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NEW YORK (AP) — Drug companies are working to develop a pure, more powerful version of the nation’s second most-abused medicine. That has addiction experts worried that it could spur a new wave of abuse.

The new pills contain the addictive painkiller hydrocodone. They pack up to 10 times the amount of the drug as medications such as Vicodin.

If approved, it would mark the first time patients could legally buy pure hydrocodone. Existing products combine the drug with nonaddictive painkillers such as acetaminophen.

Critics say abusers might crush the pills to get high. That’s exactly what people do with oxycodone, which is the most-abused medicine in the US.

The pharmaceutical firms say the new drugs give doctors another tool to help patients manage pain. The companies also say patients will be more closely supervised.

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  • Guest28451

    Pain management isnt exactly a fixed science. Oxycodone already exists in a pure form and in fact they did that due to concerns and limits of tylenol intake. Reality is there are plenty of legal substances people can abuse like alcohol or worse other OTC and household items that can be abused. Does that mean they should all be made illegal if so then we need to outlaw all cough medicines because of their potential for abuse by so called “Robotrippin” (named after robitussin) or glue or paint as people like to HUFF. Im far from an advocate for pushing addictive substances on the public but the reality is there is a legitimate medical reason for this being done and I dont see any difference between it and the already legal Oxycodone and Oxycontin.

  • crossthread

    From the Story above…

    Critics say abusers might crush the pills to get high. That’s exactly what people do with oxycodone, which is the most-abused medicine in the US.

    Which, ATM is a *MYTH*, Pharma manufactures “fixed” the Pill itself(Oxycoton), where-as if you even tried to crush/dissolve the Pill itself, renders the “Pain Relief” inside “useless”..

    Cannot the same “tech” or chemistry, be used for this same pain-killer?

  • Guest96

    Oxycodone abuse is not a myth.

    It is true that Oxycodone is found in Oxycontin.
    (Oxycontin is a brand name)

    You are also correct in that Oxycontin’s manufacturer has made changes in an attempt to curb abuse.

    However, Oxycodone is also found in Percocet, Roxicet, and other narcotic pain relievers which are often misused. This includes crushing.

  • Guest 2

    Who is watching the pain management doctors? I have seen several family members and friends deteriorate after becoming patients of one Wilmingon office. They have progressed from simple “back” issues to being on the heaviest of the heavy painkillers. The doctors keep prescribing stronger and stronger medicine and they become more and more dependent. It is one of the worst addictions I have ever been around because the patient feels like they aren’t doing anything wrong. I feel for any family that has a loved one going down this road..it will be rough!


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