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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says an apparent case of domestic violence last night ended with the people involved being shot by a deputy.

The Sheriff’s Office says at 10:17 p.m. deputies were dispatched to 377 Lansan Lane near Leland for an assault with a deadly weapon. Inside the home deputies say they found Cassey Thomas, 43, who was trying to stab her husband, Timothy Thomas, 48.

The deputies challenged Cassey Thomas, and ordered her to drop her weapon. When she did not drop it, Sgt. Brian Tully fired two shots.

Cassie Thomas suffered a gunshot wound to her abdomen, and Timothy Thomas was hit in the upper right leg. Mr. Thomas also suffered a stab wound to his upper back. The Sheriff’s Office says all the injuries are considered to be non-life threatening.

Sheriff John Ingram has asked the SBI to conduct a criminal investigation. The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office of Professional Standards is conducting an internal investigation of the shooting.

The Sheriff’s Office says Sgt. Tully is on paid administrative leave.

Domestic violence and assault charges are pending against Cassey Thomas.

Attempts to reach a spokesperson for the SBI have been unsuccessful, because today is a state holiday.

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    The officer was legally justified in applying deadly force when she refused to drop the knife. For those of you NOT in the know, domestic violence calls are STILL one of the deadliest calls for an officer to respond to….

    ….and that’s all there is to say about it.

  • BCresident

    It amazes me to read all the comments and realize how many negative and judgmental people there are. You all assume, after reading a very short and incomplete article, that you have all the facts and details of a situation and you precede to pass judgement on the people involved. First of all, the article clearly stated that the SBI will do an investigation and there will also be an internal investigation based on Professional Standards as is protocol. Even when those investigations are complete, you will only be told in the media, what the results were. Some of the details will not be printed. And even then, YOU WERE NOT THERE!! We can all sit back and say what we would do in certain situations, but the truth is that what we say is what we would WANT to do, we wouldn’t really know what we would do unless we actually were faced with the situation. My husband is an LEO and he would be the first to say that you have less than a second to make a decision. I think this man would be glad to have a bullet in the leg instead of a knife through his heart, I know I would!!! Less than a second…..think about that, then time it and think about having to make a life saving decision in that amount of time!! Stop passing judgement on others and leave that to God, it’s His job anyway!! Thank you to all LEO’s for All you do!!

  • She took a knife to a knife to a gun fight.

  • deputy 25

    stop means stop not keep going. as ole yosemite sam used to say. ” when i say whoa mule, i mean whoa”

  • RSimmons

    Talk about a bad night! You call 911 because your wife is trying to dress you out like a deer. Then a Bubba with a Badge shoots you too.

  • GuestUsed2Bx99

    RSimmons, what do you think is more scary; idiots working in law enforcement or the people who support them?

  • Candy

    Why didn’t the officer use a taser or pepper spray? He shot her twice, I guess one bullet wasn’t enough.

  • guesty

    Police train to eliminate the threat.

  • Guest-yo

    While I don’t want either pointed at me, pepper spray and tasers don’t quite demand the same respect that a gun does. I’ve watched every episode of the show Cops and every Police Academy movie, so I’m pretty much an expert in law enforcement (give or take a few minor details). Pepper spray and tasers don’t always work, so when you’re in the midst of a life threatening event like of a stabbing, a gun is the tool you need to take down the perp (that’s police lingo, google it if you don’t already know).

  • carla

    He (officer) did’nt shoot her twice each one got one shoot . But her husband had a stab wound from her (WIFE) stab her husband will stab anybody YES THE OFFICER HAD ALL RIGHT TO TAKE ACTION TO MAKE HER DROP THE WEAPON AFTER REFUSING HIS REQUEST TO DO SO THAT WAS STUPID

  • deputy 25

    are you an officer?? i guess not with a question like that. maybe you should become one and take a call like that, see what you would ask then!! yes i am, deputy 25 years. yes , have dealt with calls like that. most would comply when a gun is pointed at you. she didn’t.

  • BCresident

    Well let’s think about this….if you walk in and someone is about to stab someone else in the heart, would you take the time to “try” the taser or shoot to stop??? Prime example of why people should not pass judgement when they don’t know all the facts!

  • enoughalready20

    If they wasn’t acting so stupid the sheriff’s deputy wouldn’t have been called. They may have been drunk or high on something, you think. I would have shot too, especially with a woman wheeling a knife around. Da

  • ortega peru

    dude i actually know these people, they were my best friends parents. SHE was the one who was drunk and high. and it was completely unprovoked on his end.

  • GuestUsed2Bx99

    25, with due respect, this Deputy was responding to a domestic violence call. If you are driving a team of two mules and they don’t stop on command, what are you going to do? Shoot both of them?? Just ’cause you say “whoa” doesn’t mean the world’s going to listen to you.

  • deputy 25

    and yosimite sam got off the mule and busted him in the head. so in the deputies terms, i am saying she didn’t stop so he shot her.that is what he was suppose to do. when an officer says stop, you stop , if not u take out the threat. that was what i was saying in my first comment.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Well stupid when you say whoa and follow it up with a bullet, the world in fact does listen.

  • timothy thomas jr


  • deputy 25

    let me guess the minor details????

  • deputy 25

    u love us when u need us and hate us when u dont. dont worry if u never call the law, then i guess u deal with no idiots. but on the other hand we deal with idiots like you everyday!!!

  • Guest21

    You’re no more of a LEO than my dog lying down here. You can’t even compose a decent sentence. I was a cop, years ago. If you were not there, you can’t say what you would or would not do. However, unless the woman came toward me with the knife, which has not been said, I believe I would have held off on the deadly force for a few more moments. I mean, he shot the victim, as well. The officer’s judgment is certainly questionable here.

  • deputy 25

    u r crazy. i am still an officer. old school deputy!! have been since 1986. u r going to hold off while she is still using the knife on the victim after being told to stop?? one more lick and it hits a main vein and he bleeds to death!!! then all would be saying, why didn’t u shoot her?? arm chair quarterbacks are a dime a dozen. if you were a cop years ago u would have not even made this comment.i compose a sentence when i have time. maybe u cant comprehend a sentence in full. u r a bleeding heart liberal. probably got fired from being an officer for not ” PROTECTING AND SERVING’ is that not what this officer did???? the use of force that we have to read and sign each year in, in service training, for the state.it says’ use of force necessary to make the arrest,which means a little more force than they are using, or in the event of deadly force to protect yourself or the life of a third party. maybe u need to brush up your skills a little and get back out here in the real world. i have been in situations like this several times. most people comply, she didn’t, he done what he needed to do. better check your dog there,see if he/she has a badge, my badge has ‘Sergeant’ on it. where is your badge? did you retire or they retire you and your dog??? if not you need to be retired.

  • Guest21

    No, Sergeant Bubba, I don’t think you have ever been any closer to law enforcement than watching “Cops” on your black and white TV. If you were, you must have been terminated from Leland. Your posts prove you just don’t have the intelligence needed for state certification.

  • TheRealGuest99x

    Hey, Sergeant Stedenko, did the possibility that the second bullet fired by law enforcement could have hit the man in a vital place ever occur to you?

  • deputy25

    2 counties north of Leland.deputy since 1986, sgt. since 1994 to present. graduated from jscc criminal justice 1986, blet since 1987.

  • Law Family

    So many people are quick to judge this officer, but none of those commenting were in his position. He had to make a serious decision in a split second. That decision likely determined whether he made it home at the end of his shift or not. Officers are trained to make these decisions and pray that they are never forced to do so. We should all be thankful that the vast majority of cops are out there trying to protect the public – even at the risk of their own personal safety. I would rather an officer make it home safely than attend an officer’s funeral.

  • Guestletsfindthefacts

    People, you were not there and I was not there. Plain and simple fact! Certainly a threat was going down that could be deadly as the man had been stabbed in the back! So, instead of all you TV (COPS) watchers setting down to your own little jury panel votes, and without any real facts to the matter, why don’t you just shut the hell up and let the professionals (SBI) do their investigation?

    You know it is so easy to sit all cosy and warm in front of your computer with not a care in the world (for your life or the life of a loved one) and think of all the things Popeye, Mighty Mouse, or some other cartoon hero would do? The vast many out there have never been in a position of a moments thought time could mean life and death. That is what the street cop has to deal with. And even the “professional” analyze this from the comfort of a meeting room far away from the actual event or any danger at all.

    Bottom line, if she had complied and put the knife down, this story would not be in the news today because, NOT ONE PERSON WOULD HAVE BEEN INURED!

  • BCresident

    Well said!!

  • Donald Hewett

    All that shows is what a punk he is. shooting a lady. Your a coward tully. Guess you got you a vacation now gettin up with carson should be easy now. or dead end saloon lol thats your baby coward.

  • Grand Ole Party

    How can you be that ignorant? What does being a female have to do with using deadly force? So if a female is threatening you with a deadly weapon you are just going to stand there and look stupid? I would bet that look is not hard to come by for you Donald. By the way genius, it should read YOU’RE a coward. Not YOUR.

  • Resident

    Dear Office Tulley,

    I know that you had to make a tough decision and I am so happy that you were not injuried. These situtations are very difficult, but the decision you made most likely saved your life. I hope the community appreciates what it takes to walk in to a domestic fight, at night, with drugs and booze playing a factor and then have to make the single, most difficult decision of your life, to fire your weapon.

    To the general public, be glad someone else had to make that decision because trust me when I say that it will play on his mind for the rest of his life.

    God bless our LEO’s.

  • Guest28451

    The officer obviously needs remedial firearms training. To have shot the poor victim in this while trying to shoot the perp is inexcusable. Sgt Tully obviously didnt have control of his weapon after the recoil of the 1st shot as he was aiming for center of mass on the perp (hitting her low apparently) so to shoot the victim as well means he had significant drift of his aiming point after the 1st shot he’s lucky he didnt actually kill the victim honestly. All it takes is hitting the femoral artery and he’d likely never make it (this is what killed a Redskins player a few years back in a robbery). Not questioning his choice to use deadly force but when you make that choice you have to be able to utilize it properly and in this situation he didnt have full control of his weapon which is unfortuante overall.

    Rule #1: Gun Control means hitting what you aim at and not losing control on recoil as standard rules for Deadly Force is 2 repeative shots aka Double Tap.

    Rule #2: Innocent people can get hurt if you fail to adhere to Rule #1

  • BCresident

    Oh, so you were there and seen what and how it happened?? Nope, didn’t think so. It’s not nice to pass judgement on something when you were not actually there. The story doesn’t exactly say what happened for sure, just speculation. How about waiting for the results of the investigation before making a decision on control of the gun. LEO’s are out there just doing their best to try to serve and protect the people of this county, which is not always an easy task. It infuriates me that while they are doing the best they can everyday, there are negative people spewing their negative “opinions” all over the place when they are not even there and don’t really know the situation, only the bits and pieces of what the media displays.

  • bentheredonethat

    Well sir, you sure gave a darn pretty good talk about how all is suppose to go down and happen. Sounds like it came right out of the books. Nice thing about books, no one has to bleed and mistakes can be taken care of with an eraser. It is obvious that you are a paper firearms expert that may even have some training and knowledge at hitting paper targets. But, it is also very evident that you have never been in a firefight in your life or been confronted by a situation where your actions could mean life or death to you or another. All that stuff you had to say, great on the chalk board or on a blog but not real life and death. Not even close. Take a tour to the Mideast and see what you have to say when you get back. Of course, if you get back. If you go without knowing more than you know right now, you won’t be coming home and probably some other poor slobs won’t because you will be thinking about what to do and how rather than taking action. Sure as hell would not want to be in your unit!

  • Grand Ole Party

    Nobody cares what your problems are with the shooting. Been watching to much NCIS? Go watch some tv and let the big boys handle the big problems.


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