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WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY) — There’s just one day left in the 18th Annual Leon Brogden Holiday Tournament at UNCW’s Trask Coliseum.

Day two results from the Leon Brogden Holiday Tournament

Ashley 64
Charlotte Latin 51

Laurens 58
Sanderson 46

New Hanover 63
Mount Saint Joseph 52

Hoggard 58
Laney 52

Day three pairings for Leon Brogden Holiday Tournament

2:30 Charlotte Latin vs. Sanderson (seventh place game)
4:00 Laurens vs. Ashley (fith place game)
5:30 Laney vs. Mt. St. Joe’s (third place game)
7:00 Hoggard vs. New Hanover (championship game)

All games will be played at UNCW’s Trask Coliseum

Championship game will be played on Wednesday at 7pm at Trask Coliseum

Holiday in the Pines Tournament

Richmond Senior 79
West Bladen 55

DJ Mason scored 21 for the Knights
Justin Gillespie added 20

West Bladen will face Fairmont on Wednesday at 1pm

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  • jth2010

    The best two are playing for the title! Too bad Laney 3rd place in the county is where you are use to, and where you belong! This is gonna be a long season for you guys!

  • BasketballFan

    Sorry but Hanover is taking the title this year. Just like football! So tell all those Hogs to bring tissues because Hanover will be standing in the winner circle with the trophy this year. Third for Laney? I seriously doubt that. Mt St. Joe is about to have a jam session with those Bucs. Laney couldn’t even make layups last night. 6 coaches on the Bench and you guys STILL LOST!!

  • hoopdreams

    On behalf of all New Hanover fans I would like to say Thank you for giving us the gift of great athletes, that are also great young men! What in the world is going on in BucTown? The North Brunswick program also would like to say thanks for the running back you gave them. The word on the street is you guys are giving up 7 more before next year to local schools… WOW!!! Better start playing your best or you will soon be the 4th place team in the county!!!!! Politics in sports exposes a weak program!!! Don’t play favorites play the hardest workers on the field and practice!!! FORGET WHAT I SAID! Keep doing what you are doing!!!! See you tonite Hoggard!!! Better be ready!!!!

  • JTH93

    I think he meant 3rd place in the county, not tournament… You know like the way football season went. BUCTOWN knows exactly what every word meant!!! same ol’ same ol’

  • Bucs2theend

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying great athletes…… LOL, The word on the streets is that Laney gave up one good athlete to angel. That was there choice, to go wherever they pleased. As far as playing your best…. Laney’s problem is that that they have a group of whiny parents that over estimate the ability of there spoiled by there mommy and daddy kids. Laney problem #2 is Coach lynch doesn’t know when to give it up, because his heart and coaching ability isn’t in it. Parents, If you want your kids to get playing take them to cape fear, wilmington christian, coastal, instead of trying to turn public school athletics into private. As far as laney players going to hanover. As, a player I would rather stay on a team that I do get playing time and start than take a backseat to players that are not as good as I am. I also see politics on cats sidelines too. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Good Luck to all teams.

  • bucsobserver

    Politics seem to be on hoggard sidelines as well. It’s the same old story there as well. Kids getting crushed by politics that have no place on the court and parents in presumed positions making of authority making demands. It’s a shame that this is what high school sports has turned into. And one wonders why kids are transferring

  • Guest107

    So you just called out Lynch’s coaching ability and parents politicing for their kids playing time but kids should stay at Laney anyway so they can start? If Lynch cant coach as you say and Laney is losing to middle school type teams, why would any real athlete who wants to go to college stay at a failing program? The grass has never been green at Buctown. Athletes leaving from over there didn’t just start this year, this has been going on for many years. Until Lynch leaves and you get the parents out of the coaches ear, then Laney can “possibly” build up a program over there. Angel gets his kids looks at colleges. How many colleges came over to Laney this year and watch you play and say “I am interested in you coming to play ball for me?” How many? yeah, how many film tapes has Lynch and his mob squad sent off for you? Only one kid on that team is “special” right now, too bad you choose to stay there so you can start because at the end of the day, thats what counts being on a losing team, being able to start? At the end of the year though, who will say I am glad I choose Laney when you guys wont even make it to playoffs. Parents and players are brainwashed over there if you keep thinking lynch is going to pull that magical season out of his butt when he hasn’t done it in almost 30 years. Is that what Lynch is telling ya, that the grass aint greener over at Hanover? Someone is color blinded for sure! And when Hanover comes to Laney, we will sure remember to bring a bit of green grass just so you guys will know what a real basketball program looks like at Hanover!

  • Bucs2theend

    I never said kids should stay at Laney to just start or get playing time. It’s a free country to do as you please with in the realms of the law. I could care less whether your kid goes to hanover to be the water boy to be on a winning team…. I personally don’t have a kid on any team this year. I just call it how I see it. As far as you saying there is only one “special” player on laney’s team right now. All the kids are special in my eyes, right down to the last player off the bench. As far has these parent’s with these hoop dreams about there kid playing on a d1 school and making it in the NBA, just by playing for hanover and getting a championship ring. It’s going to take more than playing on hanovers team to accomplish that. I don’t care how many times a college coach visits hanover, you have to perform and put up numbers to even get a invite to a college. Let’s not forget about the gpa and the sats. Like I said before, good luck to all the players.

  • Guest987

    NHHS seems here lately over the past 5 or 6 years to have taken more of a role into the lives of kids. That is where Laney is coming up short on that as well as helping kids get exposure to colleges. I am not just speaking of basetball, Check who has signed for football or baseball. I just am curious if any kids from the 2010 State Championship baseball team went anywhere? I bet not! Too much talent at the largest school in the area to do nothing with it! I am not alone thinking this!

  • Guest999

    Ashley and Laney need to see about moving to a 2A or 3A conference for football, and basketball. They have really good baseball programs though. Girls programs are good too


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