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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy is out of the hospital after an overnight crash that left another driver dead.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer says Dep. D.M. Dombrowski was on routine patrol traveling south on Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway around 1:30 a.m. when a vehicle crossed the median and hit Dombrowski’s cruiser head on. The driver, 50-year-old Jimmy Jay Furr of Leland, was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators say Furr was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash.

Listen to Dep. Dombrowski call in the crash and the emergency response

Dep. Dombrowski was transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center with serious but non-life threatening injuries. He was released earlier this morning. Dombrowski was wearing his seat belt.

Investigators at the scene said Furr may have been drunk but the toxicology report is still pending. The highway was closed to all traffic in both directions for a while because of the crash.

The Wilmington Police Department is investigating.

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  • Sandra B

    Thank you for the comments you made ..Jimmy was my brother and would never drink let alone drive and drink ..he was a missionary to jamaica and haiti and he collected cans of all kinds , collected clothes, and raised thousands of dollars for medicines and help for these countries..it really saddens me to tell you that Robin has passed ..four weeks and two days after Jimmy passed..PRAISE GOD THEY ARE TOGETHER IN HEAVEN NOW…It has been very hurtful to our family because some of the comments…Its sad people judged him and didn’t even know him..i just really wanted to take a min and let you know i appreciate your kind words ,and for standing up for him..sorry it has taken so long to reply.but its been a hard two months ..GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU SAFE..SANDRA

  • Sandra B

    This is to inform everyone who thought he was drunk….i know he would never drink…he died before the crash due to health problems..he would never have endangered anyone knowingly..He was a missionary to Jamacia..and to Haiti and was a good man who collected cans of all kinds to send money and to buy clothes and medicine to take on mission trips..He loved the Lord and his wife Robin ..It was very hurtful to his family for the comments made that he deserved this before you even knew why he died..shame on you who did this or thought it …in america is not it innocent until proven guilty..even though he would forgive you for judging him and the comments you made..i sure hope the next time you read something like this you wait to see what the reasoning is before you open your mouths..His precious wife Robin passed four weeks and two days after this accident..THANK GOD THEY ARE TOGETHER NOW,,.. HIS LOVING SISTER SANDRA…

  • Scott Pickey

    Rick – thanks for your comment.

    Please note that WE, as a TV station, did not say if Mr. Furr was drunk or not when the wreck happened. We reported that “investigators at the scene said Furr may have been drunk but the toxicology report is still pending.”

    And yes, if the police department or the sheriff’s department sends us the toxicology report, we’ll pass along the results no matter what they say.


    Scott Pickey
    WWAY News Director

  • rick pittman

    The comments here seem to center around the driver and whether he was drunk or not. , the story above “suggests” intoxication with no evidence. We need to call out the media when they write things like this with no thought for the families involved.Will WWAY TV3 apologise for the “suggestion” of intoxication if the toxicology report comes back negative?…..doubtful considering their shameful record.

  • Native Wilmingtonian

    Welcome to the real world! CSI and NCIS’ Abby don’t exist. Tests do not come back that quickly, even in murder cases which this is not. It will take a few days for the tox screen to be done. The more important tests are the ones that show hormones and enzymes relased as a result of certain medical conditions. They take even longer.
    Patience before accusation and mind making, PLEASE !

  • Guest23

    We knew who Mr. Furr was and he was a good man. His wife is terminally ill and was called upon to go see her then. So anyone that judges a person whether here on earth or not take a good look in the mirror before you open your mouth.

  • BEMS

    As the wife of one of NH’s Deputies, I would like to say I am truly feeling for “Ski” and his family. All of us at NHSO feel the pain, when someone is hurt (or worse). Im thankful that he is still with us. As for the other driver, no matter what happened to cause him to go into the other lane (checking his cell, or dui, or a medical problem), nothing can change what has happened. I feel for his family and friends-its always hard to lose a loved one. I say, we should all come together and take care of one another. God Bless and keep you safe.

  • Lvsdasnow

    I believe the artical read Mr Furr was not wearing his seat belt. That should remind us all what the seat belts in our cars are for.
    I send my prayers to the family of Mr. Furr and Dep. D.M. Dombrowski.
    Having been in a head on collision myself,
    I can tell you that it is something that will not be forgotten. We must learn from this accident and make sure we are all safe in the cars we are in. Seatbelt and ALL.
    Be safe and may God Bless each of you.

  • Guest1221we

    Backgroung on this guy shows one traffic citation for an infraction in Brunswick county. Get a grip people

  • Guest7969

    Before we pass judgement it would be nice to have all the information. Toxicology will provide that. Second if you drink and get into your car then drive, you have shown your total disregard for innocent lives and you ABSOLUTELY DESERvE to die and I hope you do before you kill someone’s wife, kid, mom, dad, etc!!!

  • Guest1234


    You are a terrible person. You DESERVE a miserable life and I hope you already have one

  • Wendy

    You are so wrong! He did not deserve to die if he was drunk or not. He has a family and friends that care about him. There are so many accidents that are not related to drunk driving in which people die. Are you saying that a person that causes an accident then deserves to die?? Just because he hit a deputy does not make this accident any different than any other accident. What if one of your family members was driving drunk or sober and caused an accident in which they got killed? Would you say they deserved it?? Or would it be different because it was someone in YOUR family. Karma is a bitch and will be there when you aren’t expecting it….

  • Lilly

    This guy got what he deserved! You drink and drive and pay the consequences. I hope and pray that the police officer recovers quickly and has no long term injuries.

    I am sure this is not this first time this guy have driven drunk, he felt he was good enough to drive and he’s done it before made it home safe! Well not this time it caused him his life and now his family and friends have to suffer it the loss.

    Drunk drivers don’t realize when you drive your not only putting yourself at risk but everyone else on the road! So therefore I have no sympathy for this guy at all.

    He got what he deserved!

  • guess7965

    It should be considered inconclusive because the toxiology report has not come back to confirm that he died of drunk driving, but that is besides the point. The point of the matter that is someones dad, uncle , husband, cousin, grandfather, or friend and you do not have the nerve or ordasity to wish death apon some one because it can happen to you or anyone in your family. Becareful what you say because the devil is listening and the tougue is an leathal weapon. If it is true that is what he did apon with him well that he got his life together with the Lord and pray for the family. As I aways say adults can be bullies as well. I pray that you have the understanding that God has a purpose of why things happen.So lets pray for the family

  • thumpp

    Wow, slandering a dead man to put out your own hateful agenda, how thoughtful… Didn’t know you could get a wifi signal under the bridge. Kook.

  • maxine p

    you did not know him..i did he would never drink and drive he collected cans of all kind to buy food ,clothes and meds..to take to jamacia and haiti and he had a health issue thats really none of your business,,that caused the wreck..he had passed before he crossed the highway …you have no right judging him and by the God he lived by i pray you are judged the same i am a family member and for you to wish him dead is morally wrong ..i pray God has mercy on your soul cause he is in heaven with his father now and his beautiful wife who died four weeks and two days after him…this man had asked God to save his wife from cancer and to go in her place that really sounds like a bad person…take A LOOK IN THE MIRROR IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT A PERSON WHO JUDGES UNFAIRLY LOOKS LIKE…maybe next time you will think before you open you big lying mouth

  • Guest34343434343434

    I hope after making that comment, that you DON’T get what YOU deserve!

  • Guest9743

    I’m not saying Mr. Furr was under the influence because I don’t know and this comment has nothing to do with him at all but I’ve said this before and I”m saying it again now….anyone who gets behind the wheel and drive after drinking should serve some serious time in jail, “FIRST OFFENSE, NO EXCUSES, NO EXCEPTIONS!! The way the laws are written now one can get one of these slick lawyers, pay a fine and get a restricted driver’s license to drive to work and back to a bar if they want to. This needs to stop, too many people are dying needlessly, all because of somebody else’s stupidity. If the legislature wants to do something, they can start by putting some real teeth in the DWI law because there is absolutely NO reason to drive after drinking alcohol. If the law is changed it would probably have a negative effect on what lawyers earn but if they have to get a second job to make ends meet, so what!!

  • Guest123

    There is a good chance this man was not drunk. could have had a medical issue happening to him when he crashed.
    condolences to his family. either way they have lost a loved one.

    Now, in the case of a person who IS driving drunk I’d say better them then having them hit and kill one of my family members while driving drunk.

    It may not have to do with this man but in the case of drunk drivers, when they are caught at routine checks they should be locked up immediately, some may learn a lesson—some won’t.

    A drunk driver who is in an accident that harms another person should be sent to prison.
    How many “don’t drive drunk programs” and “warnings” do they need? ONE –that’s all and if they chose to endanger the rest of us, they should go bye bye to the big house.

  • Guest II

    There are no toxicology results at this time to say conclusively that Mr. Furr was intoxicated. Why the rush to judgement without the facts and such cruel comments about ‘getting what he deserved’? He could have been intoxicated but he may also have had a sudden medical condition. It happens. I also wish the deputy well but my heart also goes out to Mr. Furr’s family for their loss.

  • guesty

    Instant justice if the driver was drunk. I hope the deputy will recover quickly with no lasting disabilities.

  • ReallyGuest99x

    Well, WWAY…. I have noticed that your moderators now cut off commentary on controversial topics. Look back at the Columbus county New Year’s birth story…. Seems like you left SurfCityTomb with the upper hand. You cut off an article about Baptist leadership. Why? Were you worried that a lot of folks don’t buy into the gay agenda and aren’t ashamed to say it?? You cut off an article on the withdrawal of Michele Bachmann from the GOP Presidential race…. why? Did you hire a new censor? What’s wrong with anti Tea Party sentiment?

  • GuestKyle

    Pretty funny vid that should help put into perspective where some of the stupid comments come from.


  • Tim

    Wow Lilly
    I’ve lost someone to a drunk driver but to say someone DESERVED to die. Your cold. I believe drunk drivers should get long jail time or life if they take a life but death penalty?

  • John

    Why don’t you wait and find out why he crossed the middle line before you start celebrating this man’s death. He was 61 and just maybe had a problem, heart attack etc. Even if he was drinking his death shouldn’t be celebrated.

    Eitherway someone’s family out there is grieving right now…

    RIP – Jimmy

  • Guestmmmm


  • guesty

    Notice I posted: “Instant justice if the driver was drunk.”

  • Guest II

    You and Lilly must be kin …

  • guesty

    Because truth bothers you? I expect people to be held accountable for their actions. If he decided to drive drunk, then he brought these consequences on to himself. If he suffered a medical condition that caused him to wreck, then the IF part of my statement comes into play.

  • Guest910

    I love how some people on here always have to force there “what if” scenarios on everyone… You don’t know this man at all but your all ready to speak your “If’s”. Why not wait and see the results of the investigation then you would have facts. You say “Because the truth bothers you?” but you make comments without any facts or truths… You do realize that “IF” terrorists didn’t exist that the World Trade Towers would still be standing… Stop the nonsense!

  • Guest II

    The truth doesn’t bother me, Guesty. It’s the lack of it, as in your case that does. Truth involves facts that have validity and can be proven which you have none. But the bigger issue here is your attitude. How can you say such cruel things about someone else “getting what they deserve. Who are you to judge? You sound very uneducated, immature, not to mention cold hearted.

  • guesty

    I don’t think anybody is forcing “there” scenarios on anybody. It is an opinion of mine that IF he was driving drunk, he got what he deserved. I would rather the drunk driver die than an innocent driver. You were not forced to read my post or to respond to it. Much like everything in life, you made a choice.
    My choice is no sympathy for any criminals. And before the liberals come crying “what if that was your brother, uncle, father etc” I will still have the same position.

  • guesty

    You ask who am I to judge? I’m a licensed driver in the state of North Carolina that could have been the one he hit. I’m also allowed my opinion and that is IF he was driving drunk, justice was served. And that is the truth. Better him than an innocent driver.

    You ask how can I say such cruel things? He also didn’t have enough sense to wear a seat belt, a poor choice that he made. Don’t like it, don’t read it.

  • Guest2012

    My Lord. “IF”, that is quite the word of choice among those who truly do not know or care to find out the facts in a truly horrific tragedy. I know nothing about this case; however, after reading all the commentaries written by those who I “guess” have nothing better to do that tell others, especially family members of the man who died, that this man got what he deserved, is just plain lunacy. It is obvious that none of you are a deputy, officer, DA, or judge. Laws are passed for a reason. Those who break the law get punished. People do screw up and sometimes they are no longer around to learn from some of the most important mistakes of all. Not wearing a seat belt does not constitute you should die because of it. No one is perfect, especially not me and without a doubt not many of you. Just remember what goes around comes around. And sometimes the best pay back a person can get is when the good Lord allows those to witness the punishment He hands down. No one, can beat that. NO ONE!! This man’s punishment for this accident was not death. His punishment was handed down by those who spoke (wrote) without thinking first. Not only could you have or most likely you did sully this man’s reputation, but you, and you know who you are, deeply hurt the one’s this man loved. Once you speak or write something whether it be right or wrong, there is no taking it back. The mental harm has already done the damage. Now it is time for this man’s family to sit back, watch or listen, and see how God handles THE HATERS. One last time, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. People should be wise to listen, because YOU know it is true. My prayers go out to all of this man’s family and friends in their time of sorrow.

  • Guest5689

    The driver did NOT “get what he deserves” as some of the other comments have indicated. NO one deserves to die due to and automobile accident. There are MANY “medical” reasons (at the age of 61) that can be the cause for the driver to have crossed over the line. Maybe he was tired from having to work long shifts from a job, these are facts that have NOT yet been disclosed. It is very sad indeed that this individual has lost his life, leaving behind friends and family that will miss him. I do believe IF alcohol was involved it will (in time) be disclosed when the toxicology reports are finished.

    To those out there that have been involved in Driving while Under the Influence, then YES, the HARSHEST punishment should be passed down. But sadly it won’t…New Hanover County has gotten VERY SLACK on passing any harsh sentences on people who are charged with DUI. EXAMPLE: Several First offenders who have been stopped at “road blocks” are “bonded” in the magistrate van and don’t even spend one night in jail, most don’t even get a mugshot….not too big of a scare for those that Drink and Drive. The District Attorney is ALRIGHT with letting someone who can hire an attorney, pay a fine…..just walk…..NO JAIL TIME.

  • a friend

    It is amazing how fast people judge someone they do not know. I knew this man and he was a kind man who did not drink and the test will show that. He was on his way home when the accident happened and did not deserve to die.

    Remember when you are posting your comments that he had a family and friends who loved him dearly and now they have enough to deal with without reading cruel post by people who didn’t know him at all.

    May God grant his family peace. He will be dearly missed.


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