But while there may have been excitement here in Michael Jordan’s hometown, it was nothing like the chaos in other places.

In California there were reports of shots fired over the shoes.

Last night in Charlotte police were called to at least three malls because of the crowds. At one mall glass door was even smashed.

“People started getting restless, so they cracked open the doors, and the next thing you know people started getting trampled and bum rushed. The doors fell on some girls heads, and it was horrible. It was real bad,” one shopper said.

Although many people across the country missed out on the hot item, they are already being resold online. The only problem is, in many cases, the asking price is at least double the original price of about $175.

It all proving that more than 30 years after Jordan left Wilmington and nearly a decade since he retired from the NBA, his Jumpman brand is still as popular as ever.

This is not the first time there’s been such a frenzy for Air Jordans since they debuted in 1985. They’ve been so popular at points that some people have been mugged or even killed for theirs.

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  • Guest238

    I was not the one that posted that fact. If you can understand the English language, you will see that I asked a question,”Why don’t you do your own research?” which no one has answered. I haven’t tossed out anything but I do love pie.

  • GuestImpatient

    Geeezzz, man. Can’t you just answer the question? Like good old Harry S. Truman said, “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.” You’re doing a great job at that.

    You’re trying to answer questions you weren’t even asked, and you’re trying to get everyone to jump over all kinds of obstacles so that they’ll forget the original question. But it’s still right here on this forum. Just look up higher and you’ll see it.

    But you won’t answer it because you can’t. You’re just tossing out some made up bullsh*t and hoping no one will ask. Well, someone asked. The only way to get that pie off your face is to answer the original question.

  • Guest Lee

    That wasn’t my question. My question was where did you find your research on “which segment of society is overwhelmingly a recipient of welfare, has the highest drop out rate, has the largest percentage in prison, and has the largest rate of children born to single parent families.” You said if we researched it, we would be surprised to find out the answer. Where is the research you referred to so we can all see it?

  • Guest238

    I am a white guy. 57 years old, steady job, veteran, and lily white.

  • GuestQuestion

    Why can’t you just answer the question? Could it be because…gasp…you don’t have an answer? He sure made you look like an *ss on this one!! HaHaHaHa!

  • Guest55555

    Go ahead, tell him everything you know. It’ll only take about 10 seconds.

    Once you’ve lost your temper, you’ve lost the argument.

  • Guest24

    Yes, please do the work for us and answer the guy’s simple question…unless you don’t really know the answer, and you’re just trying to p*ss in everybody’s ear and make them think it’s rain.

    We’re waiting….

  • Guest Lee

    I was simply asking for clarification of your post. Now I realize, you’re the biggest racist I know. You make the white guys look like small fry. They got nothing on you.

  • Guest238

    Why don’t you do your own research, or do you want some minority to do your work for you like most racists do.

  • Guest3

    Tell us where to find this “research” so we can all be so enlightened. I’m curious to find out.

  • Guest9743

    If you do a little more research I think you’ll be surprised at the answer to your first question, it won’t be what you think!!!

  • Monkey Junction

    Jesus does not approve of this thread.

  • guesty

    Want to know how to starve an Obama supporter? Put their EBT card in their work pants.

  • justwondering

    If their was a Nike Air Jordan Work Boot, would there be that much demand for them ?

  • Guest123

    which segment of society is overwhelmingly a recipient of welfare, has the highest drop out rate, has the largest percentage in prison, has the largest rate of children born to single parent families,…just wondering

  • GuestUsed2B99x

    David, ’round here challenging some of these folks is like shoveling sand against the tide. What you are dealing with here is a group that under its own delusional influence believes that it is the sole possessor of all society’s virtue.

    I’ve wondered what happened to the organizers and leadership of the erstwhile “Moral Majority”. I think we have discovered the commune or possible coven they have formed.

  • P. T. Barnum was credited as saying “There’s a sucker born every minute.” I paraphrase that to: There’s a moron born every minute. The MSNBC website states the shoes retail at $180.00 and are going on eBay for $605.00, and that “sneakerheads” will often not ever take them out of the box. Asinine ignorance. Does no one have their priorities straight anymore?

  • downward spiral

    I never read anywhere of anyone attacking blacks, hispanics, asians or any other race. What I did read is some mentioning whites, white boys to be exact and it did seem someone already has a underlying opinion of whites, anyway. The issue isn’t race, it’s culture or lack of that has made society “the me” generation. The comments in this article prove that some people are looking to shout racism just so they can siliently justify their own prejudices, because I never heard a race slandered. The truth is that most of the world has become a dog eat dog world. Even here in America with all freedoms that still isn’t enough for some and it is a excuse for others to act without regaurd, white, black, hispanic whatever. It may seem that we’re heading in a downward spiral.

  • EKH

    Look at your TV or PC or whatever you have and tell us “racists” what you see! Shots fired, muggings, malls having to close down, breaking down the malls doors, mothers leaving babies in cars all night or keeping them out all night in the cold!! For some SHOES…really? Oh, and then the BEST part.. lets LICK the bottom from heal to toe on the news! I don’t understand that at ALL? But I AM white so I must then be a RACIST, right? I think I paid $18 for my shoes years ago and still have them. I’m no shoe connoisseur like all these other people must be. Maybe I’d lick the bottoms of my shoes if I was. Then again, I don’t think so. Shoes are made for walking so lets hope all these beautiful people walk into the unemployment office and get a job..

  • guesty

    The 3 fingers pointing back are meant to show the uneducated, uncivilized animals we are pointing at that there are people that can behave and follow laws.

  • JoeGuest

    If you assume that someone talking about people on welfare was only referring to black people, doesn’t that make YOU the racist one?

  • david

    also picking on poor people in the cheese “line” /ebt. you are scum of our society

    people who point fingers have 3 pointing back!

  • Guest 345

    So you people automatically assumed the people buying Jordans are on welfare and are criminals? Wow, you all are ignorant. So do you also make the same assumption of those who camp out for the lastest iphone/ipod/tv or what have you? They cause disturbances as well. What about that lady that pepper sprayed folks during black friday..was she on welfare too??? Check the statistics folks. There are just as many rural/urban young white boys that wear jordans as there are minorities. Also a known fact.. more whites buy rap music than any other race. Picture that! This has nothing to do with race..just like the woman pepper spraying didn’t have anything to do with race. It was the acts of a few bad apples that made it a bad shopping experience for others who were waiting patiently. It’s always the few that spoil it for everyone else. The racial undertones are uncalled for. Peace

  • dittos

    Same behavior by the same demographic……yawn.

  • Guest3130

    . . . any difference between this, and when new iPhones/iPads/HDTV’s are release, except for the thinly veiled racist comments on this story. Shame on all of you.

  • karmyn

    Wow get your priorities straight,while u struggle for a pair of shoes your airness is getting richer.shoes are shoes why try n be like everyone else.be real

  • deputy 25

    well, just look at what you see on the video. typical. looks like left over occupy wall street protesters. would you expect anything different? trash, fighting , punching, looks like a bunch of thugs over a pair of shoes! looks like a cheese line back in the 70’s!!!

  • GuestFffgghdrd

    That is absolutely idiotic. What the HELL would a person who would fight to spend $180 on Michael Jordan brand shoes have in common with someone who would protest against the wealthiest 1%, Michael Jordan being included in that 1%. I would bet that the majority of the Jordan buyers had never even heard of the occupy wall street movement.

    Do you even think before you blurt out idiotic, Obama hating, disgused racist rantings? If you’re going to have an opinion of any kind, left right or radical, that’s perfectly fine but for Christ sake MAKE SENSE! you just end up proving you’re an idiot.

  • guesty

    Uncivilized animals.

  • yawn yawn yawn

    Some of you posters really do need to get a life. Every time I visit this sight, the same perfect critics are posting identical sentiments over and over and over – yawn yawn yawn – so Pathetic!

  • Shoes, dolls, big screen tv, IPOD… MORONS!

  • anne

    “Stupid is as stupid does” – that about sums it up.

  • alex b

    do you think these people are as passionate about getting a great education and helping others? probably not. their whole universe revolves around satisfying their wants for the moment. things and or people who get in their way are but obstacles. no regard for cilvility… just a selfish attitude of entitlement.

  • Wentra

    Right out of my mouth Alex. As a teacher,I see many of my students show up day after day without the necessary school supplies or even lunch money. Some of them wear the same dirty jackets and sweaters every day. But, they have the very latest Smartphones and Ipods on them. They are the same ones whose parents couldn’t show up for a conference or return phone calls to the school to save their life.

  • EKH

    As soon as I read I knew this had to happen in other malls so I googled air jordan arrests and sure enough, Atlanta, Washington, etc etc… Sorry kidz, no food dis month cuz daddy needs dat SSI check fo sum AIR JORDANS!! Dats rite!

  • SurfCityTom

    to the truth than you realize.

    My question — does Foot Locker accept EBT cards?

  • deputy 25

    that’s funny there, BUT SO TRUE!!!

  • tommy

    comments show your racist Merry Xmas
    comments show your racist Merry Xmas
    comments show your racist Merry Xmas
    comments show your racist Merry Xmas
    comments show your racist Merry Xmas
    comments show your racist Merry Xmas

    and kiss my A** lalala

  • Guest211


  • Guestnot

    Pot meet kettle.

    It’s vocabulary, not vocabuliary. Check your own spelling and grammar before being snide to others.

  • guesty

    I have a life and it doesn’t involve committing crimes or rioting over shoes. Go back to sleep if we are so boring.

  • GuestUsed2Bx99

    She has a life, multi-yawns…. unfortunately her life’s work is scorning and disparaging others.

  • guesty

    Wow GuestUsed2Bx99, you really are like a puppy that can’t help but to follow her master around. Good girl, don’t pee in the house again.

  • Must you use the name of Christ to make a point? You are just as hypocritical and idiotic as those you accuse.

  • Guest238

    Why don’t you ask Guesty? He probably knows.

  • Guest1165

    Why? Do you need something?

  • guesty

    Sorry, I’ve never received any government welfare, medical, housing, phone or any other program of that type. I prefer to pay my own bills with the money I earn and not rely on tax money to live.


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