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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — A fight is brewing over where people with concealed weapons permits can carry guns when they’re in public parks in some North Carolina cities.

A law that took effect this month prohibits cities from banning guns in parks. But it allows them to prohibit people from carrying guns to specific recreation facilities like athletic fields and swimming pools.

Grass Roots North Carolina, a gun rights advocacy group, says some cities are passing ordinances that stretch those definitions in a bid to sidestep the new law. The group is recruiting plaintiffs for potential litigation.

But North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, a group that’s been working to get the ordinances passed, says cities are acting within the boundaries of the law.

Both sides expect the matter to be settled in court.

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  • John A. Difloure

    FBI Statistics prove that concealed permit holders are a very safe group. North Carolinans Against Gun Violence are for disarming concerned citizens who obey the laws and want to protect themselves. These groups offer no protection against killers and crooks who will not obey the laws. In this manner the liberals will ask for more government protection which in the long run is all they care about – bigger government.

    Remember – when seconds count, your local law enforcement is only minutes away.

  • WriteRight

    For the life of me I can’t understand those that insist on maintaining or creating “victim zones.” I am no more likely to shoot someone at a ballgame at the park because I lawfully carry a concealed weapon as I am likely to grab a bat and knock them in the head! A criminal is a criminal. A lawful conceal-carry citizen is exactly that until proven otherwise. I would like to see the data that somehow proves that more lawfully vetted citizens that have been permitted to carry a concealed handgun increases violence. Any out there? Remember people, it is common sense. Ask yourself did the Columbine criminals have a permit? Did the criminal that “tried” to rob the store on Wrightsville Avenue have a permit? How about the criminal that tried to rob the store on Princess? Permit? Right, criminals don’t seem to abide by the law. Oh I know, that’s why they are criminals and that’s why I carry not only one but two handguns. Oh the horror! I just don’t get it but then again I have never understood the illness that is liberalism and it’s disdain for citizens to lawfully have the ability to protect themselves and their families. Maybe “It’s a victim thing. You wouldn’t understand.” Now there’s a tee shirt! Maybe I could sell those on NPR, CNN, North Carolinians Against Gun Violence websites…hmmm.

  • Mike T

    Whats the point, why not just strap that heat around your waist so all us normal people will know where the crazy’s are. Better yet why don’t these nuts stay home in front of the TV and when the the Boogy man breaks in just blow him away!!! What a shame when people cant go to a park or a little league game without the fear that some sick fool has a concealed weapon on their person. We don’t need it!! This right to bear arms issue is way out of hand.

  • WriteRight

    1. I don’t personally open carry due to the reaction such as the one exhibited in your post.
    2. “crazy’s, nuts, sick fools” is name calling and a typical tactic of liberals who can’t debate an issue in a civil and “sane” manner.

    However Mike T I will agree with you on part of your post with a bit of editing.

    “What a shame people can’t go to a park or a little league game” or any other public place without the seemingly ever increasing possibility “that some sick fool has” an ILLEGALLY “concealed weapon on their person.”

    If you don’t wish to bear arms then don’t. But don’t try to paint those that choose to do so as “crazy’s, nuts, sick fools.” Reactions such as those are really what is out of hand.

  • concealed

    The people that take the time to get a concealed carry permit aren’t the ones you need to worry about, they could very well save your liberal life some day. Criminals carry concealed weapons and prey on people (like you)that they know are unarmed and places they know concealed carry isn’t permitted. I felt like the odds were a little more even when some guy approached my vehicle the other morning at a drive in window at 5am. He had one hand in his pocket but pulled it out and backed away once he saw me reach for my .45.

    You liberals think the cops can protect everyone at all times but you are sadly mistaken.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Why not learn the facts on the requirements to obtain a concealed carry permit and the statistics on how few permits are pulled for cause every year before you make such foolish statements?

    Since you FEAR armed law abiding citizens who would never in a million years do anything to hurt you, I’m surprised you have the backbone to attend a little league game. Aren’t you deathly afraid of foul balls?

  • open your mind

    So now people who decide to carry a concealed hand gun for the protection of there family are not normal? We are crazy?
    “What a shame when people cant go to a park or a little league game without the fear that some sick fool” will pull out an illegal gun and randomly start shooting people! I would bet that if your family was in a place where someone with an illegal fire arm started randomly shooting, you would like one of us “crazy” people with a LEGAL concealed handgun to defend your family.
    Have you ever taken the time to see what it takes to get a concealed handgun permit? There are very strict regulations. Only law abiding citizens can acquire one.
    Please open your mind and do some research. Its not the law abiding citizens you need to worry about. Its the felon who just decides he is going to carry a gun and rob a store or another citizen you need to worry about.
    I can tell you this, if and when THAT person decides to rob me or the store I am in, he had better make sure he is ready to use that firearm because I WILL defend myself and my family or any third party. yes, even you and your family.

  • John A. Difloure

    Check with those who know you. You’re not normal.

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    Personally I am all for more laws controlling guns. At least those that have no business in the hands of ordinary people…automatic weapons, ak47s and grenade launchers. However, someone with a lawful concealed gun permit is not someone I have a problem with. Carrying a gun is a right in this country and doing so lawfully and through the proper channels should not be held back. I’m not sure why a person would carry one, but it’s their right to do so. Gun laws need to be written and aimed at criminals, drug dealers and so forth, no the average citizen who I assume just wants to protect them selves.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    What weapons do you think the millions of veterans can use with the greatest proficiency?

    Semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines.

    NO inanaimate object can shoot you. It takes a person to do that, and they can kill you just as dead with a flintlock as they can with an AK-47.

  • Guest123456789

    Then take a walk in the country side for awhile then you would understand life is different in the country.

  • facts

    Since you don’t seem to know…automatic weapons are already illegal and have been for a very long time as are grenade launchers. Really know the facts before you make such statements.

  • southern born

    I have a permit its called the “Constitution” of the United States of America. I have no conceal carry permit. I just strap it on my side throw some cherry chew in my mouth. Im free and un afraid. I also pee off my front porch.

  • Guest327

    It is a known fact that law enforcement does not like the idea of private citizens carrying concealed weapons. The laws governing concealed carry and the general overall treatment of those of us who jump through all the hoops and plank down all the dollars to get the permits are proof. Why should you not be allowed to carry when at a restaurant, in the dining area with your family, just because they serve beer? Why should a cop have the right to inspect my handgun during a traffic stop and run the serial number as if he thinks it is stolen? If I go to a sporting event at a school, why should I not be allowed to lock my weapon in my vehicle so that I might be protected on my way home? It is not the ones of us who have permits to carry, it is the ones that do not that are the threats.

  • guesty

    So maybe he can sue the bat manufacturer, the fence installer, the ball maker and the umpires for not protecting him.

  • Mike T

    Sorry to get everybodys panties in a wad, but most of the packers I know are either insane women with a man problem or overweight skin head grizzlys that couldnt make it with either the local Fire or Sheriff dept. I’m trying to recall the last time one of these commando packers prevented a masacar at a little league ball game. I’m very sorry but I was raised to think better of my fellow man rather than shaking in my boots everytime I turn a corner. I would suggest a little more faith in God. When your hand is in his you worry a little less and trust a little more!!

  • WriteRight

    Again with the name calling and assumptions Mike T. I am none of the individuals you seem to know. My “panties” are neither in a wad nor do I shake in my boots. I’m carrying, remember? And as for my faith it is well intact. I love my fellow man but am extremely aware of his God given free will to choose to do harm. I know God can protect me. I also know God can heal me. But I don’t refuse to go to a doctor when I am sick! You don’t worry about where my hand is unless you come towards me or my family with the intent to do harm. I trust that God will guide me and protect me as I choose to defend myself. It’s like that old joke about the man on top of his house in a flood. God says,”I sent a helicopter, a boat, etc… to rescue you.” Oh, and I never tried out for the fire department or any LEO agency either.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I’d suggest once again that you research how many times people use concealed weapons to protect their lives. There are thousands of cases in this country every year. Here’s but one, from April of this year:

    Joe Denard was stopped in his car at an intersection when a man wearing a red bandana tapped on the window and pointed a gun at him. Big mistake. Joe, a concealed-carry permit holder, drew a handgun and opened fire through the window, striking his assailant twice in the chest. The carjacker, who had just been released from state prison last November, ran a short distance and then died. (The Ledger, Lakeland, Fla., 04/06/11)

    Now, if you think that couldn’t happen in the parking lot at a little league game in Wilmington, you’re a fool.

    As far as trusting in God, I’d suggest that you recall the old joke about “I sent two boats and a helicopter after your dumb a**.” God doesn’t expect us to be sheep and lie down for those threatening our lives. God helps those who help themselves. The concept of self defense is well established in Exodus.

    So you go on “thinking better of your fellow man,” and I’ll be prepared for whatever happens.

  • Mike T

    Let it go son, your not smart enough to play this game.

  • WriteRight

    I’m NOT your son Mike T.
    And you can measure my intelligence by…?
    Not sure what you are trying to say with the comment and I’m really not sure what game you are referring to. Care to debate the issue or are you just going to toss out little taunts? I would wager on the latter.

  • Guest123456789



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