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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The police officer who was allegedly hit by Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne at a party has been fired. If you’ve been following our coverage of the situation in Leland, you’ve heard of Officer John Holman.

Leland Town Manager David Hollis says Holman was fired from the Leland Police Department Thursday. This decision comes after months of turmoil involving the officer.

Sources say Holman has been the target of Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne ever since our story aired saying Jayne hit Holman in the stomach at a bachelor party in Myrtle Beach.

Holman has reportedly had to take lie detector tests to prove he has not been the source of information to us and other media. Holman has repeatedly declined to interview with us, saying his lawyer has advised him against speaking out. Other sources have spoken on Holman’s behalf claiming he was the center of the chief’s anger.

Our sources say Holman was put on administrative leave two weeks ago with pay. Then last Friday, Holman’s gun and badge were taken away. Hollis says he met with Holman Wednesday, but he could not discuss the officer’s leave because Hollis said it was not disciplinary.

Hollis did say in a later conversation that Holman was terminated Thursday, but he could not go into detail about why. Hollis says Holman has ten days to appeal the decision. He says Holman has not filed anything yet.

We tried to speak with John Holman again tonight, but he did not return our calls.

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  • Getsome

    Silent elected officials, silance from the Cheif Law Officer, DA David (lets vote him out), silance from the past town manager and continues from the present. Our only hope is that the SBI or FBI puts handcuffs on Langdon and Jayne. It is obivous the people entrusted to protect us will not. In a nut shell, Jayne probably was ok in Charlotte, he never made it high enough to have to lead, only to follow directions and be supervised by higher superiors. Now he gets his small town job, picks four stars to wear on his uniform (ego maniac), demands respect instead of earning it. Hangs out in situations were he exposes himself to his officers under him, fails miserablly. The incident with Sherry Lewis points to his lack of leadership, any business owner, middle manager, person of responsiblility would fire who ever even gave the impression that was acceptable conduct by his team. Now he removes the victims. Why, those who are weak in leadership keep people around them who are weaker but extremely loyal. Nixon, Enron excutives, Bernie Madoff, examples of cover up and consiracies. DA David, Farris, Hollis, Town Council and Mayor, all fit this mold.
    Only way to save the town is disband the PD for 6 to 12 months, begin the clean up, begin intensive training in personal conduct, citizen understanding, treatment of personel. Request the Sheriff department to handle all matters till recertification.

    We will wait to months to hear from Hollis by then maybe the govenor will intervine in an emergency move, gee who has that kind of connections?

  • Leland Fan

    Great idea to start that online petition! I hope you guys get somewhere with it. I know I signed it!

  • July driver

    Not being mean, but Holman got what he deserved. He has not been fair in investigating accidents in Leland he has been called to.

  • R. Wilson

    He is nothing but trash and all his lying is finally starting to catch up with him. Now maybe the SBI needs to investigate him for lying to them.

  • Guest bb

    Officer Holman was one of the few cops in Leland who actually cared about doing his job right and treated the people of Leland decent. Most of the cops in Leland are jerks, he’s actually a nice guy. That’s probably the reason he’s gone now. A huge loss for the people of Leland. I’m glad I don’t live there anymore. If you read this.. You’re better off John.

  • Guest28451

    Anybody whos been cited for an accident is so much quicker to blame the cop then look in the mirror as to whether they were actually responsible. There are no accidents in the case of automobile crashes 99% of the time. That 1% is usually related to extreme weather when you probably shouldnt have been driving anyway. Just because he cited you for an accident doesnt make him wrong or a bad cop.

  • nchilltopper

    Apparently you read these comments; you disgust me. Hopefully you’ll be next in line to get the boot. Take your corruption to a big city where you can fit in without too much notice of your failures.

  • Guest7890

    So the “Stalinisc” purge by Herr Jayne continues, as he removes all those that are a threat to his continued employment. And officers that are being forced out by the misuse of the internal affairs department are forced in keeping quiet to get other jobs and not be labeled as “problems” or receive “hush money” in legal settlements so they can pay their bills and take care of their families … all playing into the hands of an administration that keeps pounding its chest that it is only those that can’t commit to the “new” community policing philosophy. 18 officers since 2009??? And what “new” community policing programs have they done in the past year? The chief walking the mean streets of Magnolia Greens? Hollis, who is obviously out of his element and a puppet of a the “Head-in-the-sand” policies of Bozeman and Battleman, is proving he will hold the party line and drink the Kool-aid Jayne gives him and really is not interested in providing the citizens a truly ethical and corruption-free police department that the residents of Leland deserve. It is clear that their plan is outlast the public’s interest in real reform and continue keeping the “good ole boys” in place. So LA burns as Hollis fiddles … very sad indeed!!

  • L.A.7530

    i couldnt have said it any better my self!

  • Boom Boom

    General Jayne,

    He fears no man.
    He Bowls overhand
    His words break a lesser mans Jaw.
    He is the life of the party after he is gone.
    He has won trophies for his game face alone.

    He does background checks on employees after, they investigate him.
    He doesn’t need a reason to fire employees.
    He is the star of the new movie, Sucker Punch 2, co-staring a now fired employee (Holman).

    He makes Berger and Warren look competant.

    He is the most dispicable man in the World.

    He has leaked info about a formwer employee who is a witness, too a competetive News Agency.

  • kblue2221984

    Outstanding wording, great physical characteristics, anti chromaticism demeanor. Intra endicular expenditures. “Boom Boom”? Your a poet…… Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • ReallyGuestx99x

    Boom, are you saying that the chief is a leaker? If true, shouldn’t he be charged with pubic indecency??

  • Debie

    When will something be done about Jayne? Obviously, no one in the Leland government will discipline Jayne. Does anyone know what the residents of Leland can do about our government body being so corrupt? Since the SBI has stated they will not take a complaint, phone call etc. from a taxpayer, the Leland Government Idiots know the residents don’t have that avenue to take. Someone out there must know what action the residents can take. If a Leland police car tried to pull me over I wouldn’t stop. I know it would only be for a traffic violation but I would call 911 and ask for the highway patrol or the sheriff’s department to respond for my safety. I am not alone fearing the thought of a Leland police officer attempting to stop me. What can we do?

  • Leland Fan

    As sad as it sounds, it will take someone like you not pulling over for an officer and causing a big scene before anything gets done. My guess is that some one gets hurt because of their fear of the Leland Police Department and outright disrespect they have. As I drive through Leland, I prepare myself for what I would do if I were stopped. I would first find a public place, dial 911 and then wait for the Sheriff to respond.

    My neighbor had an incident where he did just that and the Leland Police actually left before the Brunswick County Sheriff could respond. I never heard that incident in the news but it did happen!

    My thoughts on this are simple. Weather or not, Chief Jayne has done anything wrong is not even the question anymore. The problem is lack of confidence. Chief Jayne is a big Steelers Fan. What would happen to his beloved coach if 1/3 of the players quit. What would happen if a percentage of those filed lawsuits. What would happen to this leader if outside civil suits were lurking. That manager/coach would be fired.

    Complaints to the US Justice Department are the only way this will get resolved. The SBI won’t take citizen complaints and the Federal route will be the only way to get this issue resolved.

  • Guest28451

    cause Guest28451 says “I know the truth” from well placed inside sources and Holman is yet another victim of the bully of Leland, and ironically if Jayne had any clue where I was getting my info he’d crap his pants.. Bad news is he cant slap me or my source on a lie detector Timmy Boy.. The hammer of justice is coming down on you Tim your just too arrogant and stupid to realize it.

  • ?

    If John H. is “trash,” a “liar,” and “deserved” what he got, then God save us all from JONN B. Yea, all of you are being spellchecked on that one.

  • Guest77785957464

    Holman’s lying? Are you serious? There has been nothing but lies at that department from the command staff to the Officers since Sanders left. Plus don’t forget the famous quote (everyone at Leland will remember this) “Lying is a management style”.

  • NotPinocchio

    I know Blasingame personally and I have to say that he has a lying problem so bad that is beyond a personality flaw. He has some serious mental issues. I do not know first hand about some of these allegations, but I was not at all surprised when they were made public. The allegations are very believable considering what I have observed from this individual combined with other things about him I know to be fact.

    Before anyone pulls the PTSD/service card, it is a person’s individual responsibilty to seek mental health care, and if that person is so incapacitated that he cannot, then his family and supervisors should intervene. He is simply not fit for duty. Sorry, but true. Actually, he’s a huge liability and for the life if me I do not know why he still has a job or why criminal charges have not been filed against him.

  • Getsome

    can you tell us what Jayne taste like when you finish him off?

  • ReallyGuestx99x

    The poetry was good indeed! Seems like Chief Fourstar Jayne has some great athletic prowess. Historically he unfortunately lacks. Kim Jung Il scored a perfect 300 the first time he went bowling. He had five holes in one the first time he played golf.

    When Jayne finally gets the old “Heave Ho”, will the night sky glow red in SE North Carolina??

  • kblue2221984

    You also are a poet dear sir. You make Kblue AND SE very happy…..Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • 343guest

    Wow. Things are really out of control. Where are the town leaders? Where are the checks and balances? Has this whole thing gotten so far away from them that they are all just willing to go down with the ship?

  • iknowthemall

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Holman. He’s been the target since he started in Leland. I’ll admit to not knowing all the details but Holman is a stand up guy. If you don’t know him personally, don’t judge him on one interaction. No telling what he was told to do.

  • Guest2020

    This is absolutely outrageous. I think the citizens of Leland can learn one thing from the Occupy movement–get out there and get your voices heard and do something about it. The Town Council and the powers that be are obviously just sitting on their backsides and wringing their hands. They won’t do anything so you citizens of Leland have to. The time for words is over. It’s time for action.

  • Organization is the key. Here’s what our members will do if stopped by the police.


    I have a question for WWAY and other readers of this board. Are you aware of any meetings in which the Leland Town Council gave citizens the chance to speak about concerns with the Leland Police Department?

  • Guest88896768675

    Or maybe the SBI needs to investigate why Holman was fired after having a gun pointed at him by Blasingame but Blasingame has a job still. Blasingame shot a full clip of department rounds out of his department weapon on last New Years in the city limits and got suspended, thats it. All of these negative posts about Holman or the other (non good old boys that knew too much) that were fired this month are all made by the command staff and their boys. Anyone that knows them can tell in the in the context of their writing.


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