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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY)– Animal Rescue groups across Brunswick County say that with the recent end of hunting season, many hunters are abandoning their hound dogs. They say these strays end up on people’s porches starving or are often times hit by cars on the road.

“Somebody in Boiling Spring Lake called me. They had an emaciated redbone hound that showed up on their porch very very sick,” says Cheri McLain, President of R.A.C.E. “She aborted two puppies. We took the puppies. The mother had to be euthanized, she was so horribly sick. Since then one of the puppies have died unfortunately.”

Rescuers say this is a problem every year in the rural areas of the county.

When we asked Brunswick County Animal Services about the problem they said it’s a non-issue and that they have only received a few calls recently about hunting dogs.

“What we find is that at the end of hunting season people do complain that dogs are abandoned or just thrown out and we don’t see any evidence of that,” said Fred Michael, Brunswick County Deputy Health Director.

Nancy Janovetz, President of Paws Place Animal Rescue, says that’s because a lot of those dogs that are found by residents go unreported.

She says over 60% of the dogs on her property are hunting hound dogs that her organization has found or had brought to them.

“(Hunters)They’ll send out ten, seven come back. You don’t know what happens to the other three,” said Janovetz. “The other thing they do is if the dog is not a good hunter, if they have a collar, they’ll take it off and they leave the dog. The dogs will stand there on the side of the road.”

Michael says these cases are few and far between, and that hunting dogs are too valuable to simply get rid of.

Rescuers say that depends on the hound.

“A good dog they’ll keep track of. Bad dogs, they’ve shot them,” said Janovetz. “They just leave them to starve. Or sometimes they dump them. We’ve had a few dumped up at the kennel.”

It is a situation that leaves many pups without a home.

Brunswick County Animal Services says when issues like this come up they are happy to address them and to try and work out the situation.

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29 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: Animal rescuers say hunters abandoning dogs is once again becoming an issue"

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2015 years 11 months ago

For all yall that have a problem with dog deer hunting you should get your facts straight for one dog hunting is alot harder then sitting in front of a corn pile waiting for a deer you know will come eat a free meal every day and half the dogs that are “abandon” are more then likely carried off by a no good stand hunter that took the collars off and carried the dog off if they dont just shot it so as far as im concern anyone that has a problem with it can either deal with it or… Read more »

2015 years 11 months ago


2015 years 11 months ago

I whole heartily agree with Joe Bob, running deer with dogs SHOULD be banned!!! I hunt on private land in Bertie County, NC and the land owner does NOT allow running dogs on their land. Regardless, I’ve had dogs run deer right by me countless times simply because these so called “hunters” just let the dogs run and hope they run a deer to them. That’s SLOB HUNTING and completely LAZY in my opinion. I spend hours and even days tracking deer, learning their patterns, reading their signs, and hopefully if I’m blessed and my work was complete, I will… Read more »

Joe Bob
2015 years 11 months ago

Please write your county commissioners and State reps and request that they ban deer hunting with dogs. These people mistreat animals and property rights… It’s a shame that these people are allowed roam free to destroy and infringe on others rights…. BAN DOG HUNTING IN NC

2015 years 11 months ago

well for one i have a couple of stray hounds that hunters have one lost or put out. What they need to do is all together is do away with dog hunting with deer..when these dogs came up on my land they were nothing but a bag of bones.and i know of hunter that dont feed their dogs before hunting season cause they say they perform better..I have posted on craigslist of these hounds that had come up.i even put flyers up and no one has come forward to claim these babies..PS this is one of the cases that never… Read more »

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