Chanukah celebrates triumph of good over evil

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Submitted: Sun, 12/25/2011 - 5:10pm
Updated: Mon, 12/26/2011 - 3:48pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While many are celebrating Christmas, another religious group is enjoying the Festival of Lights.

The Jewish community celebrates Chanukah each year to remember one of God’s great miracles more than 2,000 years ago. Around 100 members from Wilmington’s Jewish community gathered in Riverfront Park Saturday night to light the fifth candle on the menorah.

The eight candles represent the eight days that one day’s worth of special oil lasted in the Jewish Temple after the Greeks ransacked it.

“An important aspect in the holiday of Chanukah is publicizing the miracle which was good overcoming evil,” Rabbi Moshe Lieblich said. “That’s a message that’s universal, therefore we feel it’s important to publicize it as much as we can.”

Lieblich said the Jews had to fight for their religious freedom, and good did overcome evil. The riverfront menorah lighting is the only public lighting in town.


  • Sam says:

    Why the Wwaytv they never say some thing
    About Muslim new year it was last month
    That and that a lot of Muslim live in wilmington
    That my concern
    In the month of Ramadan never say some
    About our community
    كل عام والعالم بألف خير بعيد عن الحروب والظلم ويعيش
    العالم بأمان وسلام

  • Giungerengineer says:

    Did you contact WWAY or any other media outlet with information on local observations? Did you open your ‘celebration’ up to anyone else or only to those in your ‘community’? It seems a bit ironic (really quite laughable) that you waited a month to find a story to add a complaint and when you did you choose to add you comment onto the story about Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday, and not any other celebration. If you would like to gain some ‘respect for you celebration’, may I suggest that you do this on the merits of your celebration without trying to diminish anyone elses.

  • Taborgirl says:

    Did you ever stop to think that the Wilmington area is traditionaly a Christian and Jewish area? If you are unhappy about the way WWAY reports, contact them directly. Don’t complain on a comment about another story. Go directly to the site. By the way, why post something in a language that most of the people of this area can’t read…is there something there you don’t want most of the folks around here to be able to read????

  • GuestUsed2Bx99 says:

    Hey, there could be a silver lining to the foreign writing in Sam’s post. I could be a denunciation of the Islamist bombings in Nigeria on Christmas Day.

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