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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Shoppers of a popular department store across the country had an interesting sight this morning. Mothers went to their local Target stores, including here in Wilmington, for a nurse-in.

This national “nurse-in” all started with one woman in Houston, but moms sent the message here in Wilmington that it is OK to breastfeed in public.

“If you like to feed your baby in public, it should be OK,” Rica Stinson said. “It’s best for baby. It’s best for mom.”

Stinson is one of the more than a dozen Cape Fear mothers who greeted Target guests as they entered the store Wednesday morning.

This nurse-in was just one of many across the nation, as a show of support for the Texas mom who claims she was hassled by Target employees for feeding her baby.

“That’s one of the reason we’re here is to offer our services to educate employees and other people and let them know that you can’t treat people that way,” Stinson said.

Mom Emily Barnhill, “It takes a lot of mother and mother support, and even though none of us know the mother in Texas, it’s just a matter of everyone kind of pulling together and saying it is OK, don’t feel bad about it and everyone has to feed their babies.”

Target welcomed demonstrations like this one in Wilmington. The store has made it clear to mothers that its policy has always supported breastfeeding

“As a family-oriented retailer, Target has always supported breastfeedings and mothers that choose to do so,” store manager Matt Merritt said. “Any mother in our facilities can do that, and that is our policy. We welcome it and are certainly open to it.”

While these mothers are all for nursing in public, a few shoppers who did not want to go on-camera did not agree with the practice. But other shoppers who are also moms applaud the national nurse-in.

“They’re just trying to feed their babies,” shopper Becky Graves said. “Just like you’re hungry and you eat a snack — you’re out in public. You have you’re baby, you have to feed them when they’re hungry.”

Another mother, Holly Bigness, said, “I love breastfeeding. He’s my second that I have nursed, and it’s ready and available any time any where they need to feed. You always got it with you. There’s no bottles to juggle or formula to mix.”

Despite the turnout, every mother we spoke with at the nurse-in said they have never run into a problem breastfeeding at the Target store here in Wilmington.

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2016 years 2 months ago

Finally a Dad responds who is level headed. This man I can support. He has the b**** to say he doesn’t want his wife to show the public her breast. Gals, you need to read this, and so does your spouse, if you have one. Follow his lead and see if you can improve your behavior in public.

2016 years 2 months ago

Keep them at HOME! I can assure you, the people who don’t have to see you whip out your funbags for the brat, or hear a screaming child…will thank you!

Guest Lee
2016 years 2 months ago

You should have let your daughter answer, since the question was directed to her and not to you. If it felt like a weird interaction, perhaps your daughter and the salesperson both felt embarrassed with how you responded to the suggestion.

Your daughter is a grown up with a child; she should learn how to handle her own battles without mom jumping in.

2016 years 2 months ago

Wonder how many sex offenders and pervs show up to watch. Use some common sense. Need to be careful these days!!!! Just saying…

Guest Lee
2016 years 2 months ago

Funny…I don’t see a single woman in the above picture (from the article) breastfeeding. Wonder why? If they’re so convinced they are right, why don’t they just pose for a nice picture for the media?

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