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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We got a heads-up this morning from a concerned parent regarding a video of a fight between two girls posted on YouTube. The two go to Laney High School and the fight happened last week outside the cafeteria.

The video was removed from the popular social internet site almost as soon as we found it.

We’ll show it to you and talk to a student who saw it all go down, coming up on WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 6.

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  • Guest0000007

    Is this really newsworthy???

  • Guest, just another

    I feel it is. If you have high school age children how do you really know whats going on in their school. Sure, you talk to your children, but if they don’t feel its important and don’t talk about it, it still may be to you.

    This type of article may stir some more questions that the school or district may have to answer for or to.

    I want the best for my kids, and any information is important.

  • Concerned Parent

    Looks like it should be investigated for a hate crime – I am saying it, but most of us are thinking it.

  • Guest?

    This is far from news that we need to know about in our community. Unless there is more to this story than just two girls fighting, dont bother putting it up on the site. Waste of space and time. Kids fighting at school happens everyday, so why this and why now? I like you WWAY, but some things you post are mainly because you have nothing else to write about and want to “refresh” the site every other hour.

  • Guestfrianna

    It is appalling that this type of “fighting” is considered to be commonplace…when did this disgraceful gutter level of behavior become the “norm” and somehow “expected? As a parent and grandparent of both sexes, I am astounded that such behavior is even able to occur, much less be argued about. NO ONE’s child should have to deal with physical violence of ANY SORT, and all the “runarounds” on this are just hurting the victim and encouraging the “attacker”–is this what we want for our students/children? Sounds like another Reality TV show gone berserk–maybe there is too much following of that sort of thing…I work with many children, parents, and families in an education related environment–this would NEVER be allowed to occur or be considered somehow, inevitable with in the setting. Where are the “brains” of those in charge?!!

  • Guestfedup

    This stuff is why I am moving OUT of Laney territory. Moving to Ashley territory for less crime and better behaved kids.

  • Guest757

    Before you make the move to Ashley do yourself and family a favor go to the sheriff’s dept and talk to them. Ashley isn’t as good as you might think. I couldn’t believe it. So, before you go from the frying pan into the fire ask around they are the people who know first hand.

  • yeah?

    good, nobody wants you here anyways. especially since your always spouting off random statistics that are not yet proven anyways. “Ashley territory for less crime and better behaved kids.”……..

  • Guest22

    Are you really sure that Laney is worse than ashley?

  • Laneydad

    Hey, Guestfedup….good riddance! Don’t let the door hit you on your way OUT!

  • Sydd

    Yes this is newsworthy. If your so concered with the news you would follow up on it. The victim of this fight was attacked. Drug by her hair and beaten on school grounds. She did n nothing wrong and NO ONE deserves this. It needs to be addressed and something needs to be done about this out of control teens. If nothing happens now at a young age these same people will soon be the same ones you see back on the news for murder or something else of that nature. Now if thats not news then your looking in the wrong place for “your type of news.” How would you feel if that was your child?

  • DJB

    I believe that not only should the bully in this video get her day in court, but so should the budding Video artist. It makes me so sad to know that we as parents do absolutely nothing to curve the behavior our children now place.
    When I was growing up, I never would have acted like this. Maybe its time Scared Straight pays a visit to North Carolina..Maybe its time we toss these lil darlings in prison for a day or two to show them what their future holds. Something has to happen. Because this is crap..these children are our future..Were do you think you’ll be sitting when you’re retirement age if things continue? I say we stand up and make stricter punishments for Bullying. Expel them, make them go to counciling…they don’t mind terrorising people, they should know what its like to have their rights taken away. Makes me sick..pathetic..

  • shutitfatty

    why must you be so self-righteous and fat. find something better to do with your time, and quit trying to preach a moral code that you yourself are probably too lazy to uphold. “these children are our future.”, i hope so, because maybe if they are left in charge nobody will be waiting for a d.n.r. order to be signed and they can just pull the plug for a good laugh.

  • ??

    I feel the same. Why should I have to worry and wonder is my kid safe when they’re suppose to be gOing to school to get an edication not to get hurt or see others getting hurt. This world is really sad and someone should make it their point to care.. Parents it starts @ home.

  • nchilltopper

    From the looks of the photo I’m guessing the aggressor is black, and the victim is white. If this were the other way around Rev. Jackson and Al Sharpton would be calling for the young lady to be charged with racial violence. Heck, there would already be a lawsuit against Laney and the Principal for not protecting “dey babies”. Thug mentality disgusts me, parents that teach this disgust me even more!

  • Sarah h.

    I get that you are RACIST nobody said anything about race but YOU. there’s three sides to every story. As a white citizen you disgust me with the race card. Go grow garden in the woods and live tthere if you have a race issues. Its 2012 and you are still beibg RACIST GROW UP!! Or roll over and die you and other racist people

  • Guesthappy2012

    I think we all know that Laney has a reputation for being, shall we say, a bit ROUGH around the edges…

  • Grand Ole Party

    I guess for the same reason you are so self-righteous and ignorant.

  • putridsound

    how is that second comment self righteous? they are basically just telling the moron to shut up. dumb dumb

  • Grand Ole Party

    Hush that mouth boy, before I tell your pappy you are on his laptop again.

  • Guest1234

    He might disgust you, but you know he is right… “They” would be all over this and you know its true!


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