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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Rep. Susi Hamilton says she will run for reelection this year. The Democrat, who represents the 18th District in the state House of Representatives, is in the middle of her first term after winning election in 2010.

After a late night at work in Raleigh, Hamilton told WWAY this morning that she is definitely going to run again and is “100 percent committed.”

Newly drawn district lines could have a big factor on the race for the 18th District, though. In 2010, the district covered most of northeastern New Hanover County, including much of the City of Wilmington. Based on the newly-drawn district maps based on the 2010 Census, the district shifts west to cover mainly minority-majority districts around downtown Wilmington and in northern and central Brunswick County.

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  • taxpayer

    “Will your campaign be kind enough to let us know what you have done since your last campaign?”

    >Her campaign will tell you that she has been a good steward of the taxpayer’s dollars…which we all know is not true. She’s a tax & spend Democrat.

  • ReallyGuest99x

    This is good news, congratulations Ms. Hamilton on your early announcement to seek another term. Will your campaign be kind enough to let us know what you have done since your last campaign?

  • Guest7969

    UUuuum…your not supposed to ask questions like that…just vote for her man!

  • Citizen of the Republic

    Very good idea.

    And can you inform us also on how you voted, yea or nae?

    Better yet, a good article by TV3, sort of a report card would be great.

    We will see if she can justify another term.

  • Guest678903

    she’s hot. If she loses we’ll have to look at some ugly old, probably male, state representative. As long as she stays pleasing to the eye, I don’t care what her voting record is. Where are your priorities man?

  • ReallyGuest99x

    Wow, after reading the article more closely, she has a problem. She’s a member of the majority running in a newly gerrymandered minority majority district.

  • Erlkoenig

    It’s the tax-n-spend Susi doll.

  • Guest32
  • Peter

    she stood up for public education, early childhood education and fought for teachers against the tea-party leadership of the NC House.

  • LSMessina

    Thanks for running again, Rep, Hamilton, I know how hard you work and what New Hanover County means to you. And it always nice to see the same old uniformed and misinformed comments again, by the GOP. NC has suffered so, since the racist conservatives , have taken over. I just hope this election we can take our country back from the crazies.

  • Conservative

    You can look her voting record up here:


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