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CHADBOURN, NC (WWAY) — It’s been three days since a teenager was killed and two other people hurt by a single bullet in Chadbourn. Neighbors say not only are they surprised by what happened, but also that they believe it was not an accident.

“She took two breaths. She took one, and then she took another one, and I knew that second breath… she was gone,” said neighbor Donald Evans, who rushed to the scene of the shooting to give CPR after hearing the gunshot Friday.

There are blood stains on the lawn and a bullet hole in the window, but still no answers about what happened Friday morning on East 3rd Avenue in Chadbourn.

Neighbors say Jasmine Danielle Thar, 16, from Charlotte, died after what police are reportedly labeling an “accidental” shooting.

According to the Whiteville News Reporter James Anthony Blackwell, who lives across the street from where the victims were shot and who neighbors say has a military background, told investigators his .308 Remington rifle accidentally fired once as he took it out of a case in his home.

Neighbors are not so sure.

“That rifle had to be aimed,” neighbor Sylvia Evans said. “I mean it just don’t go off straight like that and straight out the window from the case to straight up in a row, you know what I’m saying? Some kind of way, something’s not right.”

Neighbors say Thar was with her cousin Jahmesha McMillian and her aunt Treka McMillian, when they were leaving a relative’s home on their way to Myrtle Beach to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. Chadbourn Police say that’s when Blackwell’s rifle fired hitting all three women.

“I don’t see how it could be an accident,” Donald Evans said. “I don’t see how an accident could shoot three people and be labeled as an accident. I just do not see how it could be done that way.”

Jahmesha McMillian is still in Columbus County Regional Medical Center and is listed in stable condition. Treka McMillian was treated and released.

The Whiteville News Reporter says Blackwell is cooperating with investigators, and no charges have been filed against him at this time.

We tried to get more information from Chadbourn Police today. They said Chief Steven Shaw was the only person who could release information. He did not return several calls. When we went by the police department today, no one was there.

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  • Guesticles

    “Neighbors say not only are they surprised by what happened, but also that they believe it was not an accident.”

    Why would they be surprised about what happened, but then not believe it was an accident? Wouldn’t that be the surprise, if it wasn’t an accident? I don’t understand their logic.

  • Jimmy Davis

    Justifying wrong has always been a tactic of the suppressor/wrong doer. Chadbourn has again out done itself. Surely, anything is possible but this is not likely an accident. Just like an animal mark’s it territory, this was the obvious reenactment of Mr. Blackwell doing the same. This is 2011 and we are still afraid of calling a spade a spade. This action/shooting is meant to send a message to those who are thinking about moving in that area/across the tracks. Whether the rifle has a recall or not the defected weapon was over-look. Now, it the legal system reponsibility to address this oversight and charge the violator.

  • Guestdiva

    I think they meant to say that neighbors are not surprised by what happened.
    The REAL question would be: Why are they not surprised and why do they think that he would do something like this on purpose. If I was suspicious of my neighbor I would have done something about it before something terrible like this happened.

  • Guestez

    Yea, my car had a recall on it Honda sent me a note in the mail and I got it fixed asap if you really must know. He still killed a young lady at the end of the day and needs to be held accountable!!

  • Helixx

    Do some research. It is entirely possible you are driving a car with an active recall on it. Why are you still driving it? You could potentially kill a lot of people with your car. How are your brakes and tires while we are at it?

    There is no law that says someone who owns a recalled product NEEDS to send it back. Further – not everyone is aware of recalls when they happen. It is no small secret that manufacturers often like to “hide” recalls to A) save them money and B) To maintain brand confidence and reputation.

    This issue – as tragic as it is has little to do with the firearm’s mechanism and everything to do with improper handling/maintenance. The gun owner has clearly broken several cardinal rules of gun safety/ownership – any of which would have prevented this situation, recall or not.

    The Remington trigger issue – though fairly widely known primarily affects pre-1982 700 rifles with the non x-mark trigger. It is also precipitated by rust (ie: lack of maintenence/cleaning), modifications or worn/broken parts. A properly cared-for 700 in good working order – even with the questionable trigger will not AD.

    The questions I would be asking are:

    – Why did he not unload the firearm before putting it in the case?
    – Does he check his fire control group regularly and keep it clean/oiled?
    – Does he clean his rifle regularly?

    I am willing to bet the answers as to why this tragedy happened will be found within those 3 questions.

  • Guestez

    MY car is in excellent shape because I am a responsible adult who knows how to handle her responsibilities I can’t say the same for the man in question tho…

  • Bluebird

    Why is it not being told about the two dozen people that have been killed from this model misfiring.

    This gun has a recall on it

    Also why is it not being told the window was closed. The scope was closed. And the three peope where standing in a row, which explains the one bullet hitting all three.

  • Guestez

    IF the gun had a recall on it why did he still have it in his possession? I know his family and friends are taking up for him on other websites but 2 people were hurt and 1 killed. RIP Jasmine!! He’s mightly lucky I’m not saying it to more than 1 person. He needs to be held accountable for having a gun that had a recall on it IF it was recalled–because a young lady is no longer here because of him.

  • Sue

    How can they call this an accident with the training he had with a guns. He should have check to make show there were not any ammunition in there. Like someone said he had to aimed the gun out of that window. When I first heard what happen I did not believe it. May prayers goes out to the Thar Family.

  • Accidents happen.

  • Your kidding right

    Let me guess. Your white?? Does this really sound like an accident? If it was your family and the shooter was black, would you still say the same?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    ….the fact that one bullet hit three people inducates that it likely WAS an accident. No school in the military, to include both the Army and Marine Corps Sniper Schools train to set up trick shots to engage multiple targets. You take out your primary target. That’s because you can never predict that your round will not deflect or fail to completely penetrate the primary target.

    If he was intent on shooting all three, he would have simply fired three shots.

    That said, no one “with a military background” can be excused for keeping a loaded weapon in a case. It is extreme negligence, and criminal charges for involuntary manslaughter should be filed.

  • Carteret Cty

    “It is extreme negligence, and criminal charges for involuntary manslaughter should be filed.”

  • Honesty

    Without question, I agree with your last paragraph, however, if my intent was to claim accidental shooting, I’m not going to shoot at 3 people; one good shot would serve me well as accidental.

    We do need to take the shooter’s entire background into account…..do we not?

  • father (step father)

    if the victims were three white females and the shooter was a black man would he be walking the streets with a ongoing investigation accident or no accident in north carolina or anywhere in the USA

  • RK

    The question should not be whether it was an accident or not. The question should be WHY is the shooting not being taken to trial for investigation. If it so proven to be an accident, then people, inlcuding family memebers will be more understanding of how such a thing can happen. It should not be legal for anyone to just “SAY” to a police offier or anyone else that any killing was ‘JUST” an accident. It should be illegal for a police office to not arrest someone, when there is a shooting and a death involved. Accidental killings need to be taken to trial and proven to be an accident and justice should not depend on race, which unfortunately in this country sometimes does.


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