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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s quitting time for more than 100 Sears and Kmart stores across the country. Sears Holding announced Tuesday that the company would have to close the stores, fueling speculation about whether Sears, which has a 125-year history, can turn itself around and survive. Folks in Wilmington say they go out of their way to shop at Sears because of its long history.

“I trust Sears,” shopper Tracy King said. “I mean, it’s been around since ever since I was little.”

Despite some customer loyalty, the company has been struggling with falling sales and shabby stores, as rivals like Walmart and Target spruce up their looks and turn into one-stop shopping destinations.

The locations of the closing stores has not been released yet, but some shoppers in the Cape Fear say they’re worried. Employees at the Independence Mall Sears say they’re not worried about the store closing, but were not allowed to give an official comment on the the situation. They did say, however, that some customers have asked about the store’s status. They said they think smaller stores in the country will close first.

Shoppers say regardless of what the company decides, the city should fight to keep the stores open.

“I think Wilmington should keep all of the major brands open,” King said. “You just don’t have a lot of other places where you can go.”

Although Sears Holding said on its website it will post a list of closed stores, so far the company has not posted it. WWAY will keep you updated on the Wilmington stores status as it becomes available.

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